Hi. My name’s Archie and I’m 7 years and 3 months and 8 days old. I live with my mum Barbra
but everyone calls her Barb and my dog Barney who’s my best friend. At school I like maths cause when you get
the answer right you feel smart as. The other day in topic, miss taught us about
the Environment. She said its like, the trees and stuff and
its super important to make the world go round. She said the world goes round this way but
my Uncle says it goes round this ways but but she said that whichever way it goes around,
the environment is very important She said it fuels the earth. Miss said it makes the world ‘thrive’. I didn’t know what thrive meant, but it
sounded cool. She used other big words like ‘sustainability’,
which is when everything is kept good and clean and nice like Mum wants my room. She said the trees breathe out what we breathe
in and we breathe out what trees breathe in so we cant live without each other. She said put the milk bottles in the yellow bin but we already do that so
we’re good. The next day Mum gave me my oatmeal like she
does every day before school. Its not very good. It tastes like barneys food, but with milk. I asked Mum why I have to eat my oatmeal. She says it fuels me. I said, does that mean its sustainability. She said ‘yes’. So I said, does my oatmeal sustain me and
make me clever like the environment sustains the earth and makes it clever? And she said ‘yes’. my Mum’s a smart lady. She said if I was the earth my oatmeal would
be like the environment, cause it sustains. At lunch I was eating my tuna and cucumber
sandwich with the crusts cut off and I thought, this must fuel me like my oatmeal. So if I was the earth and my oatmeal was the
environment then what was my tuna and cucumber sandwich with the crust cut off? I asked miss and she said that ‘money’ and ‘business’
also sustains the earth. She said my tuna and cucumber sandwiches with
the crusts cut off would be like money and jobs and she called that the ‘economy’. When I asked Uncle Reg what the economy was
all he said was that it crashes and I said ‘what like your Toyota?’ and he said ‘Get out’. So if I was the earth I would need things to fuel me. I would need my oatmeal which is the environment
and my tuna and cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off which is the economy. So for three days I only ate oatmeal and cucumber
sandwiches. It did not go well. It didn’t make sense. That night I went up on the big hill. That’s where I do all my thinking. The big hill. Up there I thought about how if I can’t survive on just oatmeal and tuna sandwiches with the crusts cut off then how can the whole earth. When I was sitting over my environment the
next morning I asked Mum. She said, of course the Earth needs more Archie,
it needs way way more then a clean environment and a good economy just like you need more
than oatmeal and tuna and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. She said I eat lots of things. She also said that more that my food sustains
me. She said that rides in my Uncle’s new Toyota
sustain me, school sustains me, and hugs from her sustain me, and clean sheets on Wednesdays too. She said that playing rugby in the mud stains
and sustains me and finding glow worms out back of Uncle’s
farm. Shes said all those things makes me good and
makes me grow. But what about the Earth! If I was the Earth and my oatmeal was the
environment and my tuna and cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off was the economy, then who’s Uncle Reg? Does the Earth have clean sheets on Wednesdays? She said ‘no’. She said the Earth needs a lot to sustain
itself too, to stay clean and healthy. She said the earth needs good people and smiles
and fairness. She said the Earth needs people who treat
each other like I treat Barney which means, with the upmost respect. She said in order to go round the Earth needs
a nice environment and breathy trees. It needs money and jobs and dudes in suits. But it also needs people who care a whole
lot about a whole lot. She said good people make the Earth thrive. I asked her what thrive was. She said it felt like when I got maths right
or when I saw the sun go down from up the big hill. And it means you’re doing a good job. So I have learnt what sustainability is. Its what makes the world go round, and the
world needs a whole lot. It needs oatmeal. And tuna and cucumber sandwiches with the
crusts cut off. And it needs us.

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