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[ASMR] Daisy at Comic-Con (Shopping Roleplay) (Soft Spoken)

Excuse me? Hey, you, yeah you! Come here! I think that you’re going to love my store! I mean, I saw you looking over here, and I don’t know what else you would be doing looking over here if it wasn’t to look at my fine items! Well don’t be shy! First, let me see your cosplay Okay, stay right there I just love it, can you do a little twirl? No twirl? Okay, sorry. So Welcome to my little booth at this convention! This is my very, very first one Well see, I thought that I was being pretty cool getting these Little elfy ears People get really into this, don’t they? People take this quite seriously, yes they do. Okay But, I’ve got my elf ears, and I’m ready to sell some stuff! You know? It’s hard when you’ve been recently let go of a job, but it’s okay! I’ll make do Anyway, enough rambling from me! Um, let me show you some of the things I have. So, I actually think that this item would go really well with your cosplay, and it’s these gloves. Can you hear that? It’s so fuzzy. Well you just have such strong, big arms… Excuse me, I mean, um It’ll go so well and then you have a paw And you can stick your little hand out here If you need to pick something up What do you think? Well it doesn’t literally go with your cosplay I just thought that Oh, no no no, I didn’t make these I didn’t make any of this What do you mean that’s not allowed? Um, Okay well, um This is more of like a resale booth Just don’t tell anybody okay? It’ll be our little secret But these gloves come at a very good price No? That’s okay I’ll just throw them over there Up next I have, something very kawaii I learned that from my friends in the booth next door It’s this little kitty kitty kitty cat headband Do you like it? Well there’s little pearls on the ears And you can just Wear them on your head See, I can’t wear them because I already have my elf ears and my headphones So No the headphones don’t come off They’ll stay on What do you think? You wanna be a little neko I think? That’s what the people over there were calling them Can I please put it on? Please, please, please, please Okay, thank you, here we go So cute I love it You have to get them You must get them I won’t take no for an answer Oh Next up I can tell you like Teen Titans This is a little Raven Yeah She’s very squishy She doesn’t look too happy about being squished now does she? Hmm But she’s got a cape and everything Her little gems She’s so fuzzy, here feel it Let me rub it on your face That wasn’t? Okay She’s very fuzzy Very very soft She can just sit on your bookshelf, or bedside table or, dining room table You know,the possibilities are endless Okay See? She’s waving at you She wants to come home with you Okay I’ll throw her over there too Oooh Now these are from my own exclusive collection This is called Inubaka I think that means dog idiot? But somehow it was translated to Crazy for Dogs So It’s about this girl And she works at a pet store I’ve always wanted to work at a pet store Don’t you just love the smell of books? Go on you can take a sniff (giggles) So, she’s a very cute little girl and She ends up getting hired at this place That has all these little puppies They’re so cute And it’s a very long series But this is the first one and then if you’re interested, I have the second one Okay I can see you’re not crazy for dogs It’s fine, don’t worry I’m a little hyper because I had I had a lot of Red Bull today Yeah, they were just sort of handing it out on the side I’ve never had it before but it tastes very good Oh my goodness, I must show you these So, I know a lot of the booths around here are selling Pop figures, but I have the two best Pop figures you’ll ever see It’s Khal Drogo, the giant guy from Game of Thrones And, his buddy, Catbug Yeah, I think they go together. I’m pretty sure they do, yeah. Bravest Warriors Why is he shaking? Okay we’re gonna ignore that noise for a bit So, Mr. Drogo is very beefy okay He’s got his Dothraki weapon of choice A long braid and his little warpaint and some eye shadow! I have eye shadow on today It’s like we’re best friends! Please tell me you watch Oh, it’s just the best show And so I think he’s paired very well with Catbug This is the little cat ladybug from Bravest Warriors don’t you just love it? He’s so adorable. Got a little shell So, you want the Pop figures, right? Okay Then over here Let’s see what else I got I have Now what kind of phone do you have? Okay, well This comes in just the iPhone 6 So even if you don’t have an iPhone 6, you could buy it for a friend Now do you know what this is from? These are the little spirits from Legend of Korra I just started watching This will protect your phone No matter what Not only is the case very good But the spirits will protect it too I’m just kidding kinda Well you got your buttons on the side You got the space for the lock A space for your camera so you can take lots of pictures And then the power button on the side On the bottom you got access to the headphone jack, and the charger, and the speaker It’s really nice, if you don’t take it, I will The last thing I have for sale is this clock It’s broken That’s okay, because who uses analogue clocks to read time anymore am I right? So this is This is L and Ryuk from Death Note Very scary So this can sit right next to your plush Raven He’s even eating his dessert Tick tock Okay So let me get some things and what I want to do real quick is I draw a picture of everyone of my customers Is that okay? See I don’t have a phone so I can’t take a photograph, so I’d just like to draw the cosplays that I see today Okay? Just stand right there. Very moody eyes Are you staying here, at the convention hotel, or Sorry, that’s a little personal Look at those eyelashes, wow! And now your eyebrows I like to make them very accurate Nose Down to your lips okay Now is that a real scar, or is that a prosthetic? Oh wow, good job! Okay Now, I’m gonna draw your wig, very spiky. Okay, next got your neck and just very good Oh, I like that Sometimes I have to concentrate on the details okay and can I see your shoes? Oh, I love those! Those are great! Ah, that’s awesome! Okay, so, customer drawing by Daisy Oh, my name’s Daisy! I’m so sorry, I should have told you! Thank you for letting me draw your portrait! You look so nice! So, let’s ring up the items you got Let’s see, one two three, So, that is going to be twenty dollars Well, in my little cat purse I have some change Oh You don’t mind the Japanese Yen, right? Oh, you do? Well, that’s all I have Okay, well I’ll just take twenty dollars Thank you and let me pack this up for ya See, we’re giving out free tote bags with every purchase over twenty dollars But I like you, so I’ll give it you Put this in the bag this in the bag and this in the bag, okay Well here you go, here’s your order Thank you so much for shopping and again, please don’t tell anybody that yeah I’m breaking the rules, just a little bit. Okay Well, where you goin next? You’re not sure? Wait, well, let me look up the schedule for ya. I actually have it right here I swear okay, here we go. Okay, so Is it noon yet? Are you going to the Steven Universe signing? How about the War 101 Well they’re both at 12:30 But they’re in separate halls so it looks like the signing Is in Exhibit Hall A I think we’re in Exhibit Hall B right now I think if you go all the way to the back That’s where all the celebrities are And the War 101 is in room 314, so you gotta take the elevator Mhmm Yup I actually have one more thing to give you before you go See, I went and um I think that business cards are kind of boring So I went and made stickers of myself Would you like one? I think it looks just like me Well I’ll just put that in your tote bag, okay? Perfect So you go have fun at your panel I’ll be at the Masquerade later checking out all the good cosplays Mhmm Have a good day Good luck

