100 thoughts on “Avengers Cast Reveals Reaction When Visiting Comic Book Stores

  1. I remember reading about how Elizabeth Olson complains that her Scarlett Witch costume showed t too much cleavage, but damn look at what she's wearing, not that I have any complains though, just saying.

  2. What is wrong with you people? She’s wearing a sexy dress to show herself and you make fun of the three men that they’re looking? Obviously she did it so she can get attention, just like how us men like to show our muscles. Relax.

  3. honestly I feel like Elizabeth's stylist or someone pressured her to wear that dress because she keeps holding her hands over her cleavage and she just looks really uncomfortable, and also she kept stuttering when she was talking to Jimmy.

  4. I believe we can all agree that Elizabeth Olsen is absolutely drop dead gorgeous. But in this particular appearance… she may be the most gorgeous she's ever been. She's truly a gem (or "stone"). I love her. ❤️

  5. cant help but point out that elizabeth is wearing way too much cleavage. very uncommon for the biggest talk show that has the camera on you at all times.

  6. elizabeth had to make up for that slightly ugly mug of hers with showing off her fake c cup boobies lol does she realize shes on the biggest talk show in the world?

  7. I don't think here tits were hanging far enough out… Will never understand very attractive women who are so insecure they need to be so overtly sexy…

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