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Archie Andrews Doesn’t Need An Excuse To Get Shirtless! | Riverdale

(soft music) (breathes heavily) (page turns) (soft music) (engine whirs) (upbeat music) (door opens) – I know you haven’t been
sleeping in your room, so, where, exactly, have you
been spending your nights? – Yeah, feel free to help out too Joey. – Actually, I was gonna head
into town for a little bit, and take some pictures
before we hit the road. Remember, like we said we would? You’re gonna be okay here? – I think I’ll be fine, Joey. (upbeat music) – [Male Narrator] And a
boy looked out his window, at the girl next door. (upbeat music) (breathes heavily) – Don’t get me wrong, I
love a good floor show, but, if this a response
to Jughead threatening your masculinity or whatever. – I’m just getting my daily workout in. (soft music) (water runs) (soft music) – Thought you might want some company. (soft music) (upbeat music) – No please, no don’t! (fire smolders) Ah! (upbeat music) – [Woman] Archie, Archie. (upbeat music) (shoes tapping) (body slams) – Archie! – Gonna need some strong
allies I can trust. (door opens) Archie Andrews, what a surprise. – I heard you’re trying to buy Riverdale. You gotta step up and lead the Bulldogs. – I’m already captain bro. – Yeah, I’m not talking
about on the field. I need you to work with Jughead, to keep the peace between the
Serpents and the Bulldogs. No more circles, red, dark or otherwise. – Done. – Archie! (soft music) Are you listening to me? – Yeah. – We have to burn all of our clothes, including Jughead’s baby. – You think you can attack
us from the shadows, but Riverdale, is a lot stronger than you, and we’re not afraid. (water runs) (upbeat music) (punching bag jingles) (soft music) (crowd applauds) (soft music)

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47 thoughts on “Archie Andrews Doesn’t Need An Excuse To Get Shirtless! | Riverdale

  1. This show is now just an excuse to show off hot, shirtless guys. Maybe THAT was the real reason for that infamous "Red Circle" video, where everyone BUT Archie was shirtless!😅😉

  2. 4:01

    me at home eating popcorn on my bed: Heck yeah, he can do me too while he's at it 😉

  3. This seems like a double standard, what kind of response would a video get if it was “Veronica Scandalous scenes”? Seems a bit weird, Netflix.

  4. i'm dying at the number of thirsty comments on this video. really goes to show that riverdale is really running on its attractive actors and actresses to keep it going lmao

  5. I would not be that calm if some girl literally walks in on me having a shower. Like wtf did he not lock the door??

  6. I mean Netflix Uk & Ireland, it the best cause they roast the shit out of shows and also post ship videos!

  7. Apparently KJ Apa really hates doing shirtless scenes, he doesn't have a problem being shirtless, he just hates being forced too.

    I imagine the same applies to every young male actor in the sleazy hellscape that is Hollywood.

  8. I like it how Betty said "we have to burn all of our clothes, including jughead's beanie" but CC replaced beanie with baby. Like that escalated quickly

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