[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Successful Fanboy, Min Woo Hyuk Performs with Ock Joo Hyun..♥ #LifeBar #Diggle

[TV Meow]
I never met Woo Hyuk off work We became friends recently And I think he thinks of me as a friend It’s only been a few days We were super uncomfortable
(Until then…) For me, she’s still the fairy… [Hee Chul] On stage?
[Yu Ra] Oh, come on~ You’ve liked her since you were little!
(Ok Ju Hyun fan) I liked her the best – I went to see her perform
– Really? When can I be on the same stage as her?
(Dreaming) I used to think that And I was happy to be casted this time
(The two met on Anna Karenina) But I was a bit scared as well What if I can’t do well
(In front of Ju Hyun) What if she doesn’t like me? But she helped me feel comfortable So we became close friends recently You’re not just saying that
because Ju Hyun is here? Your favorite Fin.K.L member
since you were young was– My family knows And my wife also said,
‘You met your first crush’ – She said that
– Really? I had no idea You didn’t know about this? You must be very happy! With different personalities,
you can be friends easily What was the first impression like
when you first met? – That moment
– When you first met I felt… well… a bit difficult I wanted to become friends I am a social person But it wasn’t easy to approach her People do see me as a
difficult person to approach He must have had many fantasies
(First crush) I had a huge fantasy And she’s well-known for
strict self-control I heard that all the time
that she has a sharp character So I memorized all my lines
(He was scared) So you said, “You memorized them all!” I wanted to appear perfect – So I tried hard…
– I hadn’t finished memorizing Scary boss? That was the image for me And as we were practicing The moment I opened up to Ju Hyun was… Usually on the first day of work most actors take out their script Takes out the script, and then a pen and… All ready to practice But the first thing she takes out is bread And another bread She sets the bread She loves bread.. And then she looks at the script And only eats the inside
(And not the flour) She doesn’t like the crust I was saving it! And sometimes I’d see that and eat her crust – We have a good partnership
– [Dong Yup] Yeah You will be starring in a same musical
(will launch in January) This… I was curious Because I love it
(Tolstoy’s novel made into a musical) I really like
Not the musical but the novel itself The novel was so… A long time ago, there was an article introducing the ‘books of my life’ Andwas
featured the most often You know? Because it’s Tolstoy You sound so smart talking like this
I was so surprised – The second you mentioned Tolstoy
– That book has 3 volumes He loves IPTV Right Everything new on IPTV But the content, it’s very passionate – Physically?
– Something more, I’d say Does that appear on the musical? That’s portrayed more musically We practiced that scene today Can we ask? Is it inappropriate? I wouldn’t say that the
scenes are too erotic But on indirect scenes,
they sort of… I felt like the inside of my body
was getting hot That’s what we were practicing today Woo Hyuk must be so happy Shooting those scenes with your huge crush I bet you were praying for this day I love it And she portrays that well
She’s a good actor Yeah It’s good for her, too – Of course
– Right – You guys kiss there
– Yes Oh yeah… That’s why I mentioned it That’s how you get your energy
during the show (Knockdown) I sometimes feel sorry
when I make mistakes But she would never point that out and look so happy She’s trying to make me feel good That’s what I was trying to do! Oh yeah~

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