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комиксы ~ озвучка комиксов по countryhumans [16+]

Americans just take it and
sit down you are hopeless why the hell am I a rectangle don’t be upset guy I did not understand what I do for you I hope I will not interfere here will you allow a hug? but this
I’m funny 28 I think it will be a little strange.
daddy can’t hug you anymore such words
you just won’t get away with it if you understand what I mean please only
not this parental kiss Well, admit that again spent
money for lard fat oh, and lucky china Americans pooped in boots russian ass narrow
damn guys well enough already to join nato you need to do something with me
personal tea son this is a disgrace even in my time the roads were
it is better yes he is dead i don’t believe it seems to me that this is sly
bullshit pretending accepting surrender the Soviet Union did not sign peace with
Germany actually Germany and the Soviet Union remained a state of war
decree ending the state of war was Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR was adopted
only January 25, 1955 after 10 years end of the war. I know how to make
Russia is seriously afraid there is a goat horned for small guys class is impressive but what is this instinct
self-preservation thank you for watching through to the end
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6 thoughts on “комиксы ~ озвучка комиксов по countryhumans [16+]

  1. 💟👌👌👍👍😻😻😻😻👍👍👌💝💝👌👍😻💟💟💟😻😻👍👌👌💝💝 super b

  2. Господи, это прекрасно :")
    Только не переводите Америку в переводчике, лучше самим читать англоязычные текста

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