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4GwQ Presents: Interview with inZane Comics!

hey what’s up welcome to four guys
with quarters presents a variant podcast special edition today on this episode we
currently have Zain on from in zine Comics what’s up hey how’s gone pretty
good how about you not too bad not too bad thanks for having me
oh it’s a pleasure man we’re really excited to have you on and say here we
got our co-host maverick how’s everybody doing out there well I’m sorry maverick go ahead nah
dude go ahead do fine okay I want to ask you I took a look at your comic book
thing and I just want to say it’s phenomenal they you know for me my
preference in comics is a good story a good plot and I really liked the
cartoony style art that’s like my favorite thing like throws me let –
image – like Teen Titans mix of that kind of cartoony and I think your comic
book hits all those points for me mm-hmm I’m exactly the same way I there’s
something that draws me towards that cartoony feel I don’t know if it’s that
I’ve seen a lot of the you know DC style and I’m just kind of like had too much
of it or I want to have a different taste I don’t know what it is but I’m
drawn to that cartoon style of myself let’s do something real quick before we
go straight into questions why don’t you take a couple minutes to explain you
know your comic book where your ideas came from yeah it’s our first interview
we’re kind of we’re kind of excited we’ve been one to have you on for a
while so we’re excited to get our questions out but well I should take a
couple minutes and like tell us you know about your comic where these ideas came
from and and you know tell the viewers you know what what they can look forward
to as far as your comic and what may be coming in the future okay cool yeah so
this comic the elemental balance I created about two years ago typically
whenever I write a story I just for me one of the things that are very
important that it has to be a story for entertainment I don’t make any stories
with any kind of you know like cause or whatnot I know
a lot of people who do that and you know all the power to them I just like making
stories just purely for entertainment so and so this idea came from I was kind of
flipping through articles and one of the things I do is I search a lot of random
stuff I don’t know why I do it but I just look at a lot of random articles
and stuff I came across this conspiracy about how someone’s claiming that we’re
disregarding the four elements you know because those four elements were ancient
concept of what people thought that the world comprised of and so they were
saying we’re disregarding it whereas if we think about it in modern science we
know that there’s four states of matter and so they say that if you look at it
so when you say earth sounds like solid liquid sounds like water gas sounds like
wind and plasma sounds like fire they seem very similar and so it was just
something interesting I mean and from from that concept of like you know
there’s certain things that were brought up in ancient times and maybe they
didn’t say the way we wanted to hear it but maybe they knew something and it
just got lost in history so that was kind of what stirred this whole idea of
creating the story and you know for those of you read the first chapter
you’re probably like how does that make any sense it doesn’t it’s not relating
to the story well we’re gonna find a lot of things out later down the story that
and by the way this is the concept or this is the idea it’s not what the story
is necessarily about it’s just something that is in the back of my head that I’ve
always kind of like thought it was cool and that’s kind of what inspired the
story if that makes sense yeah yeah it was this was a concept that
I kind of read from I think the guy’s name is Alan Moore the one who wrote
Swamp Thing he brought this he he mentioned this that this is like
whenever you’re doing write whenever you’re writing something it’s good to
have an idea that cost inspires you as you’re writing a story it’s almost like
that that light at the end of the tunnel so you kind of you know which direction
ago but anyways that’s kind of like my
inspiration in that show no I like it lets us want to get people out there
what you know comics called the elemental balance is this the you know
back to a little bit of question is this the first comic you’ve created yes it’s
the first comic officially that I’m putting with art and everything it’s not
necessarily the first story that I’ve read in the stories I’ve written weren’t
professional but so I originally was going to go into creative writing and go
into that form of plate into you know and this is I don’t know if you guys
gonna ask me this question tell me a little bit about yourself but kind of
jumping into that but I was originally gonna go into creative writing but I
chose not to because you know people I just try to take the safe way new
business but this is one of those things that just kept pulling me in saying that
you just have to do it and so I’ve actually quit my job to pursue this
full-time and I’m putting my money where my mouth is and I’m making these stories
into reality now that’s that’s awesome yeah I mean you’ve talked a little on
the side you know I love writing myself if it’s you know I want to you know one
day I want to do a comic but I’ve been writing novels and stuff you know it’s
it’s it’s not easy it’s something where you know you’ll have a million concepts
come in your mind and trying to figure out which one do you want to go with
it’s it’s something that’s all you’re always fighting yourself with and they
don’t put those words on the paper and actually put images beside them for a
comic book is huge and you’re making it yourself mm-hmm
yeah it’s weird like you know I feel like it’s almost like a burden you know
like it’s I have to do it you know some of those things that it’s just like
almost like it’s a calling you know that you know I that I had to do this and so
every time I every time I issue or publish one comic it’s almost like this
relief that I get that oh yes I got this done now I can focus on the next thing
well I mean that’s amazing I’m looking through your comic as we speak and I’m
just mind blown you know how it all fits together so far and I’m not gonna spoil
it of course but I mean I’m just staring at it because I love every aspect I love
the story that you created I love the background on the story that
you created and I’m falling in love with the artwork and I want to ask you
as a writer how do you find an artist to fulfill your vision to make it come to
life like this you know it’s it’s that’s this is an interesting question you know
it’s almost a feeling you know like I started searching for artists first of
all I didn’t really even know how to search so I did a lot of this favors
I think it’s called fever then there’s called people per hour it’s like these
freelancing websites so I started looking for artists to then just nothing
felt right and so then I came across Luke’s artwork and just something about
the way he portrayed his characters just kind of gave me that that feel that this
is what I want and by the way most of the like most of the comics that I’m
gonna create I’m gonna I’m gonna try to have artists that are kind of that have
their own unique style so that when you look at their art you can identify that
