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Can YOU Guess This Week’s Comic Theme? | Marvel’s Pull List

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, Marvelites! You’re watching
Marvel’s Pull List. And I’m Ryan, a.k.a.
Agent M. And I’m Tucker Markus. And every week, we
read every single Marvel comic that comes out. We pick a bunch of them. We pick a topic. And we tell you why
you gotta read them. Tucker, what are we
talking about this week? This week, we’ve
selected four comics. And they’re connected in
one very specific way. OK. But we’re not going
to tell you why. What? Uh, guess the
theme, I suppose. (SINGING) Dun-dah-dah! (SPOKEN) You’ll have to read
these comics yourself to see exactly what connects them. It’s really, really exciting. It’s really interesting stuff. And I’m super pumped about it. We’re starting with a good one. It is DOCTOR DOOM #2. Christopher Cantwell is making
his House of Ideas debut here with this series. And he is doing so much. It is incredible. We see a bunch of
unmasked Doom in this iss. He’s being transported. And he has what I really love. There’s, like, a strike team
that’s responsible for him. And they’re all, like,
responsible for various facets of why he’s so powerful. Some of the
characters that we see continuing to pop in and out of
this journey is so, so awesome. The twists and turns that
the series is going on is so exciting. It, like, is 100 miles
an hour and never stops, but also
with great character work at the same time.
really, really exciting. I’m also pumped about
SAVAGE AVENGERS #7. If you’re not reading
SAVAGE AVENGERS, what are you doing
with your life? You’re missing out on some of
the wildest, coolest stuff. It’s Conan in the
Marvel universe and then everything around him. We got Elektra. We’ve got Doctor Voodoo, Doctor
Strange, all really cool stuff, because they are
facing kind of an evil that they may not be able
to defeat, Kulan Gath. and he’s been killed
numerous times. TUCKER MARKUS: Mhm. RYAN PENAGOS: Comes
back all the time. And he’s got a very
specific purpose, which we find out in this issue. That’s not the connection. No. The connection is at
the end of this issue that ties it into this
episode of Marvel’s Pull List. We will not tell you what it is. Keeping that connection going,
we have OLD MAN QUILL #11. This is the penultimate
issue of this series. And man, what a ride it’s been. We started out with Peter
Quill of the future. Then we got involved with
the Guardians of the Galaxy. Then we found out the
Guardians were dead. And now we’re back with Quill. He’s trying to
figure it all out. This issue blows it all up
in the biggest ways possible. There are so many
characters involved, so many villains involved. And the way we leave it
in particular, I mean, literally could not get bigger– RYAN PENAGOS: Yeah. TUCKER MARKUS: –in
terms of scale. It is so, so cool. – Yeah.
– Yeah. All right. Last book for us to
talk about this week is AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33. This issue, as you can see,
has got Spider-Man 2099. Some big stuff is happening
in the world of 2099, which we’re going to see. There’s a bunch of one
shots coming really soon. But this one is sort
of setting the table, setting the stage
as Miguel O’Hara is in our present time, which
never means anything good. That’s bad and
dangerous and scary. We’ve got Silver Sable actioning
it up in here and so much more. And then, how it ties into our
theme, the last page and a big like–
(SINGING) –duh-duh-duh– RYAN PENAGOS: (SPOKEN) Yeah.
– –moment. And you’re like, ooo-wee! Oh, yeah. We’ll see how that
pans out next issue. But there’s so many
more comics for us to tell you about this week. You’re going to have
to check out Marvel’s Pull List, the podcast version. Get it wherever
you get your audio. And then we’ll be back
with more next week. I’m Ryan.
– And I’m Tucker. And this is Marvel. Your universe. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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66 thoughts on “Can YOU Guess This Week’s Comic Theme? | Marvel’s Pull List

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  2. Haha, the theme is Dr. Doom! The King of Supervillains is kickin' @$$ and takin' names in all of these books!

  3. I haven’t read any of these book, but just from the panels shown. When you’re dealing with Doom, Kang, Kulan Gath, a far future version of Quill and Spider-Man 2099….I’ll bet on Time Travel and Alternate Universes being the connecting thread. Also noted was the large clock in the background.

  4. now there's Old Man Quill, I can't wait to see Chris Prat in that version in the movie and giving that film a Logan vibe to it 😂

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