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Absolute Carnage: Part 4 | Marvel Ultimate Comics

[MUSIC PLAYING] Where the hell have you been? Huh? Where’s the Osborn boy? Ah, he escaped. He nearly had me blown
up in his apartment. What, his apartment? Not the father, the boy, Normy,
the one with the codex I need? Oh, yeah, ugh, a kid, I– I didn’t find him. So you accomplished nothing. I survived, and– It would have been
better if you hadn’t. You don’t deserve to
wear that symbiote. Yes, I do. You can’t take it from me. Carnage and I are
meant to be together. Why’s that, because
you’re Cletus Kasady? Yes. No! I am Cletus Kasady. But I just don’t understand. How are you Cletus Kasady? Figure it out. Ow! I don’t care. But if you don’t want me to tear
that symbiote from your flesh, get your head right now. Don’t worry, Doc, we’ve got
three armed officers stationed around your home at all times. There’s nothing to worry about. We’re going to need more men. This is Norman Osborn
we’re talking about. Doc, you’re safe. Trust me. [SCREAMING] [CLATTER] He’s here. Stay back, sir. We’re safe in here. No, we’re not. [SCREAMS] Good heavens. What is this? Who are you? Please, please, don’t kill me. Hi, Doc. I need to talk. Norman? I mean, Cletus, is that you? Well, that’s a good
question, Doctor. That’s probably the
best place to start. OK. Uh, I– I have to be honest. It’s a little hard to
talk to you like this. I need to see you. OK, then. Uh, so what’s been going on? [SIGHS] I need you to fix me. Well, look, first of all, do
you really want to be fixed? [SIGHS] Yes, it’s
affecting my work. OK, let’s start here. What do you think
the problem is? [SIGHS] I don’t know who I am. I thought I was Cletus Kasady. But I was 100% sure. But now after what
happened recently, I– I don’t know anymore. What’s wrong with me? Right. Well, I– I’m only
a psychologist, not an expert on alien parasites. But when you were Norman
Osborn and the symbiote was torn from you,
this separation broke Norman Osborn’s consciousness. Then this separate identity that
had seeped into Norman’s brain through the symbiote
filled the cracks– Cletus Kasady. So then why is Osborn
letting Cletus take the wheel? Isn’t he supposed to be
some kind of super genius? DR. TREADWELL: Unfortunately,
for Norman and many of us, smarter rarely wins. Cletus Kasady took control
by sheer force of will– nothing clever about it. OK, so how do I fix myself? [SIGHS] You’re going
to need a clear head. That means a focused,
singular mind. That symbiote needs to go. NORMAN OSBORN:
Ah, but I need it. No, you don’t. You’re more than a
home for a parasite. Its connection to Cletus
Kasady is only pushing Norman further and further down. You have to separate. Ah, ah, I can’t. Norman, what are
you so afraid of? Isn’t it obvious? [SCREAMS] Why? Why did you do that? He was trying to
turn you against me. No, I– CARNAGE: Shh, you’ve done
too much thinking today. You just need to
sit back and relax. Carnage will take it from here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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