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100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Daisy at Comic-Con (Shopping Roleplay) (Soft Spoken)

  1. Is it petty that I get a bit annoyed when you say one thing in a different language then the rest of the sentence in English? Like, as a Korean-American, it annoys me when K-Pop fans say a guy is their oppa. That just… pisses me off…

  2. Is that a real scar or a prosthetic?

    I fell on my face on concrete

    Good job!!!

    Uhhh okay thanks I guess 😅

  3. Daisy: is that a real cut or..

    Me: no i accidently cut my face useing knife

    Daisy: WoW GoOd jOB!?!11!

    Me: dwbrbedysbdsybxsuxvjxgzgs6cw7xcvucfd

    ( plz like this comment ;-;)

  4. Wow. Can't believe its been nearly 2 years since this video. That means asmr has been part of my life for almost 2 years if it hasn't already been.

  5. Daisy would be the type of person to drink 16 cans of Red Bull and then be like “they’re just regular sodas aren’t they?”

  6. “I think these would go well with your cosplay!” *holds up gloves *

    well I was cosplaying sora, but-

  7. 6:48

    Daisy: “Don’t you just love the smell of books?”

    Me: dUst yEeTs iN mY faCe pshhhhhhh.. yEah.

  8. Daisy:is that a real scar or a prosthetic?
    Daisy:wow,good job
    Me:yeah I cut myself with my nail-WAIT WHAT GOOD JOB!?!?!?for cuting myself oh ok that how you complement someone

  9. Her: Please can I put these on?!
    Me: Sure
    Her: *Puts it on me*
    Me; I said on your self I'm cosplaying as Shawn from Cirque Dè Fréak

  10. daisy: *says i have very moody eyes, good eyelashes and eyebrows, a scar, and spiky wig*
    me: *cosplaying as jim hopper from stranger things* "thank you"

  11. I'm starting to think Daisy has a mental illness that makes her unable to really understand boundaries. I love her, don't get me wrong, but I think she has a disorder.

  12. Game of thrones’s fans 2018: oh she talked about khal drogo i like him
    Game of thrones’s fans 2019: what’s game of thrones?

  13. Daisy : no the headphones stay on
    Me: why do they not come off tho
    Daisy: …

  14. Is it just me or did anyone else look to see if they knew any on the anime in the back because at mediately I saw Sinbad from magi and I miss my con.

  15. Daisy: I think you would like my store!
    Me: Dresses as Link with a ton of Pokémon and Dragon ball Z merch What gave it away.

  16. "It's hard when you recently let go of a job" t h a t I s w h a t y o u d o e v e r y w e e k, lul it's so funny and relaxing

  17. "You have big strong arms"
    Me: running out of breath from opening a peanut butter jar

  18. Daisy: pulls out furry paws I think this could go well with your cosplay-
    Me: I’m cosplaying sans, what do you mean?!

  19. Daisy: I think this item will go well with your cosplay gets out fuzzy animal paws


  20. I hate that we always seem to be being kind of rude to her.
    Like, I absolutely adore Daisy.

    I would actually love "A date with Daisy" roleplay ASMR

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