it’s distinguishes it’s themselves from the rest it’s just something that’s
important to me and I tried to get artists that are good but not well-known
in the community and try you know that’s my hope to at least bring them up you
know if I can gain popular with the comic I can hopefully bring that those
guys up as well you know I’ve written in the past too and I am kind of like an
artist I mean I’m not good with cartoon art but I I’ve done still art and things
like that and just cartoony art has always been my passion but I just can
never get it onto the paper yeah you know and it looks sometimes these they
look easy but I don’t know how they do it I sketch myself I’ve but I mainly
sketch skulls which I’m not gonna make a whole comic book about skulls still sell
don’t you I mean well is there anyone else you’d like to shout out to that
worked on your comic to make sure everybody gets a name recognition yeah
sure well right now on chapter 4 I have a
colourist I brought along his name is Matias he’s recently been moving from
Spain to Germany so we kind of have a little bit of halt in our production
with chapter 4 but yeah he’s came on board I wanted to give some help to Luke
because Luke’s been working on the pencil ink and coloring for the first
three chapters so it kind of helps to have somebody else to help out with the
coloring so he’s coming on board for chapter four we’ve already completed
like as far as colors are concerned we’ve completed up to twelve pages and
then as far as inking is concerned we’re up to 21 pages so we’re almost done
that’s awesome it’s kind of curious about – as far as
the comic do you know where comic six seven eight nine are going or do you
know where four is going and what’s four is complete you’ll figure out where five
is going do you already have the story branched out in your head or is each new
issue just kind of like your own thing you know that fun was well so for me
it’s important to finish the story before I even start you know working on
the artwork because one of the things that I like in
my stories is I like I like to put a little bit of clues in the beginning of
the story that relate to the end because I wanted to because you know the thing
with the comic book it’s a medium where you flip pages right it’s not like it’s
not like a movie where just once it’s you know you watch it it’s gone it’s in
the past you can really easily flip pages back so I I try to use that medium
so that I add a little bit of hints in like in the beginning of chapters so
let’s say you finished chapter four you might want to read chapter one again
because there’s something that was brought up there or you know in Chapter
five so the comic book is going to be roughly chapter seven chapter is gonna
be roughly about seven to eight chapters just depending on how long I stretch out
like some of the scenes because essentially the story’s written and is
complete it’s just a matter of figuring out how many illustrations I want per
page and how to space it out will determine if it goes to seven or eight
comics but yeah the story’s complete that’s all I know I was almost curious
if you just came to you know it see I know exactly where
going and in fact this story is it so one of the things that I did is I made a
10 year plan I have stories that are a lot that are gonna span up to like 10
years and they all kind of connect in a certain way and then you don’t have to
read every comic book to understand what’s going on the comic book but if
you do you get like this really cool because it’ll be there’ll be one comic
that ties in all the characters almost like the Avengers you know so that’s
something I’m doing it’s crazy but you know I just one of those things I just
have to do it oh absolutely yeah I’ve read your first issue and that’s because
I ordered I went to your was it your Kickstarter campaign and not in that
write it going yeah and I ordered the physical copies because I love reading a
physical copy that’s that’s my thing so I’ve read the digital the first one so
I’d have a good understanding of your comic but I’m ready to get those two and
three whenever that ends and actually get my hands on those and keep reading
those because that’s a when I get a physical comic that’s that’s what I
enjoy is getting my hands on it that that feel of an actual comic and ready
to read the next chapters because one is one is incredible oh yeah oh so you were
on the indiegogo then see you guys if you’re on the Kickstarter you would have
already got it so I did them back-to-back just because there’s some
people who were against Kickstarter I don’t know some kind of political thing
yeah so I was like you know what why not you know let me bring it on IndieGoGo my
objective is to have as many people as many backers you know and I enough to me
I want to you know spread the comics as many users as I can you guys are gonna
be really impressed with the prints they came out really nice I can’t wait to get
them yeah I can’t wait that’s that’s what I’m excited to get those and back
and board and be able to preserve them keep them read them but yeah as far as
the artwork I was curious you know when you’re writing the story you you
probably in your head you’re thinking so did the characters turn out the way you
wanted to or did he kind of have some freedom to interpret your writing as he
saw fit then you kind of collaborate it that way or did he go step by step what
you had in mind for your characters how does that relationship work out as far
as what have in your mind and as far as what
he’s willing to draw you know it’s interesting because it’s almost a hybrid
of a few things for me it’s more of like certain situations and the CERN scenery
are more important and then I have a basic character description and I
actually like to give my artist just the script and see how he interprets it
because you know keep in mind that you know when I’m writing something I
visualize and I can’t think that it means something but I don’t exactly know
how the reader perceives it so it’s nice to see when he translates it I see what
went right and I can see what went wrong and I can make those adjustments so I
usually kind of give him just the text like a blank slate and then afterwards
you know I give him more description and you know one of the challenging things
from that is let’s say I want to say a character is shocked right he’s shocked
right it’s interesting that from the English language or any language really
emotions are not really captured that well it’s hard to capture emotions
because if you think about shocked it could be like shocked and like support
like surprised or shocked like I can’t believe someone said something said that
you know like it could mean different things so that expression capturing that
expression is kind of difficult so I’ve been using I’ve been utilizing like
Google Images and stuff like that to find actors who make a similar emotion
SOI send them to that because it’s really hard to describe emotion that’s
been the most challenging thing for me I can visualize that like what it looks
like I don’t know how to say it I didn’t think about that concept of it yeah that
puts a hold of the loophole through it doesn’t it oh yeah for sure I wanted to
ask you in start to finish right on the right hand aspect of it how many years
or how long did it take you to develop this series well the the actual calming
the story I developed in a month to write the whole story I you know the
