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Chapter 125 Full Breakdown & Review | Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Chapter 125 just dropped and I absolutely
loved it, how can’t I? We had another comeback, a very anticipated
backstory, a lot is going on in the background and things are pointing in the direction of
another big twist, and I will explain why I think that in today’s video. Welcome manga fans for another attack on titan
video Before we start let me just remind you that
this video is going to contain manga spoilers for the chapter 125, and please consider supporting
the creators by purchasing the chapters when the become available online or in paperback Like always I am going to review this chapter,
and as we go on, I will pause in special moments that I think need more attention, and when
we’ll finish with the review we will address the possible twist i mentioned and also couple
of more interesting that are forming in the background And of course, don’t forget to subscribe
and visit me on my other socials and please like this video, to let YouTube know I’m
doing a good job And with that, lets go to our chapter Our chapter, named After Glow, begins in Stohess
district in wall Sina, HItch and the other military police soldiers are trying to help
people that have been caught in the destruction from the wall titans march. I mentioned this in my video about how many
wall titans are inside the walls, I talked about the damage to the island itself because
of their movement, and I am happy that Isayama also took this into consideration. Some understand that this is collateral damage
and Eren didn’t mean the titans to hurt the people of the island, while other accuse
Eren for all the destruction and deaths all around. When Hitch sees there is a chance for a riot
to break between the people in the district she returns to the head quarters to bring
weapons and the other recruits. Hitch follows water trail marks to a room
and here we get my personal panel this chapter, when Annie that just woke up, grabs her by
surprise. Here we can definitely see the difference
in size between the two, so I guess we can say that Annie indeed stayed the same and
didn’t mature inside the crystal. Hitch takes down Annie very easily, telling
her she is as weak as an old lady. But Annie shows her that she already cut herself,
and she could transform to a titan right now if she wanted, and she just wants hitch to
listen to her. When someone knocks on the door hitch decides
to let Annie explain and they fled to the stables. One thing here… I don’t really thing Annie could have transformed
in that moment, because she is inside a closed space without any sunlight, and we remember
she didn’t want to go underground with armin in the first season, probably because of the
same reason.I think that annie guessed that Hitch doesn’t know that. In the stables, Annie admits that she has
been conscious all this time for 4 years what felt to her like a faint dream, she could
hear Hitch And Armin’s voices talking to her in the distance and when she couldn’t
hear them she was stuck at the same darkness That is also the reason why she is up to date
with this entire situation, and also she heard Eren’s message so she knows what is going
on. If you ask me, I guess what Annie felt was
something similar to what all the wall titans have been feeling for years, stuck inside
the same crystal, only inside a titan form which might be even worse. Hitch and Annie ride and watch all the mess
around, and hitch remind the time the female titan destroyed the city. Hitch asks her how did it feel to take all
those lives back then, and Annie answers that back then non of this crossed her mind, because
she was taught that after crossing the frontiers killing soldiers and civilians was fine and
even was something to be praised for, and that every action is justified in order to
atone the sins of Eldia. A little side not here… this kind of Marley
style brainwashing actually happend in our world not once, for example during the crusades
the old chatolic church gave the soldiers a free hand to do anything the pleased, by
letting them believe they are doing God’s work
So this scenario that Annie is describing is no so far fetched, and we also heard Gabi
talks the same way before. Annie tells hitch that she was never interested
in things like saving the world… and right here and then we get one of the most anticipated
back stories in Attack on titan. As we discover for the first time some more
details about her origin. Annie was Abandoned right after birth, Her
parents apparently were an Eldian father while her mother was from Marley or some other place
in the world. Annie was given to an eldian who came from
another country, with a single objective to train her to get into the warriors program,
and by that he will also get all the privileges that families of warriors get. Before she was even old enough to understand
her place in the world, The man had already drilled into her some hand to hand combat
technique from his homeland, making her go through countless training, only interested
in her becoming a warrior. As she grew up she became as strong as he
wanted, and she got back with him for all the punishments he made her go through, and
she left him in a state that he would never be able to walk straight again. But after she hurt him the man laughed and
