Beyond Dragon Ball Super: The New Angel Merno Vs Ultra Instinct Goku And Vegeta! Goku Finds Merno!

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powers of old trains things inside of an unknown dimension while Myrna fights off
against Vegeta as seen on the previous manga chapter video we’ve seen how Goku
is not only able to complete murrow’s tests but is now gearing up and
preparing himself in going out to fight against the real moreno all while the
real Moreau seems to be eviscerating Vegeta on the battlefield the question
is with Goku now making his way back into universe 7 will he and the powers
of ultra instinct be enough to topple the angel along with Vegeta’s help or
will Myrna reveal his true powers in overpowering both Goku and Vegeta as
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super Kai universe 13 manga chapter special with mu I Goku having to further
talk to the individual within the void and then having to ask him hey wait how
will I know where I’m going with this as the mysterious individual goes on to
respond it shouldn’t be hard use your senses feel mer knows power and once you
found it use these portals to guide you there as Goku went along to respond so
it’s like using instant transmissions only with portals right before I go what
do you think I should do if I start to lose as the Omni King individual goes on
to respond remember what you’re fighting for and what myrna will do if you lose
the most important lesson is to take every situation as serious as possible
concentrate on merging your mind and your body into one which also reminds me
Kakarot Marinol isn’t going to be easily defeated which means you will have to do
more than what you can give in order to make sure he’s defeated for good so this
individual further went along to tell Goku the same thing we’ve been telling
him for years and that’s to take every situation he comes across as serious as
he could before the situation itself ends up getting the best of him as over
back with Morel and Vegeta we get to observe how the jito is literally on his
back on the ground defeated back down to his base form literally with his body
having to shake as vegeta went along to comments dammit he’s stronger than he
let off I can’t move so Vegeta can’t move he’s been eviscerated to the point
where his body just cannot respond anymore and that comes directly as a
response from Moreau having to beat him down as Merlin went along to ask was
that seriously all you had what happened to all of that confidence you had and
here I thought my father had actually done something useful I told you from
the beginning Vegeta you have no chance here I wanted to help you I saw great
potential within you and wanted you to become the greatest warrior along with
my greatest rival you would have made for the perfect god of destruction but
instead you took me for a fool you blinded by your own ego and overlooked
what was right in front of you this entire time you ultimately played
yourself as he then continues and now look at you lying in the dirt barely
able to move your body this wouldn’t have been the case if you had taken my
offer mortal and this is the grave you’ve dug for yourself how pathetic you
have nothing left saying and so the time has come for us to put an end to this
little game of ours I told you this wasn’t going to be easy yet you kept
insisting as he only then creates a portal right next to him Myrtle then
continues you won’t be alone however but instead one of your loved ones will be
joining you Vegeta so who’s it going to be then brah Bulma trunks let’s find out
what face I end up pulling from this portal then this was your only shot and
you fell right into my trap to restore my power now and as Myrtle is trying to
dig in to find which person he’s gonna pull out first with Vegeta sitting up he
went along to come at not like this don’t do it mer no and as mer know is
digging through the portal all of a sudden we then see how ultra instinct
goku manages to actually pull mer knows aren’t right through the portal as Myrna
Levin looks up he is then met with mastered ultra instinct Goku and with
Goku literally standing right in front of him he went along to ask looking for
someone Myrna why the long face wasn’t expecting to see me again now were you
you won’t be hurting anyone’s family anymore now that I’m around and I
absolutely love how Goku intervened in preventing Myrtle from further harming
Vegeta’s family as Myrtle then went along to cry out it’s you how are you
here how did you escape and how did you find me here with Vegeta sitting up he
then went along to comment Kakarot how did you find us all the way out here
wait a second that forum this Power has he really mastered ultra instinct his
energy is different than it was before her as
Myrtle then further went along to ask how did you escape and this form you’ve
tapped into ultra instinct again haven’t you you couldn’t have done this alone
and Goku completely ignores him because as Goku then proceeds to walk towards
Vegeta’s direction he then went along to tell him wow you’ve gotten so powerful
since the last time you sparred on beer is his planet and with Vegeta then
