2019 Comic-Con: Marvel Universe’s Fate, Tom Cruise’s Surprise Appearance for ‘Top Gun’ | Heat Vision

(tense music) – Hello, friends, we just got back from Comic-Con in San Diego, and we saw a whole bunch of stuff. Here are the biggest things that we saw while we were down there in San Diego. Let’s start off with Mahershala
Ali shocking everybody during Marvel’s panel on Saturday night. (upbeat electronic music)
(camera shutter clicking) – Mahershala Ali comes out. – Pew. – [Aaron] Everybody’s
putting on “Black Widow” caps ’cause they gave ’em out for free. – [Patrick] Right.
– And Kevin Feige’s like, “Well, are you gonna wear a cap?” He puts it on. It says “Blade.” – [Patrick] Marvel is so
big that they can just drop a two-time Oscar winner
taking over the mantle of a very beloved
character at the very end of their presentation. – [Aaron] Nobody else
should even try, honestly. (laughing) That’s why they do their panel last. – Also, we got to see brand new footage from “The Witcher,” Netflix’s answer to “Game of Thrones,” maybe. (eerie music)
– I remember hearing stories about witches. Is it true what they say? (upbeat electronic music)
– “The Witcher” is, (sighs) it’s weird ’cause
it’s based on a video game, but it’s also based on a series of novels. It it Netflix’s answer to
“Game of Thrones” possibly. We got to see footage for the first time. We saw a trailer. We saw three different
clips from the show, all focusing on the three main characters. You have Yennifer, Ciri, and Geralt. Geralt is played by Henry Cavill. It looked great. It really does look like something that could take up the mantle
of “Game of Thrones” for Netflix.
– So, he’s moving on after Superman. This is, he’s okay. – [Patrick] (laughs) Yes.
– He’s gonna be fine. – He’s taken off the
cape, and now he’s put on a white wig. He’s not judging anybody. He’s just killing monsters. Tom Cruise really blew everyone’s mind when he showed up at the Paramount panel. – We’re used to seeing
giant stars in these rooms. But Tom Cruise, that
was definitely a thing. Bigger than Arnold, bigger
than Linda Hamilton. (audience cheering) You see Tom Cruise come out and show off some really good footage. – [Man] The end is inevitable, Maverick. Your kind is headed for extinction. – Maybe so, sir. But not today. (upbeat electronic music)
– And, you know, Tom Cruise prides himself on making films
that do things practically, that do them real. So, “Terminator” looked good. But then when you see Tom
Cruise actually flying a plane, which he does in this
movie, and it’s real, it kind of almost makes
“Terminator” not look quite as good. – [Patrick] Right.
– ‘Cause, you know, killer machines don’t
exist, so you can’t do that in real life.
– Arnold didn’t actually become a killer robot from the future.
– Right. – Those were kind of the
biggest moments that happened. Aaron, did you have a
favorite moment that happened to you at Comic-Con?
– Well, you know, I think that Natalie
Portman coming back as Thor in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which is an amazing title. That was definitely a
standout because we thought Natalie Portman’s done with the MCU. She hasn’t been in it since 2013. She didn’t really ever, you know, her character wasn’t
really that well-written. So, now, she gets a chance
to actually kick some butt, and people are really psyched for that. – Right, and wield the hammer. – [Aaron] She picked
up the hammer onstage. – Anyway, Comic-Con was
full of exciting moments. We covered all of them,
pretty much at You can head over there to read about everything that happened
down in San Diego. It was a great time.
– Yeah. I enjoyed it. I’ll go back. (laughing)

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