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Выборы ~ Озвучка комиксов |CountryHumans [16+]

The course voting is more interesting
football will be like a presidential candidate I will say right in the election grandmother decide everything and can vote for this clown live happier will be a new hi
best friend with you here i will be fun for the first time after shipwreck I
understand everything forgive me and where have I rolled theater education
and I work here but what to do work there is work
who ordered the sausage hey guy want buy a little happiness is bad luck
but extremely close to him hello cow hello bro
what happened pit moved me here here many, many times dirty pervert oh, I think it’s worth staying at home today
all work sick Hello boss, I wanted to say that I can not
today come up sorry I feel yourself too healthy hi Sarah
this is Cleve, he is single. not interested and enough try to bring me together with everyone
I do not know how else you crazy thank you for leaving me You’ll see a super dog
when I grow up I will not sleep all night I will drink champagne and hang out it will
great oh how do not want to go to work one go will not change anything
and where the second one would not change anything today is not your day well man
Now what is your ballot box? seriously lari stop playing with death
but mom telling you banny i came from of the future to warn you about
what’s really important bullshit yes listen to me you’re deadly sick and
only in childhood there is a chance something to fix
you are a time traveler to fuck you goof
you never really believed I have a father oh nowhere to go well
I didn’t do it. happened
finally hey dude you can’t eat dead animals all this meat will rot
in your stomach here and then I will and eat live ah you’re a nit this is what you smell like a granddaughter of something
I don’t smell like insanity from me what you smell smarter only on channel me how and if
would be a popular song Sergei Lazarev would whisper Leonid Brezhnev Jura enough already to blow yes I go I go with nothing
what to think of this

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13 thoughts on “Выборы ~ Озвучка комиксов |CountryHumans [16+]

  1. 0:22 уже проголосовали блин, 70 с чем-то %, трамп в афиге, а путин наверное ржот до слез

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