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Hello everyone! How are you? Today we have a special Halloween video no! I mean to Hallowinx video. hahaha here we celebrate Hallowinx In this video we will see the complete collection of Hallowinx dolls, pets, magazines, comics,… I think we will see everything that exists about Hallowinx! If you are interested, keep watching! Hallowinx This style was born in 2011 Before taking out the dolls and comics, a small promotion was made with some images… So let’s see these original pics Now we are going to see the TV commercial that they made for the dolls. (Italian Edition) This commercial remembers much to the episode 16 season 2 of the series Winx Club titled “Hallowinx!”. But this episode didn’t come out this style of clothing. The Winx went with the Magic Winx transformation and a coat In this commercial, the animation was made exclusively for it. In the series the Winx never appear dressed of Hallowinx. The dolls went on sale in late 2011. On screen you can see the complete collection of dolls. The first one I had was Musa because Giochi Preziosi gift it to me. Then I bought the other ones. I love this collection and it seems special. As you can see I have Flora unopened so let’s do an unboxing! First let’s see the box in front and behind. The doll, an Stella illustration and a message that says: “We look forward to you in the magazines shop with our comics… It’s super exciting!” The doll comes with some accessories. Logo Winx in black and date 2011. Behind the box are several messages. “Collect them all” “Are you looking forward to incredible adventures? Fight the monsters with your favorite Winx.” For a style to the latest fashion … Always wear the padlock with you! Photos of all the dolls in this collection. Musa, Flora, Stella and Bloom. Pets included but as you see the Musa isn’t there. Behind the doll comes this background. They are scenes of the comics. But if you hadn’t seen them, I leave you these pics as wallpapers. Bloom VS Vampire Stella VS Mummy Flora VS Werewolf Here you can see the complete collection with its accessories. Now let’s look at the dolls two at a time more closely to see the details. Flora and Musa first. For me these dolls are pretty detailed and It’s something I love. Musa comes with a diary that we will see later. Now let’s see Bloom and Stella. These are the pets of the collection (Bloom, Flora and Stella). Musa does not have a pet because it comes with daily. It’s a shame because I preferred the pet before the daily … Each comes with a padlock. It has keys and can be opened. This is Musa’s diary. They are several pages with different designs. On the screen you can see it complete. In the box of the dolls they talked about comics! These are (Spanish version). There are 3 comics in total. One for Bloom, one for Stella and one for Flora. This is the first and it is about Flora against the werewolf. The next is this. Bloom against the vampire. The last one is this magazine that although it doesn’t have Hallowinx cover, the comic is Stella against the mummy. Starting with the first. On the left announce the new style change: Hallowinx! Below are the pets of Tecna and Aisha. Aisha, Tecna and their pets along with Musa didnt go in doll but appear in the comics. In the comics all Winx and their pets appear in Hallowinx style. I really love this comics. This is Bloom’s comic and the cover of the magazine is the one I like the most. To the left they summarize what happened in the previous comic since it is a story divided in 3 parts. In each part, the story is starring Bloom, Stella or Flora. For this reason, they are the ones that appear more in the comic but Tecna, Musa and Aisha also appear sometimes. Now let’s see the last comic: Stella VS Mummy. I wish the cover was Hallowinx or announced that the magazine contains the third and final part of the Hallowinx comics. At the time these comics made me fall in love. I hope they do something similar again. Hallowinx was an original comic story and the first to be sold as dolls. This month, October 2017, went on sale the new magazine Winx in Italy with Halloween theme. But in the comic, the Winx don’t wear the Hallowinx style. They are dressed in a season 6 style. But they have made small changes in the outfit. I don’t show the whole comic because soon I will review this comic on the channel. This style is the same that appears in this book “Winx Magic Games” that I did review on the channel. I leave the link to the video in the icon “i” and under the video in case you want to see it. Now let’s compare to each of them. I think they’ve changed their hats to all. Also missing the wings but the rest is similar. What do you think? In my opinion is the same style but with some small change. I don’t understand why they changed hats, for me it doesn’t make sense. As it is Halloween / Hallowinx on the screen I leave what is in case you want to see it. I think it’s an appropriate episode to see at this time. I hope you enjoyed this special Halloween / Hallowinx video. If you celebrate this day, I hope you have a great time! Thank you very much for watching the video! On screen you can subscribe to the channel and watch other videos! Until next time, bye!

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