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Captain Marvel | War of the Realms Ultimate Comic #4

the realm of mortals– weak, pitiful creatures,
especially when compared to denizens
of the other realms, such as the gods of Asgard. But sometimes these mere
mortals can surprise you. The heroes of Midgard
was a strength and courage that cannot be
measured in the usual way. One such hero of Midgard
was Captain Marvel. As Carol Danvers, she
flew a mechanical beast, known on Midgard, as a
fighter jet to wage war. As Captain Marvel, she was
a super-powered warrior. [GRUNTS] But she had never faced
enemies like this before. CAROL DANVERS: Where the
hell did that come from? NARRATOR: That came from
the realm of Jotunheim. For bearing down on Captain
Marvel were Frost Giants. CAROL DANVERS: (SIGHING)
All right, let’s do this. NARRATOR: She knew not how she
would defeat the icy beasts. All she knew was that she must. CAROL DANVERS: Whoa! These things faster
than they look. Let me go! NARRATOR: Captain
Marvel was strong– stronger than just
about anyone on Midgard. But Frost Giants are
not from Midgard. As I mentioned earlier,
they are from Jotunheim. [ROARING] Concrete, steel, glass,
and assorted paperwork rushed by as the Frost
Giant slammed her deep within the abandoned building! [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] CAROL DANVERS: This is insane. That was a whole building. How are they so big? [ROARS] And so fast? NARRATOR: Most warriors would
have given up at this point. The battle seemed lost– retreat or die! Carol Danvers was
not most warriors. CAROL DANVERS: They can
always see me coming. They won’t see this coming. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Like one of her
peculiar Midgard fighter jets, Captain Marvel blasted upward. Verily, the Frost Giants
did not see it coming. Carol avoided a clasp of
the other Frost Giant. She was a quick learner. Frost Giants are quick of
motion, quick to anger, and quick to strike, but
they are not quick to learn– kaboom! [GRUNTS] CAROL DANVERS: Not so
fast, now, are you, boys? NARRATOR: Captain Marvel
stood victorious having bested the pair of Frost Giants. She may have been knocked
down into the dirt, but Captain Marvel always
rises back up into the skies. CAROL DANVERS: That
wasn’t too bad. [ROARING] Oh, no. NARRATOR: Oh, yes, Carol. This war had only just begun. CAROL DANVERS: All right. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s do this. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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13 thoughts on “Captain Marvel | War of the Realms Ultimate Comic #4

  1. The character in this video is prettier than Brie Larson could ever be. My ex in a Powergirl costume would make all the men drop their jaws than Brie ever could.

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