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BabyBones Part 1【 Undertale Comic Dub 】

welcome to Snowden my home so what do
you do around here for fun you said well that was fun
hey how did you do that fake your head out on man okay let’s cook something to cheer him
up yeah looks like he’s having fun is your scribe moving by itself oh yeah it
does that yours doesn’t hurt now I can’t make it to anything it just moves on its
own Wow it likes me ah everything is shipshape captain huh
me yes grass you look like a captain hmm
I’ll check the portside all right left starboard is right hey it’s your job to
watch the ship captain hey where’s the spaghetti there is none
what it’s my favorite I don’t care when I’m cooking I’m having as much spaghetti
as I want forever so where do we go next hello that’s a sleepover yeah let’s stay
in my room so what’s your home like oh it has lots of space hey mine too
it’s enough to make you seasick huh you can sleep on the bed I think he’s mad at
me isn’t that normal yeah he’s always angry hmm Wow your room is so cool
really what’s that oh those are my action figurines huh you can’t just kick
someone for sleeping huh you can’t just fall asleep wherever you
want yeah I can oh that’s dangerous how could it be dangerous because wait wait
does that mean you were worried about me huh no get over yourself
hmm so the only way in is the upstairs know what’s about an Ashton that’s where
underground how about a spaceship we’re still underground cool
what’s a spaceship but you have spaceships right yeah then
we’ll go there next this place is safe you know no it just
looks safe it’s too suspicious even if something was there
sans is keeping an eye on us he is what’s with that reaction yeah it was
watching us when we were outside then he threw that snowball at you you jerk you
threw that snowball huh-uh don’t get angry I’m sorry okay thank you it make
you angry it did it scared me Oh Hey look I’m sorry you guys are going
to sleep soon right I’ll read peek-a-boo with fluffy bunny
for you really come on this is fluffy bunny and they love playing peekaboo
fluffy bunny is playing with their friends in the playroom oh but where is
fluffy bunny Hey let’s see okay there they are
fluffy bunny hopped off to the living room where did they go this time
seriously this kid’s a troublemaker oh there they are
behind the chair peekaboo fluffy bunny is still playing they went
into the kitchen where did that fluffy bunny go you’re right hmm
mr. pages are stuck together okay let’s move on
fluffy bunny has gone outside where are they hiding
their ears ha ha there he is good job spotting him peekaboo it’s
getting late where has fluffy bunny gone this time
come it’s bedtime for little fluffy bunny okay time for bed ah welcome to outer tail this is my home
I think Sam’s would like this hey where should we visit can we visit sans mm-hmm
I feel sick are you all right come on hmm well go to the house first
you can rest there ah you look distracted ah yeah I never thought I
always there’s just so much do you want to explore yeah but it’s all right
I could ask sands to show you around oh yes sands it’s fine
come on Wow so shiny are these crystals this is starting forest these trees are
made out of ice it’s beautiful yeah sands likes to come out here there’s one
of the original ships in this forest two spaceships yeah you don’t seem to like
sanz’s it’s not that what is it then well in my universe my brow is the
coolest there is but these sanz’s are nothing like him well if you don’t want
to hang around the sands here let’s explore by ourselves well get lost
huh well if you want to listen to bad puns and find out what gross things he
drinks all right wait up are you feeling better yeah I’m alright
now what’s with this place though everything
feels so weird there’s less gravity here in some areas you can jump and not come
back down so you have to be careful we’re getting close to starting now hmm
huh where’s the other two Wow
okay you can go back if you want but I want to explore why don’t you want to
hang out with the others yeah I don’t like following others you’re not leading
me off to dust me are you well rude hmm could you imagine how hard dust would be
to clean up in space what if it gets in my eye oh I’m kidding you want to see
some spaceships right I want to see them as well so let’s go I can’t believe they
ran off like that hmm I’ll go find sands and let him know I’m
sure he will find them can we go after them instead no way why well we might
get lost – it’s alright sands we’ll find them how far has started oh it’s not far
Wow come see this why does it Wow beautiful
so that must be started yeah that there would be waterfall
I bet it’s called Starfall if it has falling stars I want to see it’s so
weird seeing everything like this can’t see it like this underground speaking of
which you know a lot about my world don’t you hmm kind of what do you mean
how much do you know about it how much well it’s underground
most of the universes are and it’s dangerous it’s killer peak out there
that’s all what do you mean that’s all I wasn’t sure at first but the way you
talk about dusting someone it’s normal there of course

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55 thoughts on “BabyBones Part 1【 Undertale Comic Dub 】

  1. Thanks Maxlad to give us permission dub BabyBones Comic. Next parts and Other comic dubs will come out soon, Hope you like our dubs. Thanks for watching!

  2. Ut Sans: the pages seem to be stuck together


    The vid: no

    Me: NO? WAIT WHAT????

  3. I'm….I'm dying. It's….. it's so damn cute….!! Oh god my….my heart!! It's gonna explode from all the cute!!!

  4. Lol when they were talking about the spaghetti they said they needed a flower lol were they trying to feed UF buttercups?

  5. UF papi Gretna cranky 😲?! Big shocker! (This is obviously sarcasm )
    Edit: Thank you comic TV for the like! (BTW I really like your channel)

  6. Fell Paps: Screaming in frustration.
    Everyone else: Has horrified look on face
    Me: Nooooo! Papy's gonna blow! RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!

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