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BAEKHYUN ONESHOT (for fanboys)

Thinking about Baekhyun made you always feel guilty to Mark Feel guilty to Mark Y/N: Mark i told you i haven’t finished yet you said while you were still resting , without giving any attention to the person who came in You automatically turned around as you didn’t recognize the voice’s owner………. You stood up quickly and bowed showing him respect then grabbed a chair for him to sit Baekhyun: Y/N : Y/N: It’d be so helpful if you listen to this part *gives him the headphones shyly* He looked so cute when he melted into the rythym , his body that was moving and his hands that was clapping said it all . Baekhyun: He stood up and came behind your back to take the mouse that you were still holding it with your little tiny palm made you forget* lowered your head* HAVE*** WTF LMAO meanwhile* that’s it lmao thanks for your patience love y’all *-*

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8 thoughts on “BAEKHYUN ONESHOT (for fanboys)

  1. Hey there , idk what happened but after this video was uploaded it got zoomed up or idk how to explain lol 😂 that's why turn your subtitles on or click on C if you're using a laptop , sorry ❤ and next is for fangirls haha

  2. This was something that got me lit up for one of the very few times since jalapeño cheetos came out in the stores…😂👌

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