funny story about this is I initially you know DC had this workshop
like a writer’s workshop so I wanted to submit it to them and so I did I wrote
the story I really loved this story and I was like ah you know I was kind of
seeing rainbows and stars and I you know I submitted it you know they send in a
response back saying you know thank you for your submission but we didn’t you
know we didn’t accept it and I just was convinced that they didn’t even read it
because I got such a template type response but yeah it takes it took me a
month to me to write it and but to actually produce it so at that point I
was like alright I want to make this into a comic book story because I really
believe in it and that took me longer to make because I was actually working and
so it took about a year to make the first comic because I’m making like a
page here and there and then six months ago about six months ago I quit my job
and since then I was able to produce two comics so I’m getting a lot quicker and
and the reason why I even took six months to make those is because I had to
create I had to do a lot of their stuff for their comic book like just the
organization like creating an LLC and the logo and all this other stuff that’s
what really took the time not necessarily the comic book so hopefully
going forward with some of my other stories you know I can I can create them
relatively within a month or two months like with full dedicated time okay with
this series are you planning on you know keeping it going like continuous or do
you have a set number of books for this particular series in mind well we’re
gonna have a conclusion by chapter seven or eight so there’ll be a definite
conclusion but then it kind of ends with a little bit of a room for future growth
I want to leave that open I want there to be a satisfying conclusion so when
you close it you know that okay i you know the situation was resolved you feel
you know gratified that you know this story came to some ending and
it’ll be one of those things like you know to continually be like hey guys
this came up you know that type of thing right yes so it has an option for
continuation if you decide to go down that route exactly yeah and I’m gonna
add a few things in there that will want you to read will want you for it to
continue but at the same time for it not to be annoying you know how when you
leave something off with a cliffhanger you want to watch the next step is I
don’t want it to be a very strong cliffhanger to where you get annoyed
that I have to wait so long you know I want it’s gonna be a subtle thing right
enough to keep you hooked but not enough to piss you off exactly I’m trying to be
careful about that because you know whenever I’m writing these I really
write it as a person who watches entertainment and and the things that
annoy me and you know the things that I get frustrated about I try to avoid
those things you know yeah I’ve learned that like cliffhangers are great when
you’re watching a show on Netflix but when you’re watching it in real life it
pisses you off one thing I did notice that I think is fantastic that you did
I’ve read a lot of comics around my years a big collector and in a lot of my
past comics that I’ve read or that I have there’s not a lot like speech
dialogue like there might be one or two speech levels in a panel but I noticed
in your comic you have a fantastic ability and a way to put these speech
bubbles in to create an actual story and I think that is amazing because that’s
something that I don’t see in a lot of comics is that something that you did
intentionally I appreciate you brought that up this was one of those
challenging things for me because I you know it it people I feel like are kind
of 50/50 on that people some people really appreciate that and others felt
like there needs to be more art like there should be one speech bubble per
art and you know they consider like comics need to be more of a visual thing
and to me it’s both you know there’s a story there needs to be story and there
needs to be context like there’s there’s actually a lot of things I had to take
out there’s a lot of information that put in there just because then I didn’t
want to over bear it with information as either and I just put it two aside maybe
later down the road if you know when I make another series I can probably bring
that other information and which is pretty you know it’s cool stuff but it
just didn’t make it in the final cut but yeah I like I like speech dialogue like
I want it to be impactful I don’t want just the art to be impactful but the
speech needs to be impactful as well and actually my favorite dialogues like so I
like the dialogues on chapter 1 on the first two pages you know when we
introduced kind of like the earth and you know all that initially that one was
supposed to be where I was gonna actually show how earth was created with
the bombarding of the rocks and you know because I try to you know if you if you
read that I tried to use real facts and mix it into my narrative because I talk
about you know rocks bombarding earth or creating earth and with it with ice to
cool it down so I’m representing water then gases emerge so I’m representing
you know wind and then or in the early I had mentioned was molten lava so so I
kind of introduced all four elements in there which is you know I kind of made
that narrative but I just thought of something something cool to do that do
it like that yeah I love the way you did it cuz
you’re getting story while reading the background and yeah the your first few
pages I love those are you know not say the rest are bad but those are part of
my first favorite cuz you’re getting two stories at once while getting a art
scene that you don’t really know what’s going on but you know enough you’re like
oh I’m curious how this how this is gonna turn out
exactly yesterday I was trying to make it symbolic like it’s a different story
that I’m telling but and they’re in different scenes but I was trying to
make it to where you know when it says bombarded there’s like the ship is kind
of like you know getting bombarded by the water kind of make it a little bit
symbolic but yeah I just wanted to accomplish like two stories and when you
know in one in few scenes and I was and the reason why I brought that up was
because actually my favorite dialogues are in trapped
for I can’t wait for people to read that because after like after those two pages
things kind of go into your what the right word is but more of the subtle
storytelling all right and then when the twist start happening and when certain
things start revealing you know that’s when when the dialects come in those are
my favorite dialogues very awesome they’re thought-provoking basically like
they’ll they’ll start making you question things I hope in a pot in a
positive way but you know it I’m curious to see how people are gonna read in and
how they’re gonna react to it um yeah I agree
I’m gonna be honest I’m already hooked on your comic I love it it’s every point
for me there’s nothing that that’s missed in this opportunity that you
created it’s it’s fantastic man it’s that’s why me and clown started this
podcast because he he likes a different style of comic and then I like advice
versus we both usually if there’s a comic that he likes I don’t and vice
versa that that’s certainly something meaning him usually have in common your
