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“Adrien is Jealous” Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub

Mari: Why are you so mad? Mari: Nathaniel was just being nice! Adrien, get down from that table! Just being nice? Princess, he gave you a teddy bear with a heart! A ladybug heart!! Ladybug heart? Don’t you see the spots? Does he know you’re ladybug? Of course not! Adrien!

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100 thoughts on ““Adrien is Jealous” Miraculous Ladybug Comic Dub

  1. Mariette :adrien why are u so mad adrien:does he know u are ladybug marinette :of course not bear: bitch me:laughing i cant breathe mom:comes running in are u ok


  3. Is Adrien and Luka brothers?? Answer and sorry if I'm super not only one super but 100k super late bye love your blog

  4. Here a poem

    Adrien is a pen
    Marinette is a highlighter
    Adrien draws the world
    Marinette make it brighter

    :3 did you like it 1 like = thankyou

  5. I love it make it happen in season 3
    Edit:please creators of miraculous and I love the bear and when it said bitch 😂

  6. When your boyfriends is the jealous type, it's annoying. When your boyfriend is the jealous type but acts like a CAT, it's hilarious.

  7. Me:After watching the video Hehe MOM CAN YOU COME WATCH THIS REAL QUICK!
    Mom:Sure honey
    Teddy bear:BITCH
    Mom:*Takes phone and throws it out the window*
    Me:*Laughing and crying because my phone is now gone* 😢😢😢

    This didn't really happen my phone is ok 😂😂😂

  8. ”Adrien get down from the table (ACTING LIKE A CAT!)”

    *Adrien knows over teddy LIKE A CAT*

    In this comic does Mari know chat’s identity if so ignore my comment

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