15×4 Comic-Con: 15 минут про корабли EVE Online

This is planet Earth our ancestor’s motherland which is situated in the Solar System of the Milky Way galaxy,
however it can sound like an oddity. In the 20th century humanity made an incredible technological jump and discovered spaceflights, a techonogy which is indispensable for species survival on a scale of the Universe. We settled hundreds of systems
in a short period of time. A difficulty in further exploration was bureaucracy. Almost every system in the radius of the “jump” had been bought or rented long before the process of colonization began and those who wanted to settle a new world had to wait for years. The situation changed with the finding of a wormhole near Canopus star. Macro wormholes were a hypothetical object for a long time and this discovery was the first of its kind. The wormhole was named Eve and the system on another side got name New Eden. Constructing of giant star gates on the both Eve’s sides turned out to be a tremendous colonisation. To overcome bureaucracy, an agreement was reached that New Eden would be free for all desirous ones and those would get a territory right who reach the system first. As far as the gates were activted thousands of systems were settled. Scientists predicted that the wormhole might close, nevertheless, the misfortune happened only after a few decades of irreproachable work. Consequences of Eve’s closing effected all bases and settlements in New Eden. Colonies were isolated without the gates. Only few survived but they were gradually losing their technologies and developed manufactories because of the lack of materials and equipment. During thousands of years these scattered human enclaves were living and developing isolated from each other but finally four races independently from each other could reopen spacefligths, a techonogy which is indispensable for species survival on a scale of the Universe. The Minmatar Republic is prideful and independent nation. Their ships are known as high-speed and maneuver. The Minmatars use artillery and machine guns in battle,
although 720 mm caliber is considered to be a medium one. These gun systems unite considerable damage from a short distance and great long range capability. Energy is not needed for fire only cartridges are. As a secondary weapon the Minmatars use rockets. The largest Amarr Empire consists of federal provinces united by the emperor’s power. Religion and slavery play a significant role in the Amarrians’ policy. Their ships are slow but have thick armor. The Amarrians use lasers in battles, weapon that doesn’t need recharging and
the flow of cartridges, but reduces the enegrgy level of a ship abundantly. As a secondary weapon, the Amarrians use guided drones. The Gallente Federation is an island of democracy and liberty in this world full of dictators and oligarchs. Gallenteans’ ships use active systems of repairing of armor. In battle, they use drones which are little unmanned ships that attact enemies. As a secondary weapon, hybrid weapon is used that shoot with plasma coagulates. It occupies intermediate position between Minmatar’s artillery and Amarrians’ lasers in case of range and ship’s energy consumption. The Caldari State is governed by a few mega-corporations without centralised administraion. Caldari ships are provided with power-shields that are not as damage resistant as armor but can restore themselves. In battle the Caldari use homing missiles – the weapon which requieres no targeting. As a secondary weapon system, same as the Gallenteans, the Caldary use hybrid weapon firing with a plasma discharge. This is an archive episode telling about a clash of Caldari and Gallente fleet. The Caldari fire missiles, the ships of Gallente launch drones. And pay attention that the Gallente ships are aspiring
to close the gap with the enemy to set in mothion their short-range blasters. There are clones of your bodies in the medical facility of our station. In case of losing contact with your surviving capsule, the clone will be activated. Death will only cost you a replacement of a clone. It’s a cheap operetion. But remember that death will also cost you the loss of the ship. A spaceship is usually much more expensive than a human life. This is an episode of a tutorial video describing the flight of an Amarr pilot on an interceptor. Now his mission is to support capital ships of his fleet and prevent the damaged ships of the enemy from leaving the battlefield for renovation, using the help of special modules
of electronic interaction. No matter whether you fight as a part of a small fleet or a large one, information about the composition of enemy’s fleet and coordination of movements are essential for the victory. You’ll work on movements coordination on simulators, my task is to tell you about ships. Thanks to the efforts of engineers of four races from six independent factions, dockyards of New Eden produce more than 300 spacecraft bodies devided into more than 30 different classes. I’ll tell you only about the most popular ones. But before we delve into specialities of concrete ships, let’s find out in general terms what ships there are. Sizes of ships in the world of Eve vary from 30 m for a small frigate to 15 km for a titan.