comic sort of fits both of us like I love story more than anything like I I
have a tendency to read comics just the words and then I’ll go back later and
fit the words with the pictures I just I always had tendency just I want to know
the story first and then I’ll figure out what I’m doing with this and with your
with like he said the way you do your speech bubbles I can keep up with what
the characters are doing and everything is along the lines of that and he likes
the cartoony art but I like the more realistic stuff and yours fits both of
that like it’s got the the bright colors the the smooth lines then it’s also got
where it’s not so far-fetched that this could be a real-life image like I think
it fits both of our little niche cliches here that we both love that’s why we
both are kind of excited to talk to you about it because we both were hooked
right away appreciate that yeah and you know that’s why that’s what I really
want like it you know I’m gonna try to you know when I wrote this it’s I write
it as a story initially as a novel so there’s plenty of texts that come into
it and like I really expand on it as a novel and then when I start making into
a comic then I have to kind of dulled down and I
to put panel one speech dialogue this this you know and then I reformatted
towards a comic formatting so you know maybe in the process it does achieve
that or you know both of you guys can enjoy it absolutely so I know when
you’re one second clowns I know when you’re when I’m writing I’m curious
about you I know when you are writing down you have a character that you sort
of see in yourself like you see yourself as this character when you were writing
did you have someone or someone coming up that when you’re writing you kind of
fit your personality kind of fit who you are did you try to stay away from from
that and try to make everybody just non-existent compared to who you are you
know not cautiously wasn’t writing anyone that represents like me
subconsciously maybe because you know every writer has some sort of bias you
know based on kind of the morals and values that they’ve been brought up with
you know it reflects into their writing but not cautiously because what I tried
to do is I created these character profiles and like you know and I kind of
wrote some of that information on the IndieGoGo like you can see you know
Chloe in her description of who she is and you know Baraka
who he is and so every time I’d write their dialogues I tried to imagine a
person I know who would react who whose personality is similar to this character
and so how would they react and that’s in a certain situation that’s what I
tried to do just so that if you start if you read just the text and you didn’t
have any speech bubbles you can kind of tell okay Barack is talking or Chloe’s
talking just from the way that they’re talking because because so Chloe is you
know this her character is someone who’s very inquisitive she’s very like eager
to find answers whereas baraka is kind of like very like
hey let’s just dodge this let’s dodge that like let’s just hide this and he’s
very cautious so throughout it when you read it you
know I constantly imagine that person you know if that kind of and then you
and you’ll see him develop like you know any person would you know he’ll he’ll
probably be more open to things whatnot but I try to I try to do that you know
just because if you know I don’t want every character this be like me you know
right cloud you had a question yes I wanted to ask you just because from my
perspective this looks like you’ve been a professional writer for such a long
time in the industry how long have you been into comics or were you into comics
before this anything that you used to you know cling to as far as comic wise I
was into comics a lot when I was younger and so I was actually into Marvel Comics
and then when I grew older I got more into DC Comics but for me like I’m just
since like I I’m inspired by different forms and media I myself have I’ve made
movies I mean none of it is good by the way
I’m not claiming it was good but I’ve made movies I’ve made music I’ve done
some wrapping I’ve done sculpture I’ve done sketching painting like I just love
forms of art and so because comic books you know or art I’ve always been drawn
to it and and so what I do is I try to do a mixture of filmmaking and script
development like for movie production with what comics and they’re two
different the two different you know subjects entirely but I try to merge the
two so like if you’re you’re reading you can kind of like I’ve heard some people
say that they when they read the first comic date they can actually almost
imagine that as a Netflix episode or Netflix showing and you know that’s kind
of just my style of writing and I’m and I’m very observant so I mean I haven’t
been writing professionally for a long time but I’m very like it bugs me
because when I go to a movie theater I’m not just watching you know a movie I’m
watching okay that’s act 1 okay that’s act to write that’s act 3
you kind of ruin movies for myself but I don’t know if that answers your answers
your question or not it’s yeah it does definitely one thing I wanted to ask you
is do you plan on making this like internet kind of like
digital with printing orders order it online or do you plan on going linking
to comic shops and getting this out there so my end goal is to get it to
comic shops I really want to just focus on writing the stories and you know cuz
promoting and kind of getting the word out I mean I enjoy it don’t get me wrong
but it takes up a lot of time and I have a lot of stories on my you know my
whiteboard that I want to start producing so hopefully and this is me
being probably a little naive but I’m hoping to get these in comic book stores
and you know kind of have let that become a momentum and and then I can
focus on just writing stories and content so my my you know I had
originally put it on comiXology and I had bad experience on that like I think
I think that end of it I got like a dollar or something after and I it made
several sales but you know comixology doesn’t tell you how many they sell and
so and then there’s other like I think comics central is better for any comics
but I just haven’t gone there yet cuz when I got the prints I was like man I
really want people to get prints so that’s where I’m focusing even if you
look at my pricing table I’m more pushing towards people buying prints
that I am for digital’s like digital they’re cool and that’s nice and I want
to offer them for people like international people who can’t afford to
you know because because that International shipping cost is a killer
you know one offer for them but anyone the u.s. my goal is for to get prints to
them yeah I love prints I think me and clouds are both there you know that we
we both have a large collection of comics we love having the the print
copies that that’s what makes our day I think we get weak we understand you
they’re awesome it’s just this weird connection with man and script you know
yeah yeah you know I’m I’m 30 years old but there’s nothing like the smell of
opening up a new comic book or finding like a really old comic book and that
smell and the texture of it on your head you know those things you just never
forget you know yeah exactly I agree do you have any writers that you
looked up to throughout the years anybody specific