sitting up he only then went along to reply to Goku and telling him Terra
you’re one to talk I can sense a great change within you just what kind of
training have you been doing this entire time and more importantly with who is
this forum permit at this time or is it not as Myrtle then went along to comment
now I see what he’s been doing he’s been training likely with another me if he’s
able to find me this way now it all makes sense as he only then tells Goku
how dare you interrupt our battle mortal so I see you having learned your lesson
from before then no matter you will also be dealt with as
well ultra instinct or not training with the
grand priest or not it’s all meaningless to me with my full power restored the
two of you are child’s play to what I can do now face it you cannot win my
power is far beyond ultra instinct so don’t try and get any ideas Goku Vegeta
can barely stand up so you’re both hopeless in this battle so prepare let
this be our final battle I have other matters to attend to after I’m done here
so let’s get this over with so which one of you wants to be the first to die
should I finish you Vegeta or should I start with you Goku and with Vegeta
struggling to stand back up he only then went along to comment I don’t care if
you have ultra instinct or not I will not let you overshadow me again I’ve
done too much to let you pass me by now I’m going to finish him with Goku then
replying but Vegeta you’re hurt your power has dropped off so much just take
a minute to rest while I take him on we can’t let this pass us by we only have
one chance and with Vegeta then erupting in cure
and anger due to goku just suddenly popping up out of nowhere with this huge
power increase he only then went along to scream at Goku by telling him don’t
you dare patronize me you wanted to see my power well here it is Murr no is mine
to kill he’s taken everything from me he’s mocked my pride and used my family
against me he will die by my hands and with Goku then baffled he went along to
then tell Vegeta whoa what power Vegeta where did you get this from
just take it easier he’s done the same thing to me as well he’s trapped me in
this weird void where I couldn’t escape so with Goku further remaining Vegeta
that this isn’t only his fight that myrna had also robbed him Vegeta then
went along to further scream at Goku by telling him it doesn’t matter mur no is
mine to finish I owe it to myself for everything he’s done I will be the one
to spill his blood caki rocks there is nothing left to say
at this point he will be destroyed right here right now stand aside and do not
come in between our battle and with morose smirking he then went along to
tell them both my my you seemed very bothered Vegeta so much that it caused
your power to resurface how wonderful but fighting you alone wouldn’t be any
fun either so I welcome to both of you to fight me together at the same time
that way I could kill you both at the same time it would be very fun to see
what the both of you can do so by all means try and with Goku and Vegeta
responding they went along to comment you want us both at the same time sounds
like you have a death wish mur No so then what do you save Vegeta as Vegeta
responds as long as you stay out of my way I don’t care what you do he’s going
to die by my hands and with myrna overhearing this he then went along to
respond there goes that foolish arrogance of yours again Vegeta you
still haven’t figured it out yet oh well shall we as he then further gets
into fighting position he goes on to tell both Goku and Vegeta then it now
show me what you both can do I’m already and with Goku and Vegeta
both getting into fighting position Vigi don’t went along to tell him we’re going
to crush you mur no and I love this idea that we’re going to be getting mastered
ultra instant Goku and a full-powered Super Saiyan blue evolution Vegeta
combating mur no because even though were no acknowledges the fact that he
can stand up to ultra instinct and he’s decimated Vegeta before what I really
find interesting is the fact that Goku and Vegeta know what’s on the line and
they can’t afford to break away their concentration especially now which is
why Goku is the first person to fire a kamehameha directly at mer no as he then
went along to tell him here goes Vegeta you’re up take this mur No and
with Goku firing this kamehameha directly at mer know when mer no ends up
doing is smirking he’s laughing in front of Goku and opens up a portal in front
of him and then telling him how boring and in you go in swallowing the
Kamehameha hole as only then mer know very similarly to how he did with
Vegeta’s final flash goes on to tell Goku
you should really pay better attention Goku heads up as he only then opens up a
portal behind Goku in relaunching his own mastered ultra instinct kamehameha
directly at him what Goku ended up doing it as a means of a counter is opening up
his own portal and allowing that kamehameha to go right through as Goku
then went along to tell him not this time you won’t take it and with Goku
then having to further mimic mono style in using his own portals against him
Merl then went along to shout he’s using my portals but how did he do it as Goku
