Россия Украина ~ озвучка комиксов по countryhumans [16+]

the last rocket
Damn, I hope someone will notice look fireworks so cute it seems i started drooling in my sleep oh what a charming little dog yes
you can immediately see love and care pretend to be good owners
finally you can not pretend good dog the loss of the phone 10 years ago well I have a toy there
not very worried now oh my goodness all lost all accounts
it’s just the end mail contactless bank app fee that text in
telegram where everyone threw their pictures with cowards on the head Oh no
don’t worry i’ll save us rock paper scissors time two three paper beats a stone where are you
found it in my god help help Well, help, I want another
guide dog this does not work Losers
assholes you are so ugly what happened to me very sensitive
teeth mom dad look I’m a spiderman in the matrix people are driven underground
the space above is owned by cars well what is fiction
and this is really how much time passed my love and
go in my arms dad i can’t sleep okay nooooo man was home today I have to
say thank you hey man nude ass can no longer tolerate here tea is ready as you prefer to spend
time in your idiot lab and not with me, I throw you, Lord it works Magic ball I’m stupid I am your job I am everything you need but why are we always so small
robs congratulations you have successfully completed the course
getting rid of internet addiction her boyfriend night you want i’ll ruin your
a life no thanks i will do it myself sometimes me
lonely but then I just turn on the movie horror in the middle of the night I no longer feel
yourself lonely you are you going crazy and mystery island relax hares
are talking I’m fucked up

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