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Hello everybody! In this episode I’ll show you some manga drawings I’ve made and no, manga has nothing to do with mango fruit, it comes from word MANGA, which is a Japanese comic. I stopped drawing with manga style just few years ago but all my basics and my drawing history come from manga. You can say it was a big part of my life, because, I suppose I was into it since 2001 to 2012. I think everybody knows titles like Naruto or DragonBall (or Pokemon)! That’s the most popular type – shonen, which is an action story for boys, and the main character is usually a boy. Drawing style is adjusted to the male audience, so characters are block-ish, they have wide arms, square jaws… Second option is more realistic style. But hey! It’s not a rule. Manga style is easily recognizable, but can be really different from one another, so you cannot describe it as “the one with big eyes” Because eyes aren’t always big. Or “the one with weird hair” Because hair ain’t always weird. But I must admit… they usually are! I guess it’s because you cannot tell people apart, their faces are all the same. Anyway story is usually based on a scheme “From zero to hero” we watch our boy becoming a badass. On my picture there is a boy, who can, let’s say… summon demonic creatures, and they help him. Second manga style is also action, but it’s a simplified style. And the previous example was more from an anime, because it was colorful, and this one is all black and whte, so that’s typical for manga. When they want to add a shadow in manga they draw it with lines or add and a texture. Sometimes textures… act as color. So if the skirt is dark, they put a texture on it. Textyu.. texu… Polish language is co complicated… Here I’ve imagined a girl in a school uniform, it’s very popular to make schoolgirl a main character. Yeah. And she’s like angry, dangerous and determined! I don’t know, she’ll change the world. Let’s say you don’t want to mess with her. I gotta be honest. When I was a teenager I absorbed manga and anime one after another. I spent all my free time reading and watching it. I also went to convetions and made a lot of cosplays. You know, cosplay is dressing and acting as manga characters. My favourite anime is Vision of Escaflowne and Cowboy Bebop, and favourite anime: Paradise Kiss, Chobits and Fullmetal Alchemist, of course! Oh yes. But all of these are like, really old! It’s because I haven’t been following what’s new for years. From the new ones I know One-punch man! It was good. Anyway after watching so many of it I started to see the resemblance, the scheme… well, everything seemed the same. It stated to bore me. That’s life. But still I have this weakness for shoujo mangas it’s a romance. A story for female audience, so I’m not gonna narrow it to romance. It just needs to touch women’s heart! Usually this type of stories are draw with precision. There’s a lot of details, and the pictures have to be beautiful! So yes, eyes are usually, whoosh! This big! Thick, flowing hair, yes, that’s typical. I don’t know how, but romance never bores me. There’s no end for my reading it, even though it’s a cliche and banality, I still cannot drop it. CRAZY Ooooh! Lately I watched this anime, it was shoujo, I think it was called Ore Monogatari and it was about this big guy, his name was Gouda Takeo and this big guy just wanted to be loved! He wanted to have a girlfriend and be in a relationship, his soul was like fluffy teddy bear’s. That was a great anime! I watched all episodes in one approach. It’s sweet and cute and most of it – very unconventional. So yes, I liked it. So you know, I think manga and anime are really awesome and I suggest you all got to know it more. (music) Maybe more natural color? Nah, it’s a manga!!! Let me know if you liked my drawings! Here’s your artwork. I asked for it in the previous episode. For the next episode I’d like you to draw your favourite youtubers manga style, maybe give them some superpowers? And don’t forget to write who they are and of course, sign your name so I could know who’s the author. Send it to [email protected] and answer in the comments: Have you ever heard about manga and anime? If yes – what are your favourite titles? Ekhm, ekhm I don’t know if you know it already, but I’m starring in Tymbark Studio. I’m gonna be there more often! There’s a surprise for you, but! Give it some time. Watch it every Saturday at 6 p.m. there’s a lot of cool guests there – Poszukiwacz, Narucio… Naruciak. This Saturday Łozo will be the guest. Together we play funny games. Haaa! I’m seriously very excited about this project, so watch it! And that’s all for today, see you on Thursday at 6 p.m and if you haven’t seen my vlogs from USA because that’s where I am right now, as you can see, it’s a total freestyle weird background and stuff, yeaah! So if you haven’t seen these vlogs feel free to watch it. Thank you for your attention, take care and byebyebye!

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