then relaunches his Kamehameha through his own portal in barely missing merna
merna Levin went along to cry out curse you mortal because this is what Goku
learned inside of the unknown dimension that myrna had originally placed him in
in the idea that Goku had been training with the clone mer know enough to now
finally learn this and use this to his advantage and with myrna looking up in
the sky he only then went along to comment that
was close how did he learn how to create my portals like that curse those rats as
out of nowhere Vegeta went along to cry out I’m not finished with you mur No
and with I’m moving right in he goes on to
unleash a fury of attack Satmar no and with Myrna having to avoid all of them
he goes on to further be so condescending towards Vegeta and telling
him you’re too slow but right before he finishes he ends up getting clocked
right in the face by Goku who ended up using another one of his portals to
backfist Moreau directly in the face and with Myrna than having to stagger back
in feeling the agony of this strike goku went alone to comment i got you good
with that one looks like it hurt and with Myrna absolutely infuriated he went
alone to shouts you blindsided me you pathetic saying that one actually hurts
keep thinking this is a game I’ll show you pain I’ll show you who’s in control
now perish as he then went along to fire a massive blast through his own portal
with Goku acknowledging this he went along to comment Oh No
because Myrna is now shooting multiple blasts through multiple different
portals that are aimed directly at the sands as he went along to shouts you are
finished in continuously just firing blast after blast after blast with Goku
having to create portals of his own just to simply redirect the blast with Myrna
having to create his own portals in attacking Vegeta the landscape on the
planet itself is literally chaos there’s blast having to be met left and right
there are attacks having to be thrown from every direction and with everyone
looking on Super Bowl went along to comment what an absolute mess I can’t
even follow their movements they’re going to destroy everything as only then
we skits an idea as he went along to comment wait a minute this is new
because something dawned upon him that he had not seen before and with mùi goku
and evolution blue vegeta literally having to go to four nail
against merna merna is shown hovering in using these portals against them as he
went along to tell them now this is what I’ve been searching for you two are very
deadly together in having to show signs of pure entertainment as weas went along
to comment throughout all of my years of knowing Murr know I’ve never seen him
have this much fun with anyone before it’s alarming
something’s off and with the battle now having to momentarily see Smyrna went
along to comment tired already what a letdown as Goku and Vegeta went along to
comment is it me or is he getting stronger as we fight as Vegeta replies
dammit I feel it too how is he winning as the manga chapter
special event comes to a close now I do have a very special surprise for you
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having mu I Goku and Evolution blue Vegeta work together now there are
certain things in this fan manga that do not make any sense for example with the
Angels being there are they simply going to sit back and watch Goku and Vegeta
fight mur no and with we seen the fact that something is off with Myrna in the
idea that he’s having a bit too much fun than how he originally remembered his
brother having then what does this mean for the Morel character there is so much
mystery and so much lore die into this character that I cannot wait
to explore with you guys coming up as of course this entire arc is momentarily
coming to a close because the artist and the creator is not finished with and I
cannot wait to introduce to you guys the finale of how this all ends because you
guys are going to be literally shocked by what happens but either way I want to
get your thoughts and feedback on a Goku and Vegeta let’s say as an example if
they both received the training that they’ve received by these individuals
then how strong would they be in comparison to Myrna and let’s say if the
MER no character was an actual hypothetical character within super then
where would you guys gauge Myrna would he be above the grand priest would he be
above the Omni King would he be relative to mastered ultra instan Goku I want to
get your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below again thank you
all so much for your time I really enjoyed this chapter for the sole reason
of seeing Vegeta’s reaction and then seeing how confident Goku was but at the
same time it’s so scary to see how confident Murr know is because as he
only then smiles at the face of his opponents you can only imagine what he’s
about to do as he begins to fight them serious so again thank you all so much
for your time if you guys have missed out some of the previous manga chapters
to this arc then I do encourage you guys to check those videos out located down
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