um not anyone specific you know for me I like different styles I don’t stick to
one style like even if I if like if you were to hear my music playlist like it’s
so random my god like some country song some rap song some hip-hop rock you know
some sounds like heaven I have French music I don’t understand
French I just have it I have like Moroccan music Turkish to me it’s just
the feel like everything is about how it feels so I so for me like I don’t
necessarily have one writer that I like get inspired by but you know I do like
listening to different writers and like when I talked about I’m bringing Alan
Moore’s you know his description of how he writes stories so I really enjoy that
and I mean funny thing is I also read there’s a book that I read that’s called
negotiations something called negotiation it’s a business book and I
read that to get myself inspired to write comic books which sounds strange
but you know there’s a lot of cool things that are mentioned there that
helps in making characters because absolutely because actually in the
negotiating book there it’s talking about human psychology and which is very
helpful when you’re making characters and you’re making writing stories no I I
get that I understand that completely you know going back to your influences
what was your favorite comic book hero to read growing up you said you grew up
reading Marvel and then DC did you have one character you went to mostly or were
you struck by something else like artwork or writing and you didn’t really
care about the character I you know for me it wasn’t it was I think as a kid I
was probably not that’s you know for me it was always spider-man as a kid and
you know actually it was kind of weird it’s it stemmed off this one comic I
read I don’t remember what the comic story you know what the name of that
title was but I just remember it was it was a spider-man story but from a
perspective of a robber and he was like this robber is like you know robbed
like you know he’s with his gang or whatever and he sees spider-man swinging
by and showing his family and whatnot and it just kind of all tied in towards
the end of like what spider-man meant to him and I thought that was so cool you
know like it’s a comic book about spider-man but from a different person’s
perspective and so that got me really into spider-man and then as I start
growing up and you know those I don’t know if it’s true or not but I felt like
those complexities and and Marvel start to you know die down or at least it
wasn’t there for me and then DC reinvented their characters to where now
that’s not just about good guy versus bad guy but good guy versus himself you
know like his own internal conflicts and I was just really drawn to that yeah I’m
with ya I love those internal conflicts in a comic you know just taking out the
bad guys kind of like okay yeah well I can get a million comics to do that but
you want that that story that just hooks you from the get-go that makes you think
you know stories that make you think or the ones you remember exactly yeah and
it’s a you know when they have a different twist to things and just a
different perspective on things I just love those kind of comics absolutely
yeah that’s just like I said like you said the ones that just make you stop
put the comic book down and just focus for a minute like wait what just
happened is that is that is that that would actually yeah I get you yeah I’m
sorry and I’m still mesmerized by your comic I’m still like going through it
over and over and over again as we’re talking and it just blows my mind how
creative this is because I’ve seen comics with good art and it’s like
there’s no speech like it’s just like them smashing a wall and the art works
fantastic and then you have comics with a you know some speech but the artwork
doesn’t like tug at you and in yours those both I mean oh my god it’s awesome
man it’s really great thank you so much I really appreciate that you know it’s
it it means a lot you know especially when you work really hard on it and you
and you just don’t know how people are gonna see it it’s just to hear that it’s
really rewarding you know it makes you kind of encouraged and hopefully you
know for me I’m growing as a writer you know this is my first actual comic that
I’m publishing and you know I’m just gonna for me I
hope I get better you know this new comic that I’m writing called The Lost
King I mean I’m excited about it I’m a fanboy of it of my own story which is so
weird but I mean I’m super excited can’t wait till I get those that one out but I
just hope that you know it gets better and then you know when people start
reading where the story is going you know I’m really curious to see what kind
of reaction people are gonna get I hope you are on board and enjoy what I’m
trying to do the way I see it is that if I’m gonna make it cause if I’m gonna
write a story that’s just you know everybody’s written and if it feels
familiar you know why am i doing it you know that’s why to me I have to write a
story that’s a little bit risky and it’s nothing like you know controversial or
anything like that it’s nothing that’s like gonna hopefully doesn’t offend
anyone it’s nothing like that it’s just you know I feel like I’m taking some
risks in the way and what I’m writing you know it does and when I look at your
comic I’m thinking to myself if I didn’t get the opportunity to interview you I
would think that you’re like an 18 year right and veteran and their artist is
like a 20 year comic book that really because that’s how professional it is
and I know it’s kind of like a self love indie published comic but it looks
really professional and I just you know I gotta give you like a tap on the
shoulder or high-five because this is great thanks man you know I sent this to
a critic that was recommended by Diamond comics and this critics responded back
saying that you know he’s read some of the Scott Snyder’s comics and he’s like
when he was telling about me that he sees that kind of potential man I had
goosebumps are you serious yeah we we love it well we’ll tell everybody where
they can get your comics that we’ve been talking about up for so long I you know
we’ll put some images up we’ll we’ll put you out on Twitter but where can they go
if they want to back you or buy the comics or anything like that what could
what can they do is there still time to to get these issues yeah so there’s five
days so basically January 30th is when the
IndieGoGo campaign is over so you can get on IndieGoGo I’ll have it on in
demand on indigo just for some of those people we’re gonna stroll in a little
bit later to get those Syria those comics I don’t know how in demand works
on IndieGoGo but I just have what from what I read it’s it keeps the campaign
like like it’s officially closed but you can continuously order it but that’s
really the only way to be to order these I’ll have a Kickstarter campaign when
chapter 4 comes out but that’s gonna be a little while from now but that for now
it’s IndieGoGo and hopefully we can start getting these in the comic book
shops so it you know it’ll be a matter of just going to the comic book shop and
grabbing them yeah I know personally I did the let’s get physical park with the
so only 25 you get all three in print and that’s a that’s a great price so I
wouldn’t add did that the other day and I’m excited to get those three in and be
able to read them all in in physical form awesome yeah and then I’m gonna