All vessels can be divided into standard tonnage ships and Capital Ships that look like huge mobile stations. My guide is about standart tonnage ships. Frigates. Their length is about 40 m and cost is about half a million ISK. These are mobile ships for interception
of the enemy. Destroyers.
Their length can reach 200 m, the cost – a million ISK. These ships are as fragile as frigates but they cause more damage. Cruisers. The length reaches 300 m, the cost grows by 10 million ISK. These are well-balanced ships of medium size. Battlecruisers have a length of about 500 m and the cost is more than 50 million ISK. These are large ships for solving a wide spectrum of tasks. And, finally, battleships. The length can reach 1,5 km and the cost – 200 million. These are large hulking ships with improved survivability. It is important to understand while looking at such a difference in costs that the cost usually depends on the size of a ship but not its quality. Every ship performs its duty in the fleet and even an experienced pilot
can use a small cheap frigate when the mission requires it. Faction ships are worth to be mentioned separatly. They are customized vessels. Such a ship costs much more than a series-built one and their parameters are often a bit higher, too. The prices on faction frigates reach 50 million, on faction cruisers – 200 million and on faction battleships, a million ISK. Now you can see how the sizes
of the largest ships relate with the sizes of others. Let’s move on to the review of concrete, the most popular ships in the world of New Eden. This is the Malediction, an interceptor of the Amarr Emire. Interceptors are ships with modified powerplants and electronic systems that run down and take to aim while navy is coming to a battle place. Manufacturers of this ship, who are engineers from the Khanid Kingdom, provided it with heavier armour than rival’s one and with missile armament instead of classical for the Amarrians lasers with which it is too difficult to hit the mark on the speed interceptors fly. The latest development of the Amarrians is tactical destroyer Confessor. Tactical destroyers switch between defence, propulsion and sharpshooter modes. Some pilots use the potential given by the powerful reactor in quite an unusual way by installing into this relatively small ship desined to functionate
with engines with capacity of 1 or 5 MN a propulsive device
with capacity of 10 MN designeed for cruisers. Then the ship is imperceptebly fast. This is Prophecy.
The Phophecy was designed by Amarr engineers as a full-featured battleship, but when running the tests it was decided to make the ship smaller
in order to make it more mobile by reducing the fighting might but not armor. The main weapon of the Prophecy are drones. In addition, the ship can be completed with lasers or rocket launchers, but many pilots prefer to withdraw cannons in favor of energy neutralizators. For the first sight this ship is not such a dangerous enemy, but thanks to heavy armor
it’s not so easy to frighten it, too. The Rifter is a classical Minmater frigate purely well-balanced, can defend itself both
with hard armor panels and a powershield. It is usually armed with machine-guns. For quite a long time was considered to be one of the best ships of its class. Rifter is an example of a ship with is appropriate for both an apprentice during his second flight and a space cunning fellow thanks to the weapon, that requires no energy and a low cost of the ship, comparable to the cost of the cartrige. The latest Minmatar development
is a tactical destroyer Svipul. As I’ve already said, tactical destroers can switch between defence, propulsion and sharpshooter modes. The Svipul differs from the developments of other races with a capability to improve both its shields and armor in the defence mode which makes the ship cross functional
and unpredictable. For the short time that passed after this ship’s output it became a leader by the number of killed enemies and is very popular with pirates. The Hurricane is a battlecruiser that expreses the very core of the battle paradigm of Minmatar with is omnitude. It can use both hard armor planels and a powershield. Guns of calibre of 425 mm are usually installed but the variants with heavy-gun armament of 720 mm and smaller guns of 220 mm are also possible. Don’t worry about small calibre – guns of 220 mm are doubled. The main weapon of a battle cruiser Myrmidon of the Gallente Federation is drones. This ship can relese four big drones or five drones of any other size that itself makes it a dangerous enemy, but its real power is in unique systems of armor repair. The enemy that has almost destroyed the Myrmidon’s armor shouldn’t celebrate so early: this ship can repair it in single seconds and spend a big part of the battle under the enemy’s fire. There are also places for turrels on this ship, but the damage caused by turreles
