30K Book MANGA CAPSULE HOTEL Tour | KYOTO Comicap | Japanese Capsule Hotel Experience

So I’ve been curious about the gachapon,
so I’ve been collecting a couple of them (on this trip). They are mystery fun and you kind of get an
idea of what they might be or what they sort of are, but you don’t know until you actually
pay for it and get your little baubble. A lot of them are collectibles and some people
get really crazy and collect the whole bunch of it. Some of them are also pretty random. Kind of hard to decide which one of these
x-rated or erotic type of gachapon to get. Just because they’re all in that black ball
and curious looking. Five dollars is a lot, is a lot of money. Ultimate weapon for women or ultimate weapon
for men. They make you want to click right? I really am almost tempted to get a male one
just to see with the guys get. I think I’m going to give this to my niece. I told her I’d get her one, but I think
her parents would be discouraged. i’d be like a bad aunt. OK, let’s see what these are. What hell is this? It’s a condom. Fail. Total fail. What a waste of five dollars I guess it really
is the ultimate weapon for women. Women have to be safe. So I’m not going to give her this. Or maybe I will or maybe I’ll switch it
out with the panties. I don’t know. They had good ratings, Comicap. But looking at the map, It’s a little confusing
and it’s in a shotengai, which is an arcade. This is the arcade that my capsule hotel is
in— I’m not sure if it’s a hostel or a hotel but it looks kind a capsule like. I’m a little nervous because I’m prefer
to be closer to the Railway for obvious reasons of carrying all this stuff. I appreciate that it’s in this fun little
shopping area though. There are food options here at least. I have to look out because there are signs
I think might be… I think might be connected to where I’m
staying at. OK Here’s a sign. Fourth floor. I would not have found this without Google
maps. So I am staying at Comicap Kyoto Hotel for
this last night in Kyoto. Keep in mind this hotel, cost more than the
last capsule hotel I stayed at. Somewhere in the $50 range per night. Here we go. It’s kind of nice and cheery here. Hello checkin. Everything was conducted without speaking
English. It was just (all about ) reading things. Shower room… locker key. This is my bed and shoe key. These are room slippers. Clothes, I guess we pick up our clothes right
here. So let’s assume that I’m a medium. if you love manga or anime then this is the
right hotel for you. I chose this because I was curious about it
after having stayed at a manga café. This is kind of like a manga café. Now I’m kind of excited. Wow. Fancy-schmancy. It’s my understanding that the men and the
women are in the same area. Which I’m not so crazy about. OK, this is a little privacy here. No motion lights. Close the curtain if you want some privacy. It’s coed in the sense they’re mixing
sexes on the floor versus separating them onto different floors (typical of Japan capsule
hotels). No this actually feels like a little wooden
box. I haven’t even gone inside but yeah I feel
claustrophobic right now too. But this is a concept hotel, you got to keep
that in mind — it’s different, it’s unique. You can rent chargers, facial steamer, small
fan, small light, blanket, toys. Blankets this is interesting. Looks like this massage chair is out of order. Hmm, yeah. It’s just so accessible. You’re probably like dirty dirty manga . I’ve
never seen dirty manga. OK I’m sure it’s dirty somewhere. Well I was expecting dirty. I’m a little disappointed. “Use it freely”. You can’t take it home guys. OK, sorry you can’t. This is just like for loan. So this is where you would search for comics
you want. Oops sorry. Oh, it’s a QR. Arigato gozaimasu. OK, Toto toilet. You would use this to clean your toilet seat. Sanitary napkins. There’s no way a lot of folks luggage is
going to fit in that (locker). I don’t know if my shoes would even fit
in there. OK towels. I don’t know about this. Why don’t I take it with me. Just take it with me keep it in my room. At least we have towels and a little mirror
to check ourselves out. OK now let’s look at the goodies. I know you guys want to know this right? I do. Fortunately there’s only two stalls for
the women as women always got to fight for things. That’s the washer right there. Washer and dryer. You have to pay for the washer and dryer but
at least they give you the detergent. OK you’ve got some razors, a body sponge
…it inflates. Hair tie and bobby pin. Hairband, you know this is important to me. My hair is always up. Is this a facial blotter? It’s exactly for this. Wow, you could make to put out with this (facial)
oil. Make up remover, hairbrush. Moisturizing milk. Extra towels. You have your complementary toothbrush and
toothpaste. There’s Listerine in case you want to kiss
anyone. Dental floss picks. Body soap, shampoo, conditioner… and someone
left their Biore. They redeemed themselves for this tiny little
locker now. “Please use the locker with the same number
as your room.” We have our own valuables locker. That’s really good to have. I’m just curious what the “Deluxe area”
is. These are wider rooms. And you got an air mattress thingy. I’ve got that much room. This is how much room I have, I have a whole
Nother head. Above me. So a six footer (person) might fit here. It’s a little narrower than my other capsule
hotels but not by much. But I like it but they’ve got four outlets
right there. I feel like what I really love about this
capsule hotel is that it’s like a mango café transformed into a capsule hotel. If you’ve ever stayed at manga Café then
you’ll know that similar in terms of wall-to-wall comic books. I think a lot of you guys would love it actually. Just because it’s so different. OK I really need to get to bed because I’m
getting drowsy and tired. So let me know what you think about this video. Let me know what you think about this hotel. Leave it down and comment section below. Travel safe smart and fun I will see you in
one of these manga comic book capsule hotels and may the GRRR be with you. Thanks for watching —check out my playlist
for more in-depth videos about these places and check back for more GRRRLTRAVELER videos
where I take you inside my solo travel adventures. As always, links in the description box below. Until then travel safe smart and fun and made
a GRRR be with you

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