give also like a few perks with that too you’ll get a bookmark and you’ll get a
wristband that’s awesome yeah so I got some other like merchandise and stuff
for me like I might even add some extra extra things like I got you know I just
enjoy because I fulfilled a Kickstarter campaign for people and I just enjoy
it’s like finally putting gifts together you know so I actually enjoy putting
these things together but yeah I have the prints with me as soon as the
IndieGoGo campaign is over I don’t know how they worked those transactions out
and that’s complete I’m shipping these out you know so that you guys can get
them as soon as as soon as possible and I just pulled it up and I see you’re
you’ve passed 100% mark for IndieGoGo so congratulations on that too yeah yeah
thank you yeah we’re we’re fully funded you know we’re we’re greenlight so super
excited how do you think you want to add yeah I wanted to ask are you offering
any tears were like you sign the comics or anything like that yeah I do have a
tear and this was kind of recommended to me by someone I did add that later on
it’s more like an add-on tear it’s just called
I think it’s called get it signed so it’s $5 – you know just add it – if you
have any physical order that you’ve already ordered you just add that on to
it and I’ll sign you know by default I’m gonna sign the title page the chapter
one if you get that you want me to sign all three I can sign all three you know
I’m open to it but by default a sign Chapter one I can definitely tell you
have a passion and a love for this and that definitely separates you you know
from other people in the industry to talk to somebody that actually loves
doing this I mean it just really hits home for me do you plan on going into
any conventions in the future or anything like that yeah I tried to get
into there’s one in Houston where I’m where I’m at I try to get into that but
they were they give priority to people who had boots prior in the prior years
so I’m in a waiting list for that one and then I submitted one to the daleks
the Dallas Convention so I’m gonna be when try they haven’t told me anything
yet so I’m gonna try to get get there so but yeah I do plan on going to several
of these so that’s kind of my intent and yeah I love you know back to that point
I absolutely love this because you know for some people I don’t know if they’re
doing it for money or what you know what they do it for I mean typically you’re
probably passionate about this you know generally speaking but I didn’t do it
for money you know when people ask me they feel like you know because when I
posted my video it looked you know very professional whatnot because in my head
I was thinking I need to make it look really good the video and people gonna
see the professionalism and they’re gonna like it it for some people kind of
backfired they thought I was trying to do a sales pitch but to me it was
everybody exactly yeah and so it’s not a sales pitch for me because this is what
I tell people you know if they ask me that you know if I’m trying to make
money out of this or wanna I actually quit an oil and gas job like I was
getting paid really well and I quit that to do this because I love this this is
not you know I hope for it to be a career I don’t even expect it to be what
they’re what was making it that my own gas company
but you know just sustainable and I’ll be happy with that you know because this
is my love like I love doing this and I and like I love talking to people about
it you know I can’t like for me it’s gonna be very hard for you guys to give
me the shoutout cuz I just enjoy this so much well that’s what we had John talk
to you uh you know off-screen you know I mean even message back and forth and
you’re very passionate about it and that’s that’s what got us hooked your
comic right away is you know I’ve talked before they’re like yeah you should read
it ok ok but no you’re very passionate you you want to talk about it you want
to explain things that that’s what we wanted to get you on because you’re our
first interview and we’re really excited to get you on and talk about your comic
and get the word out and you know it showed other people you know we talked
about comics 75% of our podcast even though that’s not what it is it’s just
something me and him both love and you’re very passionate about it that’s
that’s one of the reasons we really wanted to get you on thank you and
there’s another thing I want to say on top of that too because I’ve been to a
lot of conventions throughout my years growing up and here a writer or even an
artist say that they’ll sign all the books you know in that in that set the
initial set for even just 5 bucks is is passion because I’ve gone to conventions
where like I’m bringing up a comic to a writer or an artist and they just look
miserable there I got another signature man or they’ll charge oh yeah
$40 for a signature but there’s no passion there but with you there’s I
mean so much passion and I hope you will always have that passion because it
really shows in everything that you do I’ll tell you this if I lose the passion
for doing this I’ll quit doing it because for me or if I’m forced into
writing something that I don’t want to write about I’ll quit because for me
this is the whole reason why I’m doing this is because I’m doing it because I
love doing it you know I and I’m like in fact you know I’ve been I’ve been
working like countless hours when producing these to the point I had like
a mental breakdown so I actually have to now I actually take weekends off but
before I didn’t even take weekends off I was working from 6 a.m. to like close to
midnight every day yeah long hours clams I don’t
know if you’ve looked at his IndieGoGo campaign much I know you you were
looking to order some he actually has the necklace from the the first issue is
one of the tears you can get there’s a whole big bang tear that has digital
physical wristband necklace it’s that’s only what forty five bucks and that’s a
great deal yeah and if you think about it right the necklace on its own I think
it’s twenty bucks and the you know with the comics on its own are twenty five
dollars so that’s forty five right there so it’s just better to buy the Big Bang
than to you know get them separately and then when you get the big bag and you
get all the other stuff to with posters and whatnot but yeah I you know I didn’t
write the story to where there was a necklace was gonna become merchandise
but then when I was kind of reading through I was like oh it’d be really
cool if I can make this real like if I can make the necklace just to kind of
you know get get that feeling of you know holding something that’s in a comic
it’s almost like you know it’s a better experience I think and so I went through
a lot of suppliers to try to find the best one who could make a ride I made a
bunch of prototypes and then these guys were able to make it you know something
look close to what I was trying to achieve made it look professional at the
same time you look at you can distinguish you say that oh this is from
the comic book you’re bringing your passion to real life and I’m just blown
away man like I can’t tell you how blown away I am another thing I want to ask
you is I know that you’re self-publishing independent do you plan
on trying to get in with the publisher or do you want to continue independently