is negligible comparing to drones. This is Dominix, a battleship that is a crowning development of Gallente drone ships. Having a huge unit for drones and a capability of releasing up to five big drones, Dominix doesn’t use improved system of armor remair as Myrmydon does, concentrating on distance and accuracy of its drones instead. Same as Myrmidon pilots, Dominix pilots use their places for turrels for fireworks and other entertainment. However the space park of the Gallente isn’t
limited with drone ships. A prominent representative of opposition is a battleship Megatron that puts a focus
on rapidity of fire and accuracy of its cannons. Combining unbelivable fighting might
of seven big hybrid weapons with reliable armor, engineers of the Gallente created a ship, solving a wide spectrum of tasks
of eliminating enemies, but design of this ship is
highly commended. The Tengu belongs to the third technological level, to the class of strategic cruisers. These ships differ from the other ones with their flexibility. Their hull consists of five subsystems that allow to make any settings you like. If we talk about Tengu, it’s usually been set up as a fast missile carrier with strong shields but other variants are also possible. Thanks to its remarkable
fighting qualities, Tengu is popular both with experienced pilots and young ones, however the priсe is more than half a billion ISK. The Drake is famous for its powerful generators of force field. Its protection can compete with protection of many battleships, and, thanks to the ability to renovate the shields, in some situations
the Drake can spend a few minutes under the fire of the enemy and do not get a single scratch. As the most Caldari ships the Drake uses missiles. It is a combination of a heavy shiels and easy-to-use missiles makes the Drake so popular with unexperienced pilots,
forgiving them control errors. The Scorpion is a Caldari battleship, unique because of its size. Unlike the most part of other ships it doesn’t concentrate on damaging but on electronic countermeasurments – guidance jamming on the enemy’s sensors. Small frigates usually do that, but the Caldari engeneers made it uncommon and set system of electronic countermeasurments on this huge vessel that can reach a length of 1,5 km. The Serpenis pirates secret development – Daredevil – is a deadly frigate with two important peculiarities. Firstly, all ships of the Serpentis are tooled with unique generators of stasis-field, that slow down the enemy
not for 60, but for 90 percent almost immobilizing the goal. Battle systems of these ships are adapted for firing from hybrid weapons and with plasma. They cause huge damage. A combination of these two factors makes Daredevil dangerous not only for fast frigates but also for bigger ships. This is Stratios, a ship of the Sisters of EVE research organization developed for doing research in far and hostile space. It was developed not only to get important research material but also to transport it to the station safely. Same as other ships of the Sisters, the Stratios is carefully designed. Meant for going on long expditions, it uses drones and lasers that do not require cartriges as weapon systems and heavy armor but it is just a precaution. The true protection of this ship is its disguise that allows to avoid unwanted meetings, making the ship absolutely invisible. This is a development of a pirate organization the Angel Cartel, battleship Machariel. Mad about speed, engeneers of the Angels made this battleship as fast and manoevering as ship weighing 94 thousand ton and having a length of 1,5 km can be. That gave a reason to suspect that this technology wasn’t developed by them but stolen from a mysterious Jove race. Anyway, the Macharial combines a wonderful Minmatar-like artillery system, a big drone unit in the spirit of the Gallente and powerful generators of force field
like the Cardari do what makes it one of the most deadly
in the whole New Eden. Let’s go out of the station and breathe fresh vacuum a little; the space is quite deserted today. On behalf of the Gallente Federation, military corporation Federation Navy, scientific-research corporation 15×4 and our station in the Dodixie system close to the 12th moon of the 9th planet I congratulate you on the completion of this training course. I’ve passed a list of cadets
with reference letters to the command control. By this reference you can get a test pilot’s license for three weeks. I’ll be honest with you: if you activate your license this way, I’ll get a prolongation of my license, too. In this presentation, I’ve used materials
of the Concord corporation and community of the Sisters of EVE, and also pieces from a TV-channel The Skope. Well, thanks for your attention.
