100 thoughts on “Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – Nostalgia Critic

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    What do you think of the new intro?
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  2. I can't believe that these movies have plunged the Chipmunks franchise into obscurity. If I'd mention Alvin and the Chipmunks 10 years from now to some kids, they'll be like, "Who???" And, I won't even blame them.

  3. To make this movie more bearable imagine they are on Isla numblar during the events of Jurassic world fallen kingdom.

  4. Anyone else think he is sarcastic? He sound sooooo sarcastic! And if he is sarcastic, I agree with everything hes saying

  5. "I feel like I'm watching a dance-off between Happy Meal toys and the Powerpuff Whores"
    Best line in the rewiev XD

  6. Can someone answer why the chipetttes seem to fill both the roles of sisters and the role of love interests and nobody says anything?

  7. Amazing it’s looks like the chipettes and Simon, Theodore wants to kill Alvin for saying funishment with words puns etc

  8. So…the woman who was shipwrecked actually became a scientist to help eddie brocks and carnage in the new venom movie

  9. I thought Simon becoming Simone was like he was always the responsible one out of the boys while Alvin was the careless one. When Simone became the fun one Alvin learned about responsibility and I saw that Alvin, while he hated it, he knew he was the only one who actually cared.

  10. Well let’s be honest the girl on the island is crazy because she’s been on the island for 9 years I would have been the same.

  11. Rugrats Go Wild was also a third movie in a movie series based on a cartoon that was also about the main characters getting stranded on an island.

  12. Janette: What are you doing?

    Simon: What I've wanted to do since the moment I laid my eyes all over on you.

    Critic: Deflower you. Boooo! What no good? I got it from this Win-stein guy's pick-up book.


  13. So when this came out my friend and I would sing kumbya all the time at school
    I later found out it meant y am I here
    So it makes sence

  14. Me: I am not athletic and don’t play a sport other than dance
    Every 9-11 year old boy in my town: 13:11

  15. Yo, Nostalgia Critic, if you're going to make me watch Chipwrecked, you better actually SHOOT me!

  16. You know, your not far off from calling the pelican outfit a Ex Five Nights At Freddy’s character, after all, there was the time Scott Cawthon made Chipper and Son’s Lumber Co and one of the NPC’s was a pelican. But let’s be honest, Scott probably hasn’t run out of ideas yet.

  17. Does anyone else want the critic to critique the wild overacting of the audience at the cons, like at the start of this video? Lol

  18. I actually remember watching a preview of this when me, my friend, and his mom saw Puss in Boots that year (which both of these films have came out the same year).

  19. Rambo simon strangly ripped of two characters from the third installments from franchises, first Spanish buzz from toy story 3 and buck from ice age 3, coincidence? I think NOT! Especially coming from a franchise that never needed to exist

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