Avengers 4 Title is “AVENGERS: ETERNITY” Theory Explained! Eternity Marvel Comics Explained

so the Russo brothers have teased that
the title of Avengers 4 will be released soon
they have withheld the title for now because it would give something of the
plot away for Avengers 4 however when asked if anyone got close to predicting
the title they said yes that Avengers Forever was the closest then I was
rereading a bunch of Infinity Gauntlet Comics storylines and then it struck me
I think I know what the title for Avengers 4 is it’s gonna be Avengers
eternity so I want to take a couple minutes and explain why because I think
it’s for several reasons so the first reason is that the Avengers
are going to be travelling through eternity traveling through time they’re
going to be using the quantum realm as a gateway to travel to the past to change
the events of infinity and defeat Thanos but I think the main reason why Avengers
4 is going to be called Avengers eternity because I think we are going to
start to be introduced to the massively powerful cosmic characters in the Marvel
Universe and specifically the character eternity eternity is essentially the
physical embodiment of the universe and he usually shows up when there was a
massive threat in the universe into Thanos then us snaps his fingers all of
a sudden eternity is like what what anyway there is precedent for this in
the comics eternity showed up to try and stop the NAS after he snapped his
fingers in the original Infinity Gauntlet comic in 1991 the solar surface
and Adam warlock was surprised that eternity had showed up and he didn’t
come home so did The Watcher Chronos the Titan go out of time The Living Tribunal
who is the cosmic judge of all realities a couple Celestials Galactus and more
initially eternity pleaded his case with the Living Tribunal saying that Dallas
is trying to unbalance the universe The Living Tribunal is like that he’s just
trying to overthrow you eternity sir I’m not gonna get involved near on your own
buddy eternity also ducks off for a moment the Avengers in the x-men battle
fan also lion until eternity first send some of his foot soldiers Galactus
couple Celestials and others anyway all of these characters get absolutely
murked by Thanos eternity shows up and is like okay I’m gonna get control of
reality again Thanos Thanos an eternity throughout everything at each other and
it’s than us that survives and is victorious and he basically becomes like
the new Eternity the new embodiment of the universe he becomes the center of
reality and he lifts his body ISM and he kind of shuts down and said hey you know
what I don’t need it anymore I don’t need that body but then good old nebula
realizes the gap and whoops the Infinity Gauntlet off then Austin’s lifeless body
puts on the gauntlet and turns everything back the way it was but I do
think that some of the events and Avengers 4 will be inspired by this
comic and specifically that I think the instant eternity will show up in
Avengers 4 along with some other cosmic characters but what do you think do you
think that characters such as eternity and death are just too much for the MCU
audience what do you think that the Russo brothers are brave enough to just
go for it come on rooster brothers just do it and I think that the title of
Avengers 4 is going to be Avengers eternity let me know your thoughts below
and let’s have a friendly debate hope you enjoyed this video if you did
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