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– [Scott] How are you
doing, you wonderful nerds? Scott here, and I’m actually away for a family emergency
for the next week or so, so for the next couple videos, filling in for me we’ll have some great nerdy YouTubers
that you might recognize, and the first one is
Auram from Auram’s Comics here to talk about his favorite
superhero, Spider-Woman, and all of the alternate versions of her throughout the comic book multiverse. So take it away, and I will
see you guys at the end for some more of me talking. (electrical buzzing) (techno music) – Spider-Woman is my favorite superhero. If you meet me for the first time, you’ll probably figure
that out pretty quickly, at least if we start
talking about comic books. She does, however, have some pretty cool alternate universe brothers and sisters, so let’s take a look at
some of them, shall we? First up, let’s talk about what might be the elephant in the room, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65,
also known as Spider-Gwen. We’re not gonna be talking
about her too much here for a few reasons. Number one, she’s pretty popular and most of you probably
know her story anyway. Number two, her origin is more closely an alternate take on Peter Parker’s as opposed to number
three, Jessica Drew’s. Jessica Drew is the original
Spider-Woman of Earth-616, and that’s who we’re going
to be focusing on today, alternate versions of her, not just the mantle of Spider-Woman. Make sense? Cool. Let’s move on to our first
real alternate Jessica Drew, who happens to also be
from Earth-65, Jesse Drew. Jesse Drew, also known as Agent 77, was born to two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were on an assignment on the Moon. Turns out, his dad was actually a double agent for the Russians, causing Mommy to take Daddy out, traumatizing Jesse and inspiring him to join S.H.I.E.L.D. himself
straight out of high school. Fast forward until him
and some fellow agents are on a mission fighting
acid spitting space spiders and he got infected. When he came back to Earth, he left S.H.I.E.L.D. and
joined Earth-65’s Cindy Moon, who, unbeknownst to Jesse
for 10 years, cured him. Cindy told him that he
needed to keep taking a type of medicine that
only she could supply. This medicine would supposedly
keep him from dying, but in reality, it was
just giving him superpowers so that he could work for
Cindy as an agent of S.I.L.K. After making this realization, Jesse resigned to his
home life as a family man with his wife and two kids. Now, let’s move on to
the Earth X storyline, taking place on Earth-9997. Here, Jessica Drew’s life
is basically the same as it is on Earth-616, up until the point that she is infected by
Norman Osborn’s Hydra, a biological weapon that he created to persuade the public
into liking his presidency. That’s unsettling, given the current state
of things in our world. Anyway, the Hydra banished her
soul to the realm of the dead where it would eventually
come back to do good, but Spider-Woman’s physical body was now being controlled
by Osborn’s Hydra. It came with a cool
costume color swap, too, which is much appreciated when it comes to Jessica Drew’s ever not changing wardrobe. This next one is a fairly
interesting take on Spider-Woman, seeing as most things have gone pretty okay for her entire life, at least when compared to 616’s Jess. This is the Jessica Drew of Earth-58163, the reality that was
created by Scarlet Witch during the House of M event. Around 1931, Drew
contracted uranium poisoning and underwent a series of
experimental procedures which granted her special
abilities and kept her in stasis until Magneto started his mutant uprising. Jessica used her abilities for good but didn’t really get political. She never pledged to one side of the war, even though she was technically human. She was later recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Red Guard by Nick Fury and was declared their
leading human super operative. And last but definitely not least is the Jessica Drew of
Earth-1610, the Ultimate universe. Now, this is an interesting one, because she definitely goes by Jessica Drew and Spider-Woman, but her true identity is Peter Parker. No, Peter Parker didn’t have a sex change. He was just cloned. It was a whole ordeal, a saga even. That’s right. The Ultimate universe
had its own clone saga, and it’s surprisingly well done and cool. You should check it out. Anyway, this Jess was created in a government sanctioned program headed by a supposedly
reformed Otto Octavius and his assistant, Ben Reilly, who actually isn’t a
clone in this universe, but he sure did help
create a bunch of them. She was birthed, along with four others, to be a spy for the CIA after
undergoing a memory wipe to get rid of Peter’s memories. Before this happened, however, all hell essentially broke loose and the Ultimate clone saga ensued. At the end of it all, Jess decided to embrace her new identity and continue on as Spider-Woman. She also later took up
the Black Widow mantle with a costume change when she
formed the All New Ultimates. I looked for a while,
and I can honestly say that I couldn’t find a reason
why she did this in canon. It just happened between All
New Ultimates Issue 1 and 2. I have a lot more to say on the subject of Ultimate Spider-Woman, but it doesn’t really fit
into this video’s subject, so feel free to head on over to my channel where I’ve done just that. I talk about gender identity, the state of LGBT characters in comics, as well as give a little more
insight on Jess’s personality. It’s a good time. Go check it out. But that’s all the alternate Jessica Drews we’ve got for you this time. Let us know in the comments if we missed any super cool
alternate Spider-Women, or you could just talk about
the ones I brought up today. I know this isn’t the normal stuff that you’re used to seeing on NerdSync, but I hope I am somewhat
of a familiar face and you enjoyed what you saw. So thanks for watching, friends. – [Scott] Thank you so
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