28 thoughts on “Catwoman Vengeance (Selina Kyle Batman returns version, DC Comics/Superheroine/Short movie/Fan Film)

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  2. I’m personally not a fan of the costume a little bit to much stitching on the outfit however the story of the film seemed interesting.

  3. About episode: she is cool and hot, AGREE! But so bad what episode was so short, if I was autor I will add a few scenes, but you do a good job! LIKE and SUPPORT!

  4. Boy do you ever know how to tease me!… haha 😉

    As always, looking forward to seeing the next episode.

    Always look forward to seeing more 🦇 themed work of yours, although 🕷️ themed is good too (personally more of a DC guy).

    I have liked all of your work I have seen.🙂

    Thank you and take care.

  5. Overall a good video, always glad to see Catwoman in action! The costume is ok, but to be honest….I don't like that mask. Catwoman needs a cowl with a chin strap (with slightly flexible material) . This one can fall off any second when she moves quickly. No challenge to unmask her 😉
    Thanks for all your videos!

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  7. The actress is really talented. She can portray many emotions I like how her cockiness 0:49 turns into shock 1:20 and then fear mixed with pain 1:36 in a short space of time.

  8. 1:35 Excellent actress! Those mixture of emotions in her eyes, everything across from pain to disbelief to panic – just incredible.

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