34 thoughts on “Black Cat Fan film series (Ep.1): Jewels will be my… (Marvel Comics/Superheroine/Short movie)

  1. Hi, everyone. We are started Black Cat series. Support us – LIKE, comment and subscribe!
    Alternate ending include unmasked scene on my Pateeon

  2. Я как раз вовремя. Обожаю серии про Человека-паука, а Чёрную кошку я неоднократно побеждал в игре на xbox. Спасибо, что задействовали её в своих эпизодах

  3. Amazing! Black Cat is totally badass here. I also liked your camera work, to my taste it is very well done. Just for the record, You’ve got 1 more supporter on Patreon. Thanks for sharing your outstanding work with us. Can’t wait for your next productions. Take care, guys!

  4. Great work! Great episode!
    It will be the best! Great actor, great costume, cool story! I really wait the next episode!

  5. Яна великолепна во всех смыслах этого слова, а остальные молодцы в плане актёрской игры. Плюсую!

  6. Эм, у чувака с телефоном Хуавей ай 6 экран не светится при разговоре по телефону. Так что тут 2 варианта, либо он телепат и реально говорит силой мысли, либо он разговаривает сам с собой держа в руках телефон…

  7. In a future episode, can you show a scene where the superheroine transforms from her regular civilian identity into her alter ego. Maybe running down an alley way and tearing open her shirt or taking her costume out of her bag. It would be nice to see that transition..

  8. Yes great job, amazing hero, hope to see more videos from black cat. Also you should add some sexy scenes since she's like a sexy hero, that'll be great!

  9. I love Yana Sivakova's transformation into the beautiful, dark brunette haired Felicia Hardy on a date with her male companion on this film.

  10. Miss Sivakova: Marry Richard W. Smith, Jr. I've been single for 49 years in Youngstown, Ohio. My hometown, of course.

  11. How intense! She looks fantastic in the outfit and very slick. A different feeling of heroine you are going for and I love it!
    Edit: You definitely have my support on Patreon 🙂 Keep it up!

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