All DCTV Comic-Con 2019 Trailers (HD) Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Batwoman

My name is dr. Ramsay Rosa and For the last decade. I’ve spent my life dedicated to a single course Helping others fight the diseases that plague humanity But not anymore and It’s all because of them You see there are many cancers in this world and they all wear different faces Some are doctors like me some of them seek out the truth regardless of the consequences Others mocked the very science they worship or just ran out of time But the most dangerous ones are those who call themselves heroes They claim to fight for the things that matter in life truth family law order and most of all for life, it’s Why is it every time I come to visit There’s always a crisis but it’s all a lie because in the end there’s only one battle It’s one thing to fight against an eternal enemy who must be eliminated forever And that’s death itself how inert the scientifically impossible We will happen underneath to understand them. Just tell me What I can do No one has to die ever Again I thought after Baker got ousted people would be motivated to fight harder than ever for social change And it seems like they’re all just hiding behind their gadgets Technology makes escaping an addiction What happened to the simple pleasure of greeting another person with words No one’s paying attention to that’s actually happening in the real world I trust in technology not people Not anymore People are governed by feelings anger hurt sadness rage your friends Have been lying to you from the start Every last Leviathan is coming It was a special moment in time We’re on the precipice of wondrous things I’m determined to have obsidian Tech in every household within the year. Obsidian. Norris will change the fabric of what it means to be human I’m not a villain. I Don’t want to kill Supergirl. I just want her to experience the same hurt. She inflicted on me Soon enough, she will Cara You Oliver Queen Man who channels his hubris and anger and causes strength I’ve seen your future Oliver an extra ball an unavoidable. I have watched you die Living it’s not through the week Everything about you just became so unbelievably clear You need someone to rely you Who you are You the man in this picture A crisis is imminent Someone is coming someone far far more powerful than myself Years on a deserted island you came back a vigilante seems a little far-fetched Just one more thing I got it down You Where is the future right here? Mine Live it by any means necessary Well, he was a bad man, I Just want to make sure there’s no more secrets between us I’m a cop. You’re a vigilante gonna be good We’re good. Oh Hell no No, I got all this fancy tech down here. Do you provide me with is this cheap ass pawn? You really don’t understand what position you put me in as a deputy chief or as a friend Anyone, who knows who black lightning is why ends up getting hurt? So now they jumpin out a body bag to come back from the dead and these like the in days, dr. Chase. I’m dr Lynn Stewart, I’d like to include you in a team working to save the victims of the green light experiments the pod kids She’s insane agent O’Dell. Well, hello to you too, scientifically. I’m Beethoven, but dr Stewart is Mozart and you’ll need us both to keep the pod kids alive. What’s happening 14 of the vaccine kids will survive No, you should be proud of yourself. You’re a hero Have you not seen the news lately. I’m an upstanding citizen now Sorry noticed better humors in the clinic but no one but he knows where they are. It’ll be the biggest arms dealer on the planet Granted yeah, I broke the gold if I knew I only have one day to live Who would I want to spend that day with how he came up with one name you? agree Great Jim I can’t see nothin Can you see now Did you have sex with him? How did you know that was a conversation – good-looking teenagers on the run in danger Oh, you gotta be Miss Cleo you figure dad Told you I’d always have your back Ya need to know that we are all rowing in the same direction So I’ve come up with a code three rules that we will follow rule number one. We don’t tell anybody who we are Call me lady. Wow, she’s barely breaking a sweat. She’s already kicking out more energy than you did in your prime you calling me old so my hot-headed Sixteen-year-old daughter is a walking nuclear bomb and she is extremely powerful My parents sent me to you because they were worried I wouldn’t be able to control my powers don’t want you to hurt yourself This is not the life. I wanted for you rule. Number two, no going it alone doing anything power-related Okay, you always have backup can be counts. Yeah, be count I got you You need to raise well over $500,000 he’s running out of time if I don’t help and I’ll just be wasting the gifts that God gave me praise the Lord let your Father I used to say rule number three, we don’t kill effort Oh dad Tobias killed Khalil. They tried to kill you I have not forgotten anything the Tobias has done to me believe me Tobias needs to go and you know that You think I never called any list masters of disaster super medicine Part of a covert a sa run program to turn violent inmates stories met it Now it all begins If the good Lord can see fit to raise me up off my death bed We can see fit to raise our neighbors in a time of need Please See Daddy Praise God then he gave us to protect and inspire Telling you be a man a woman Of men are human. We all have a part to play Allow me to welcome you to the page Abandon all hope or the life you knew before Are the individuals in this room the only ones that know the truth about the Pierces? Yes, sir Let’s keep it down No mokou viens have a stockpile of Metahumans in parts the largest on earth. I was wearing in black lightning thunder and whatever you’re calling yourself Young lady the Markovian war is coming and freeland Is ground zero? You How about a butterfly Pink one maybe or I could do a unicorn a ladybug Baby, kitten your boyfriend’s name is so little Busy night tonight everybody in here wants the same thing Part of being a hero is being able to see the good in people Revenge is not the right thing. Justice is justice Sure optimism that will help save us beacon of hope checkmate, baby lose How I was supposed to defeat fear itself There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this Two portals open I send the monsters room. I’ll show you what a real monster looks like like this like Someone who’d rather do what’s easy then figure out. What’s right Your team’s moral compass is missing Jabbar’s, I’m an upstanding citizen now. Yes Yeah can hurt my daughter again, this is cool too far guys Will not let fear win. I’m not Mr. Smoker don’t get any ideas truth is meaningless Whose and justice always prevails You just never expected anything like this Be hiding in the shadows waiting so soon Your identity the suit is literal perfection it will be when it fits You This is gonna be the start of something huge Everybody feeling me No He wanted me a superhero Try one test one initiative Try one test 255 testify Look at what we’ve done to him what we’ve turned him into It’s a soulless killing machine that can’t be destroyed it will kill everything that it comes across The army I’ll have no more to do with it now I Want to be my own man, I started up a security firm My apologies Thursday night’s always a bit not we could mean Saturday. It’s gonna be a nice day It’s rather forward of you know, I saw the waiter for constant fighting Katrina penny wise Thomas. Wait, I have security means I Recently discovered criminal conspiracy You’re a dancer aya, I love dancing me Mr. Pennyworth if they kill me they have to kill you. There will be no exchange Things go pear-shaped. I’ll do my best to keep you alive This great nation of ours does it move itself We will take back this country So coup d’etat as a rope if you have to use French words for something I don’t like I don’t like violence and I don’t like you mate You can find a position in a good household do right. You’re a batterer before you 40

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