well I hope to finish the stories that I have right now you know and draft but I
do want to get looked at by some of the professionals and to be honest mainly by
DC because I’ve actually written preliminary story ideas for DC Comics I
have one for Jon Stewart one for Superman and one for Batman like you
know to give you a little snippet for Superman I’m challenging the question
Superman’s an alien why does he look like us so they’re just stories
this story’s premise on that so I’m trying like different things so and I
don’t know you just you never know I hope you make it cuz this this is like
I’m with clowns I love the comic I’m ready to read the other two or all of
them in general but I’m getting the other two sent to me so I’m ready to
read all three I’m in print appreciate that yeah yeah hopefully you know these
stories you know if they kind of hit you know hit well with people you know maybe
some of these majors start looking at you know start having eyes on me but one
of the things that kind of concerns me right now is that some of these majors
are getting a little bit too political in their way of their form of writing
comics and it’s a little bit of a turn-off for me to be honest with you
just you know some of the values that writers have or had you know they’re not
there at least I feel that way so hopefully by the time you know if ever
gets to that you know or that will definitely be a discussion point that I
would have if I do get noticed by DC Comics at least yeah I’m with you
politics a certain take over comics a lot and I’m kind of with you I just kind
of take a step back like I just want to enjoy comics I don’t I don’t need I
don’t need politics in it like don’t get me wrong I mean you’ve seen my Twitter I
love politics in general but as far as my entertainment
I don’t need politics in my entertainment I just want a good story I
want good art I want to be able to lay down on my bed or my couch and put a
comic in my hand and just and just read a story and get lost for you know a few
hours I think that’s what it’s about you don’t want to be like feeling like
you’re watching the news all the time you know yeah you want something
different so that’s that’s how I feel the way that you wrote it there’s like
some positivity there like it feels like that universe has hope you know it’s
just it’s really cool to see that it’s not drawn out with like negativity and
you know complaints about everything here and there this is just a fun
positive ride for a comic book I mean it’s it’s great and as a comic
enthusiast man I I’m gonna tell you this 10,000 times I can’t get over how
awesome especially for being independent and
this is like your first break out for your own stuff like I would have thought
you’ve been a veteran in this for a long time
thanks man yeah appreciate that that’s a huge compliment so if you could if you
could write for any character out there like say that DC Marvel all came out and
said we want you who do you want to write for do you have a superhero or a
team that you would killed right for if you were given the opportunity to write
for anyone oh yeah I mean definitely DC characters like you know for sure
Superman I have a Batman storyline and Jon Stewart those are the three stories
that I don’t know if that was your all-time favorites I don’t know if that
was the ones you you absolutely wanted to yeah those were there absolutely the
ones and then you know for me I actually wanted to rewrite the Justice League
movies and like I have an idea of how to recreate the Justice League so I mean I
planned like and the thing for me is I don’t trust that I will remember my idea
so I always write them down as soon as I come up with a cool idea I write it down
that’s what so when you see these comics there’s like these these concepts
they’re not all you know they didn’t come like I started writing them and
then this is the final product like there was a lot of ideas came from like
if I was in the shower and I got an idea I had to get out of the shower right on
my exactly what I thought yeah and then get back in the shower just because I
don’t trust that I would remember it and I encouraged like any new writers or
anything like that – like don’t trust you’ll remember an idea just always
write it down yeah yeah there – I’ve actually heard that from other writers
in the past that these similar things and I always say my best ideas come when
I’m like half asleep and I waked up and I came right down as I can’t remember
but I had this awesome dream you know and it’s just crazy yeah my patrol car
for the same thing I’m running around I’m a tow car pull over and write a note
down yeah I actually whenever I do have that like in my dream I actually wake up
and write it down believe it or not like I hate myself for do
I was like I’m not gonna remember in the morning I need to write it down so yeah
it’s just it’s just funny how kind of ideas were that way and I’m sorry go
ahead no no go ahead finish it go ahead I
actually lost my train of thought I’m sorry yeah okay so I was gonna give you
guys a tip on what I do as well for writing stories as far as capturing
motion one of the things like you know everybody goes to writer’s block right
so whenever I have this writer’s block I try to think of it from I step back and
say okay what is this scene that I’m trying to capture like what is the mood
of that scene so if it’s a serious mood or if it’s like an epic scene or is it a
romantic scene I start playing that theme music so if it’s something that’s
epic like it’s an epic battle like I’m actually looks literally listening to
epic music as I’m writing those scenes just to get that creative juices flowing
and it’s helped me a lot so you know because creativity is also mood and
feelings you know it’s not just it’s not a very structured thing it’s not like a
you know formula it’s it’s it’s something that you feel you know I mean
so that’s it that’s why I use different different forms of things that make me
feel a certain way or I go on google and just start typing different words like
you feel like filmmaking a battle scene I’ll just type in battle seating and
just see what are the different images that I see and try to see if I can
retain or capture some of that into my stories yeah that’s that’s awesome yeah
Evan I told you I’m like writing a book and I’ve been a writer’s block for a
month on the same freaking chapter so no I get that
it happens unfortunately but I have to keep that in mind give that a shot yeah
I definitely try it out you know and so I when I was in where I worked it’s in
the woman gasps I did a lot of project management and so we had different
strategies on how to meet goals and you know milestones and whatnot
I actually reformatted some of that stuff to apply to comics like for
example if we have a battle scene we this thing called fish fishbone diagram
or it’s also called a root cause analysis and basically what it is is you
know what the ending is right and right now you create this line with other
lines sticking out of it so what looks like a fishbone and then you type in
okay you go backward and kind of like a reverse engineer yourself okay this
happened what could have been in different situations that would have
caused that so when you write those down on the different lines and then you’re
like then you go step back and say what were the different situations that
happen to the lines before and then you keep on moving yourself backwards that