At ease! As an accredited trainer of the
Federation Navy corporation I’m ready to answer your questions. And we need a microphone… Could you tell if that is possible to
raid caravans there? There are some different ways of raiding caravans in this game. We need an express delivery
of the microphone to the odd corners of our galaxy 🙂 Please tell us such a thing: what should we do to during a month of subscribe to earn enouth to pay for another month of subscribe? In the game, not spending real money. It’s a great question indeed. An original way in which EVE differs from many other games is that you
can pay game money for the game; and it’s quite a simple task to get enouth money for the flight system (first several months). It’s difficult to get money not because you need some unique items you don’t have but because the game is quite difficult and you have to learn everything yourself. There is no experience or levels conception in the game,
you don’t need to powerlevel your character but you as a player. An experienced player can get this money in a month from a new account. There is ideal balance in the game and you can earn money any way you like. There are about a dozen of ways to earn much money but all of them are very difficult and you have to use intelligent endeavor. Just like in real life. A question arose after your narrative: there are, as you said, three types of amarment: an energetic one, with no recoil, missile weapon and drones that can be detached from the vessel and then
they start their engine without making any impulse. But there are also fire weapons that have an impulse. How is the impulse quenched? During the shot in the space you’ll be pulled the other way round from the shot and you’ll have to compensate this impulse with the same force
you’ve pulled the projectile to stay on one place. Otherwise those ships will
fly hind-foremost. -The thing is that by the twenty third millenium such systems of calibration of side engines had been developed to ignore all the effects connected with recoil. So there is no gun recoil in the world of EVE. All types of hybrid weapons – blasters and real-guns – pull out a coagulate of plasma in an elecromagnetic way. It is electromagnetic weapon itself, that pulls out a coagulate of plasma. Like we take a steel bar,
turn it into plasma, pull it out with electromagnets. Hello. I listened to the lecture and, so to say, was so hugely impresssed that even wrote my questions down
on a piece of paper. There are lots of them, you’ve already answered some. But the most interesting one
is about the balance. You’ve said that the balance is ideal. There are three factions in the game… – Four. – Four factions, OK. As far as we know, the balace usually evolvs in two ways. The first one is relative effectiveness. I mean if we take one faction, cost of unites multiplied with time of their building, and
another faction with the same relative effectiveness, then the result of the battle should be unidertified. Fifty-fifty, either the first faction
or the second one. The second variant is so called scheme “rock-paper-scissors” when one faction usually wins with equal alignment of forces. So what is the balance?.. Dividing into factions in the world
of EVE has to do with the backstory and… and design of the ships themselves. You see, it’s different in different races. But you can fly the ships of all races. You are not limited as a player. When I was talking about balance I ment the balance of economy, but you ask about the balance of ships. It was reached only a few years ago; it has been much redesign during last four years. Not all the ships had been in
the balance before. When talking about the balance of ships, I mean that almost all ships are usable and necessary. -So there was some kind of empiric sceme where the results of all battles were taken into account
and transformed into… – Yes, it was a long, long way with
lots of balancing changes. And the second question. You
read out loud costs of ships of different classes, but all in conditional units. As you understand… It’s a very good correction. A pilot license for a month costs about 700 million, less than a billion, ships can cost a half of a million and more… It’s already a billion! (update :)) Very well, thanks! A pilot license costs more than a billion, my collegue from the audience says to me. Great! And I have to admit I have been paying for the game this way
for quite a long time. And for a long time I haven’t bought it by hands. Let’s move to the next question. Hi! Thank’s for the report, very interesting.
Please, tell me such a thing. I’ve seen an ad of EVE recently and they were talking something about their integraition with science of the real world. Then, you play the game, do something
and help somebody this way. If you remember, there was a game about folding of proteins
some years ago. It was about doing puzzles. After that you got score and as a result it helped to find out more about the protein
tertiary and quatemary structure. A similar project is now included into EVE. You can get in a menu-submenu-submenu (like everything in EVE – it’s such an Exel
with menus-submenus) and then a beautiful game downloads, you have to do a puzzle, and it helps science. – Just do a puzzle, yeah? – And you help science because some tasks are better solved by
neural networks than with trial method, and people are
good neuron networks, and there are many of them for free. You talked about different classes of ships, those classes are taken from naval terminology, which is quite senceless in the space. Could you describe the course of action, how the ships
