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An Older Boy Took Advantage Of Me

I remember I was at my stepdads house
for my little sister’s father’s side of the family and I was watching TV with my
stuffed cousins. Two young girls I’m the eldest boy. Time passes and the two girls
have left and I’m left alone with the eldest boy…watching TV while the adults
are outside cooking he reaches over and puts his arm around me telling me how
I’m beautiful and things like that. Keep in mind that I was nine and he was
probably in high school. I was so uncomfortable. But I just sat there and
said, “thank… I guess?!?” After a few more compliments and some small talk he leans
in and he kisses me. Being nine and shy I just sat there like an idiot. When I went
home I didn’t tell my mom. I thought that if I told her she would be disgusted and
wouldn’t love me anymore. I thought that she would just blame me for not doing
anything. So I just kept it to myself. Since I didn’t tell my mom right then in
there it continued. The next time I went there I was playing with some young
girls and I went inside to go to the bathroom. Well I was washing my hands he
steps in and he was like. “oh hey, sorry I didn’t know you’re in here .” And I was
like, “oh it’s okay.” But he didn’t leave. He steps closer I put my hands on his chest
stopping him and saying, “wait, I don’t want to.” And he told me that it was okay
and then I wouldn’t get in trouble. And he kisses me and he made me do things I didn’t want to do. four years passed and now I’m 13 years old
but my mom and stepfather are separated. I was happy that I wouldn’t go over
there anymore but I can feel that the guilt is still there. And a few months
ago at lunch with my mom I’m telling myself, “tell her, she’ll understand. Do it
tell her.” And that’s exactly what I did. Surprisingly she was in the same
situation I was when she was younger. She hugged me while I cried. She told me that it was going to be okay and that she loves me
no matter what.

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100 thoughts on “An Older Boy Took Advantage Of Me

  1. This happened to me he was 17 and i was 9 i almost got raped in a public library i moved but im moving back there i never told my mom i was an idiot

  2. What sucks is that

    Some guy in my 7-8 period that is not my color nor type said
    "Imma hit her tits" and,
    "Call me daddy and I won't chase you"
    I was laughing because I was sorry before he said that last thing.
    I turned shocked when he said that… He was trying to chase me because I hit slapped him on his chest on the left. I was too shocked when he said that… Thing… I felt worried… I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered, "Oh… I think I know why he said the first thing.. "
    The first thing he said was when I covered my chest with my arms and made a face…
    Now I'm worried if he's lying about saying,
    "Call me daddy and imma stop chasing you" because he said he was kidding but I didn't know what he said after saying that… I'm worried so much and creeped out too…
    Any advice? Anyone?

  3. It kind of bothers me but did the mom fucken do something or? It’s a serious crime and not that much time had passed?? Especially if he did rape her.

  4. He deserves endless years in jail.
    Seriously, no sane person would do this to a nine-year-old kid; especially she is his cousin.
    She should have told her mom the truth immediately because it wasn't her choice nor her fault.
    She's only nine and he's so unfair!!!! What have she done wrong to him? Even if she really did, this is way too much. She says he's already in highschool but in my opinion she's more matured than him cause no mature person would do that to anybody.

  5. I know this isn’t about the video but my grandpa makes me uncomfortable like kinda creepy ion know but can anyone tell me what to do cuz o have to live with him for a month

  6. this also happened to my ex when she was at that age. Can’t believe people are doing this. I still feel damn sorry for her

  7. Dude , this getting exploited ,, some idiot mf copies ur stories and puts them on Instagram. That fraud has 164k followers. Damn u should react .

  8. That happened too me and my cousin he ask me if he can kiss me and I was only 7 and he was 9 so yea we kissed we did that for years not any more my sis told my mom and now I am 11

  9. That's how I felt when I almost got raped and a boy forces me to touch his.. And I was scared to tell my mother 😖😐

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