way and obviously not everything will go on your final cut but you know it’s just
a way of formatting your ideas and throwing it on paper that’s all somebody
look at it did he gave Mack what you were thinking no you know right there I
heard this comedian talking about like he was thinking of something and then he
got forgot it and then someone was like wow it must have not been important and
the guy was like he’s like really because he’s like my earliest memory was
me staring at a wall how could that have been important yeah it’s fantastic okay
I think I remember now so when you came up with this idea that
you wanted to go into comics like this and do your own stuff did you have a
good support system with friends and family or was it just kind of like you
saying hey I got this idea and everybody’s like oh man that’s crazy it
was more so from familywize like my dad still doesn’t know that I quit when I
try to bring it up to him he was just like shut the eff up and passed me the
salad you know like he shut it down and then asked for salad like that’s how
important it was for it yeah like it was that and then but my biggest support has
been my wife like if she wasn’t supportive she wasn’t on board I
wouldn’t have never quit over never quit my job I was just I would have thought I
would have left it as you know I write these stories but no one’s gonna want to
read it you know and so she she really pushed me she’s
like you know you have to do it I don’t care what happens you like if people
don’t like it they won’t like it but you have to do it so she’s been my biggest
support system she took on a job just helped me you know continue doing this
as a full-time and funny thing is when I met my wife I didn’t really have a good
pick-up line so I had written a story so I told her this entire story it was the
longest pick-up line ever but she loved the story so much and since then she was
like this is what you need to do and I always kind of resistant ly know that’s
not you know I I’m a grown person I need to get a corporate job you know that’s
why I need to do but then at some point in life you can’t realize it’s not about
money you know there’s there’s things that are more valuable than that
absolutely and that’s how I can tell you’re passionate person right there
because people without passion just keep going along with you know the daily
system daily routine and people with passion break out of that and they’re
like I got to do my own thing I have to do it I got to do it and I see that here
and tell your wife I said thank you because this is what you created is just
epic thank you can’t wait for you to read the
rest I mean it’s gonna it’s gonna be a roller coaster you know I I would love
for you to tell me your honest opinion once you read chapter end of chapter 3
you’re gonna there’s gonna be a there’s gonna be a twist I’m really curious
there with what you think about it and then chapter 4 is getting kind of
chapter after chapter for everything is gonna be like on fire high paced high
intensity a lot of stuff are gonna get introduced that we’re mentioned before
so you know chapter you know chapter one is calm chapter to get picks up a little
bit paced three starts picking up a little pace so then on four it’s just
all fire ironically the chapter is also titled
fired up but I think you know the next time we’re going to my comic book store
I’m gonna like talk to the guys there the manager me like man you gotta hear
about this comma you got to see this topic it’s so great you got to order
this comic it needs to be on your shelves
I would love that and you know the thing is I’m as soon as I get on board with
diamond publishing because they’re the distributor’s took all the comic book
stores as soon as that happens I’m gonna actually kind of invest in a hundred
comics like I’ll buy a hundred comics of all three issues and just kind of give
them two different comic book stores just to have them on their shows
absolutely yeah get the word out get the word out yeah
yeah and that’s what you know I don’t know me that’s what comes to me and
clowns be a little different you know you guys had your characters growing up
your people he loved I mean no get me wrong I love my Captain America’s and
such but when I walk into a comic store it’s a cover like if I walk around the
entire comic store I and I see if there’s a cover that catches me and your
cover would catch me because what what is this what’s going on here like it’s
just not somebody standing looking at the screen it’s it’s somebody doing
something it’s something you haven’t seen and and that’s what I like about
yours is your cover would catch me and that’s why I think you’ll do pretty good
in a comic store guy get this word out and once you get them out there that hey
they’re at such such store people walk by they get to see this cover and it’s
it would catch your eye like clown said it kind of catches both forms of art
that we both like appreciate I really hope so I really hope so and that’s the
goal you know I want to be a comic book stores people start ordering in and then
I can start focusing on just writing stories that that’s my goal essentially
is to just write the stories I want to focus on writing the stories because
there’s a lot of cool things that are about to happen and I am like holding
every inch of my body not to say it cuz I’m really I really suck at secrets but yeah I but it’s just so many cool things
that are gonna happen and you know I want you guys to experience it well
before we go for the day is there is there anything you’d like to tell the
audience who’s gonna listen to it anything about your comic anything
anything different that you like to share before we go um no nothing really
but you know I definitely encourage you guys to take a look at our
IndieGoGo if anybody needs to wants to read the first chapter you know we are
offering it for free the digital version for you guys to check it out see if you
like it you know and yeah you know and if you guys want to reach out to me
about anything I’m I’m always happy to answer any questions where can they find
you what’s with some social media or websites or emails they can they can
find you on sure if as you type in in Zayn comics you pretty much can find me
on anything really so like my emails in Zayn comics at our website is Anne and I hope you guys
leave comments as well once you check it out but it’s it’s epic and he’s often
the first one for free of no excuses here I mean you have that that’s what
that’s all me and clowns have looked at we’re already hooked just that first
coming for free we hadn’t got two or three four yet I mean just take a look
at the first one it’s it’s printed it’s out there you can get it for free it’s
it’s it’ll get you hooked within the first couple panels I was hooked thanks
guys not a problem I appreciate you coming on I appreciate you taking the
time out of your busy data to interview with us we hope to bring you some some
followers from support and I personally can’t wait to get the rest of the comics
and to read and appreciate and thank you guys for having me this has been great
blast love talking you guys and I’d love to come back you know especially would
come up with chapter four and you guys read all three chapters I’d love to hear
your input oh absolutely we’re going to have a
follow-up chef

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