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ÆGON, THE FORSAKEN MOTION COMIC | Marvel Contest of Champions

Heed my words, O Champion. Many eons ago, here in the same soil where today your blood is spilled, the first Contest of Champions took place. It was fought in an arena made of rock and crystal It was built by the hands of a peaceful
race forced into slavery by the cruel being running that Contest. But one day, among of the lambs, a lion was born. His name was Ægon. From an early age he desired, above all, to be a gladiator He trained day and night, in secret, dreaming of glory in the arena. Defying the strict code of non-violence of his race Ægon entered the Contest in disguise. That’s where he met Clio, a slave girl who tended to tired gladiators in-between fights. Ægon had never seen such a lovely creature. Clio was a dreamer. Her idealist mind was free from the shackles that bound her fragile body. Behind the twin suns of her eyes, Ægon could see a deep sense of compassion for all beings
oppressed by their Master. Inspired to become a better man, he vowed to win the Contest for Clio and use the prize to free their people. From that day forward, against all odds, Ægon fought his way through Champions way above his league. He had no powers. No advanced technology. No cosmic weapons. All he needed to win was right there, watching him nervously from the edge of the arena. Until Ægon finally reached the title fight, against the Master of the Contest himself. The Master was an Elder of the Universe, bloated by years of feeding off the power of the ISO-8. Ægon had no chance against such a corrupted creature. The very existence of Ægon irritated the Master. It was a mockery to him that such a pathetic being would get so far in his Contest. In a fit of rage, he plucked Ægon’s arm from its socket, as is looking for a hidden source of power in his mortal flesh. In desperation, Clio rushed to the arena to save her beloved. The Master flung her across the arena like an insect. A couple of seconds, that’s all she bought Ægon. That’s all he needed. It was all over. Ægon was the winner of the first Contest of Champions. But the price was too high. For his Victory, Ægon was awarded a golden belt, forged from the Isosphere itself. It was a weapon with the power to supercharge the wearer’s innate abilities, and extend their natural lifespan. But it could not bring her back. With the Master dead, all the slaves were freed. A mass exodus soon begun. But the High Priests of his people would not let Ægon come with them. In the eyes of their strict culture, his choice of a violent life had made him a pariah. In anger, Ægon instinctively activated the belt’s cosmic powers for the first time. It was an energy manifestation of his severed limb, summoned by his fury. With that power, Ægon could have forced them to take him. He could have forcibly become their king, if he so wished. But then he remembered. He had lost an important part of himself in the Contest… …and no amount of power could make him whole. Ægon had chosen the life of a warrior, and that had changed him. He decided to stay behind in the Battlerealm, watching from a distance as Contests would come and go. An immortal gladiator with no desire to ever enter the arena again…

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100 thoughts on “ÆGON, THE FORSAKEN MOTION COMIC | Marvel Contest of Champions


  2. That was sooo touching… An incredible story too…Now that we know the truth. Kabam nailed it pretty good! This Is the True Champion and his BACK!!! Ouhh I can't wait for him!!! He is soooooooo perfect that i forgot about Marvel characters now.

  3. You know, I've seen that book cover plenty of times in past cinematics. I have a feeling that book might come into play later on in MCOC…

  4. Revisar a Mefisto, su habilidad de regenerar vida, no va bien y no sube puntos por cada victoria. Perfil de kabam gonzalo87cr

  5. Marvel again cut off the hand of his new champion… 😂🤣😅…. Legend continue

    In every story…. Lol 😁

    Btw… I love 😘 the narrator voice and touching story 😎

  6. I got a few suggestions as to who else you should add. Could you guys add in:
    Mr. Fix
    Tombstone and
    Crimson Dynamo
    Also in regards to Morningstar and her Special 3 I think it would make sense for you to make it so that when she successfully captures a soul the opponent instantly dies cuz I feel like even when their soul has been captured it feels like you can do multiple times as if they have more than one soul.

  7. Listen the Marvel's music to play in the Contest of Champions game. With COLO55US here

  8. Omg I so need to make my comeback into this game. Haven't played it for two years. Miss it so much.

  9. Violet Evergarden:"I hope ÆGON make her happy! Even she is not with him anymore!"😢
    (And so Violet begin to cry, flowing her tears.)

  10. ÆGON fight,s for glory ………champion fight,s for showing off ……ANYWAY I LOVE THIS COMIC BEST OF ALL

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