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I know you gotta be tired when the night gets dark, lemme be your fire. What is up guys? I’m cravin here and today We’re Gonna be watching Playing with fire and stay japanese version. I’m ready to get burned Japanese/English style, and I’m ready to get mesmerized by their voices on Stay Roses Jisoos (Jesus) and the English Rap by Lisa and Jenny so yeah Let’s just get into it. Let’s go, alright so we gonna be watching playing with fire japanese version Then we’ll watch Stay right after this one. So yeah lets go! I’m ready to get burned up Japanese style and English style. Alright lets go. Why is it so short though only two minutes? Ayyyy It looks completely the same so far. I like it Jenny’s! Japanese vocals.-

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15 thoughts on “BLACKPINK – ‘Playing w/ Fire’ & ‘Stay’ (JP Ver.) MVs BLACKPINK’s BIGGEST FANBOY REACTION

  1. เป็น แฟนบอยที่น่ารักสุดๆๆๆ ^*^ รักลิซ่าของพวกเราไปนานๆนะจ๊ะสุดหล่อ^^

  2. I want to see your reaction to this cute JENLISA video.. it's the cuttest thing I've ever seen ❤ can you please react to it?

  3. I really love your reaction and alam kong pilipino ka kasi sa isa mong reaction kumatok yung mama mo tapos narining ko lang yung language nyo hihihihi

  4. lol what I am going to say is not really about Blackpink but it's kinda, I want to see you falling in love with another Thai girl Natty lol !!!!!!

    Ps. Lisa is my babe !!

  5. Blinks or anyone wondering why the JP versions are short: it's what YG usually does with JP versions. Same with BB, WINNER, iKON… YG usually puts their full MVs on CD/DVD for sale. Full versions get uploaded by a JP fan eventually though 😂

  6. Actually there was a lot of different shots compared to the Korean ver. Lmao u just didn't notice 😂

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