33 thoughts on “Batgirl Fan film series (S.1,Ep.4): Batgirl unmasked (DC Comics/Superheroine/Short movie)

  1. Я опоздал) Ну, серия мне очень понравилась. В целом, я уже предположил с чего начнется следующая серия. Есть некоторые элементы, которые можно было бы улучшить, но в целом все круто!))

  2. Super episode. What about making web-series about black widow? Very interesting project and the main character from this web-series is very suitable for black widow cast))

  3. Great work, I just think the cape is too long, a shorter one may give her a more dynamic look in the action scenes. Just my opinion.

  4. Well, even if the title spoilered it….it was quite a surprise to me that she actually gets unmasked. If that wasn't a dream, she is in deep trouble now.
    I will send you my detailed ideas about the episode with mail. Keep on the good works!

  5. Even I do not know what to say, her career as Batgirl is over? No.I know that there must be another ending in this story or not?

  6. Очень круто, когда сериал закончится вы будете снимать что нибудь ещё?

  7. Реально круто, Настя играющая роль Бэтгёл, просто умничка, красава!

  8. Поздравления с Испанией еще раз!!
    I liked the episode and I’m curious about what will happen now once she’s been unmasked…

  9. Awesome, I'm curious what will happen to Batgirl now. Hopefully she will eventually escape….. eventually 😉

  10. Supergirl, Batgirl & Felicia Hardy: The Black Cat: Complete Internet Season 1 Episodes please come soon!!!

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