detect each other, how the battle runs, how this all is realized. Because the ships are fast but it wasn’t described how they can detect. The question is that frigates for example were needed in marine and their speed was needed exactly for reconnaissance, communication, to move in front of squadron and detect ships. It means that in space it is useful only in case when spaceships move with superlight velocity so that radars are ineffective and you have to jump, look and jump back. How is it realised in the game? There are both moving with superlight velocity and radars that can see on 15 astronomical units in the game. One astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 15 astronomical units is, well, the biggest part of the Solar System not taking into account some distant planets. The question about fighting interaction is quite good because usually and almost always all battles in the world of New Eden are taking place with numerical superiority of one side same as in real life. And it is an art to understand in which situation you are at the moment, whether you are winning or not. If you are winning now your aim is to attack as unexpactable as it is possible and exactly those frigates you are talking about are playing a role which is called ‘tackling’ – to stop enemy’s ships, not allow them to fly away as far as enemy’s ships understood that they are in a minority. If you are in a minority your aim is to avoid this battle and your frigates are scouting: they fly in an area of several star systems using star gates which make superlight movement possible and become your eyes. They warn you about big fleet’s arrival from other systems. It is a preparation to the battle. If we see that the battle will take place and forces are equal and each of fleet has decided to take part in this battle depending on size of clashed fleets – it can be both several persons – in this case skills of concrete plots have dicisive importance and 300 ships with endless amount of strategies – and a fleet battle; fleet clash with each other. A leader of this fleet makes a certan strategy knowing which ships he uses, tells his pilots what ships they should use; in that case the fleet usually consists of identical ships of the same type, supportive frigates and ships that repair ships – logistic ships that reair our big ships of the same type. Why ships of the same type are used? A fleetcom – a fleet commander – has to understand clearly what he has, what is inside the ships and how they will move. If there are ships of different types it will be more difficult for him to keep all information in his mind and to understand if we are losing, winning, what is needed to be done. Beening a player in great battles you usually should carry out orders of fleetcom very precisely, in little battles that are more difficult (EVE in an interesting game – the bigger the battle is, the easily it is to take part in it) in little battles you need to show your talent and ships guiding is interesting in EVE – you tell atrificial intellegence how to behave. You say “Take, please, an orbit of 4 km around that asteroid and cannons should shoot there”. As a result the ship is following the orbit and you are thinking. You have to make a lot of decisions fast in EVE world but not so many mouth clicks should be done. You need to understand if it is necessary to retreat or to attack and when you have understood that it should be realised by several clicks. It is the way how battle interaction looks like. What is the differece between the star gates and a built into each ship warp-accelerator? It is an interesting question. The star gates as you remeber were constructed… in the 4th millenium of our era and only after 2 millenium this technology was adopted for using in ships. Star gates between systems are an optimal wormhole that makes almost momemtaty transfering between two points: a system A and a system B. A system installed on the ship disfigures space making superlight moving possible but with speed limit. Ships fly with average speed (in this superlight warp-jump) of 3 astronomical units per second. Bigger ships are slower, smaller ones are faster and it doesn’t matter that everything happens with superlight speed. And an interesting conseption can be made as a result: if the fleet is running away its bigger ships will be running away slowly. And they will be moving slowly in warp, and if an enemy predicts a place you leave warp his frigates can be waiting for big ships that are still flying. It means that ship can be overtaken both in beforelight and afterlight speed. There is a question in the end of the auditorium. Good beard. It must be a good question. It will be the last question. Thanks for the beard. Can you tell me how many players
there are in this game? I possibly missed it. There are about 20 000 players online in the morning. There are about several millions of registered accounts, but it says nothing to us. The maximum of online players is about 50 000 but it is necessary to underline that these players are online only from one server. There are two servers (not taking into account a test one): outside chinese firewall and inside it. I know next to nothing about Chinese server besides the ratio of human labour to dollars of the real world is six times worse than on another server. And one more question. You were talking about pilot licence – it’s about 1 200 000,
14-56 billion per ship Is there any convertation into real money to understand the amount of resourses? One billion of player currency is about 10 dollars of real world. And I’m not sure but there possibly was about this game… There was a deal when either a star or a galaxy was sold for about 5 million. Was it about this game? What was the highest deal in the virtual world in this game? Theoretically real-money tranding is forbidden in this world by rules of the game. And if not taking into account rules? In practice… I don’t think that millions were spend because in great battles really great thousands of dollars are lost It is when two large fleet are completely crashed. But there is an expert and I’ll listen to him with great pleasure. The greatest battle took place some years ago, more than 300 thousand dollars were lost in four-hours battle. A lot of titans were lost – 114 titans from both sides. Can you remind me: 1 billion equals 10 dollars? Or one million equals 10 dollars? One billion – 10 dollars. So it can be bought an enormous amount of little ships or several big ones. So, thank you, fly safe!

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