38 thoughts on “Batgirl Fan film series (S.1,Alternate ending) Batgirl destroyed(DC Comics/Superheroine/Short movie)

  1. Годнота! Вы выпускаете классные видео. Непонятно почему у Вас не так много подписчиков

  2. I really enjoy watching your episodes. I understand why you create this ending – because in other your movies she wins. This is will be a cool lesson for each superheroine!

  3. Как вам нравятся оценки?) Я смотрю, многие удивлены и рады, такому альтернативному варианту, так как это свежий подход к супергероике).

  4. is season 2 still continuing?
    i cant waiting, because good job project, nice production,
    nice process, we are still waiting season 2 Batgirl Fan Film
    im from indonesia, support ALZI Production, good luck always ALZI Production

  5. Oh, yeah! He-he, I want to say OH No. I think you understand. Waiting your next season and planned to support your production!

  6. Even I prefer the original ending, I do like this one too! A great view to see her unmasked in the sexy costume :-)Now, I'm looking forward to your Spider-girl series! Can you say when the first episode will be released?

  7. Nice! I'm just sad for the other girl, who was having fun seeing Batgirl finally at their hands defeated and she wanted to stay to see her unmasked and see her end, but her guy took her away with him. Not fair!

  8. I’m not sure if you are aware, but I’ve seen your videos on a website you might not want them on. I’m not sure how you want to handle it, just thought I’d let you know.

  9. Very well done takedown of Batgirl- liked how she was quite literally blindsided. This would make a similarly good alternate ending to your Spider-Girl video, (but Natalia would also still get unmasked), but she's not destroyed.
    For alternate, lets see Batgirl TASERED , getting unmasked as she passes out.

  10. Have you considered doing a similar series using DC's Wonder Woman?
    You could have her taken down when a villain (or his/her deputy) strikes from behind & kicks her between her legs, for example.

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