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Artist Daniel Warren Johnson draws Rogue & Gambit | Marvel Quickdraw

…near Greenbay. Is it okay that my baby’s screaming? Okay. Hi, I’m Daniel Warren Johnson, and today I’m going to be drawing Rogue and Gambit. From the moment that I saw those initial comics when I was really young, I knew that I wanted to be an artist in some way, shape, or form. My parents, they were super supportive. They signed me up, when I was six or seven, for like, art class, where like, it’s paper mache and drawing. When the teacher saw my drawings, she said “He should just be going into Drawing 101 with the older kids.” And then after I was in there for a few weeks, one of the teachers came up to my parents and she was like, “He’s too good for this class. You have to put him in the advanced figure drawing class.” It’s important to bring something new to the table. I always try to break it down with a really tiny, little drawing. Because I know if the shapes are there and they look pleasing to the eye, almost like abstract art, it will work when it’s blown up. In my opinion I think composition is quite universal. Like Akira Kurosawa, I do this a lot where I’ll put his movies on and I’ll just pause at random times and sketch the composition of that. Because he’s a master at it. I’m pretty old school. You know, 2B pencil on Bristol board. And I’m pretty loose. Then I go to ink and do my best to crush it. When I went to college, my parents wanted me to do art education. But I actually hated teaching. So I started teaching in 2011 at a middle school here in Chicago. And in March I got married to my wife Rachel. We met at our church’s Christmas party. I had specifically gone to introduce myself to as many young men as I could. She came up to me and asked me my favorite ice cream flavor, just Iike as an ice breaker, I guess. And he told me that it was mint chocolate chip, but the Breyers kind. Because you don’t actually know that it’s mint chocolate chip until you really get into it. And I thought it was a great answer. And I actually do feel like it describes his personality petrty well. She knew how much of a toll teaching was taking on me. So I really encouraged him to quit his job and pursue comics. The day after I left my job as a teacher, I started working on my portfolio. You know, I was hoping it would pay off financially, but I knew it would pay off for him in an emotional way. And during this time, Rachel took a full-time job as a preschool teacher to help, kind of suport us. So the goal was to go to shows and share my work. He got a lot of gigs from people seeing his work online or at comic cons. I was introduced to Jon Moisan. I think we met at a show. I was introduced to Jon Moisan. I think we met at a show.
And a few months later he asked me to do a Quake one-shot with Matthew Rosenberg, And a few months later he asked me to do a Quake one-shot with Matthew Rosenberg, and that was my first Marvel work. After about three years he was established enough, and I reached a point where I was at the preschool where I was really at the misery point that he was when he was teaching. And he actually encouraged me to find a serving job. Now w’re both at a spot where we love what we do. And that kind of…that kind of is a segue into the baby. Rachel and I always knew that at some point we’d want to have kids. Dan is an awesome dad. I do have a dream job. I do have a dream career. I’m very thankful. I feel very blessed. I’m very thankful. I feel very blessed.
But it’s only insofar that I’m able to provide for my family and I’m able to… But it’s only insofar that I’m able to provide for my family and I’m able to… I’m able to feel fulfilled primarily by them, and secondly by my career. Hey, what’s up? Today we’re drawing Rogue and Gambit! My name’s Daniel Warren Johnson. Smash that like button! Comment, subscribe, what’s your favorite Rogue and Gambit moment? Do you like Rogue? Do you like Gambit? Because you’re going to love this drawing. Hold on, no I got it, I got it. Rogue, Gambit, together, “don’t touch me though,” see you soon, Marvel QuickDraw.

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58 thoughts on “Artist Daniel Warren Johnson draws Rogue & Gambit | Marvel Quickdraw

  1. How to avengers get back his team members tell me I not deeply know marvel but I love marvel comic and movie

  2. This man knows how to draw really well. I'm glad Daniel is tasting success. He deserves to be in the position he's in.


  3. You are awesome and I hope you succeed in life and I learn how to draw better from you you are awesome

  4. Loved this vid… heartwarming and inspirational. Daniel Warren Johnson is a fantastic artist! He really is bringing something new and original to the table… If you guys havenΒ΄t seen his new series Murder Falcon, you should! CanΒ΄t wait to see what the future holds for his career, IΒ΄m pretty sure great things are to come!

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