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🇯🇵 Recomendaciones mangas shoujo 2

Hi everyone! This time I come with recommendations for romance manga that are completed and haven’t anime Before start I want to thank Yamila for always being supporting my videos So, let’s go! Ririko is a highschooler who comes from a poor family and she have always taken care of her dad and brother Her father work doing different kind of errands but after a mishap she has to work instead of him when she arrives to the place where the services are required she meets a boy of her age that behaves kind of apathetic with her but soon she will realize that actually he is a kind person What I liked about this manga is that the main characters have no problem about to show their feelings because I don’t know if you too, but I get desperate when with characters that take too long to express a little thing that annoys them Also, they have self confidence Not in the way of being egocentric but they don’t say “I’m not enough for them” kind of things This is a light story, not over dramatic, quiet and sweet Anzu and her mother live modestly since her father left so the dream of our heroine is to win 10 million yen and during her highschool life she wants to be the student council president but she ends up being vice-president because an apparently kind boy wins the elections But his personality and his reason to be president are not good exactly a light manga with not too much drama, but lovely and sweet Also, the main characters personalities are so cool for me and super complementary Something more or less like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun where one of them is quiet and staider, and the other is more open and cheerful Nakaba is the princess of Senan and is forced to get married with Caesar, prince of Belquat the enemy country and who she bears a grudge because of her mother death with the purpose of have an alliance she accepts But she isn’t well received in her family-in-law because of her red hair since for them, the royal family hair HAS TO BE black So, with her friend and bodyguard, Loki she will have to survive to her new place, her fake marriage and if it’s not enough, a misterious power called Arcana of Time Which allows her to see the past and future I read this some time ago, I liked it in many ways and there were surprising moments too much drama and action, besides the romance which is not too mawkish like in many shoujos but they are so sweet though

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24 thoughts on “🇯🇵 Recomendaciones mangas shoujo 2

  1. Vaya si hiciste recomendación! Pero es una lástima para mi ya que ya leí TODOS esos. :'"( xD
    Por cierto "Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai." tiene segunda temporada de el manga y ya continua a partir de su relación, esta en trasmisión.

  2. Arigatou por ponerme en el vídeo ❤❤❤
    Algunos ya me los había leído ;3
    Este verano a leer c ha dicho xddd❤

  3. Me encanto tu recomendacion 😁
    A pesar de ya conocer todos los que mencionaste , realmente disfruto leer recomendaciones y opiniones de otras personas.

  4. Me encantas tus recomendaciones ! Una pregunta todos están terminados ? SERÍA GENIAN UN VÍDEO DE RECOMENDACIÓN DE MANWHAS ^^ si vienen de ti es que seguro son buenos !

  5. Recomienden algún buen manga que tenga un prota al nivel de yamada( seven witches ) o hachiman XD (Oregairu) .?

  6. Me super encantan tus videos y como los relatas, muchas gracias por este video de mangas finalizados ^.^ justo lo que yo buscaba >.<

  7. Gracias por tus recomendaciones, no sabía con que historias empezar a leer mangas ❤️❤️


  9. Euuuuu deberias leer "hana to akuma" recuerdo que cuando lo lei lo ame muchisimo, aunque fue hace bastante, te lo super recomiendo <3

  10. Hay un manga, no me acuerdo de cómo se llama pero la traducción es Colette decea morir.
    Me encanta tus recomendaciones, el último manga del que hablaste me encantó.

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