said that now she can kill the enemy even if she doesn’t have any weapons. From that day, she lost the value for other
people’s lives and even for her own, nothing really mattered to her…. that is until the
day she left for paradis island, when the man came to her and apologized for everything
he did to her, and that the only thing he wants now is to see her come back. That day she finally saw this man as her father
because she saw he thought of her as his own daughter. She says that she just wants to go back to
her father, she does understand that she did horrible things, but if it’s to go back
to her father she would have done it again. Hitch tells her that she’s glad she could
hear that, but she reminds Annie that by looking at the titans her father on Marley is doomed
to die. Stick around after the review because I want
to talk more about Annie’s backstory From there we go to Liberio on Marley where
Annie’s father along with the other Eldians are trying to convince the marleyan guards
that they are all in danger. The guards refuse to believe them, claiming
that this is just some way for them to escape. Things get escalated, and the soldiers threatened
to arrest them all. Mr leoheart remembers Annie, promising to
come back home, and we see him attacking one of the guards. I really hope that this will develop into
some kind of uprising inside Liberio, and not just ending with Annie’s father getting
a bullet to his brain From there we go to Keith Shadis and the cadets. He tells them that the yeagerists currently
have the support of the population and that they would surely take control of this island
soon. And for him, someone from the older generation,
there is no longer a place here. The cadets tell him that he is the reason
they are all still alive, and that they will protect him no matter what. To that he tells them that they are fools,
and that he only let the yeagerists beat him up before to show them they should not oppose
them for now, they should protect themselves and be part of the system, however, he tells
them there will be a day they should have to take a stand, but until then they should
not lose sight of themselves. And this reminded me of. this situation kinda reminds me Grisha Yeager
and the restorationists, which also had to be quiet under Marley’s control, but not
lose sight of themselves and wait for the day to act. Only now, this situation is about to repeat
itself on paradis island, and again we see the motive of history repairing itself in
attack on titan From the cadets we go to armin and Mikasa,
when armin is preparing to go and find Connie before he feeds falco to his mom. When mikasa asks what is he going to say to
him, he tells her that he is going to explain to Connie that if he does this he will create
a new generation of fighting over control of titans against the warriors, only now it
will be on their island. He also going to tell him that even as a tian
his mother is fine as she is. Mikasa which looks completely lost asks armin
what should she do, and he tells her she need to think for herself for once. But when she asks what they should do about
eren armin completely snaps at her, telling her there is nothing they can do about it
anyways. He tells her that the Chain of command is
completely gone, Levi and Hanji may have been killed, that Annie is probably back and basically
every other scenario that is going to go wrong very soon, so they have no time to think about
eren right now. Mikasa, looking sad as hell tells him she
sorry, and Armin admits for the second time since the time on the roof, that if Erwin
was here, things would’ve been different, and that he should have lived that day instead
of him, and with that he lives Mikasa in the room, when she realizes her scarf is missing. Thinking back, we can assume Louise took it
if you go back to this panel, and also, I really feel sorry for Mikasa, I think by now
she can’t even mention Eren’s name without being slapped in the face with the “slave”
label by the entire fandom. And while i do agree that Mikasa lacks some
character development, she indeed started to change in the latest chapters, and honestly,
I truly believe she simply misses her best friend. We go then to the Blause family and Gabi who
is preparing to go after Connie and falco. Kaya still calls her Mia, and Gabi tells her
that her real name is Gabi, and Kaya responds that Gabi is a strange name and Mia is better. They both say goodbye as we go to jean, flock
and the volunteers, we see jean yelling to flock not to shoot and one of the volunteers
hurt on the floor Here we get another twist when floch informs
everyone that he has been working with Eren on this plan for 10 months. Now I don’t know why from all people Eren
would have picked to trust Floch with his plan, so tell me in the comments. Do you think floch is telling the truth? He tells everyone that he and some of his
friends helped Eren, and now that all the world is about to be destroyed, the volunteers
have lost their dream to restore thief homelands, but they have a choice to join the Eldian
Empire from now on… at that point the wounded soldier on the ground starts yelling at floch
shoots him throw his head without even thinking about it. At that point Mikasa also joins them, just
as Floch explains to Jean that he is Eren’s representative on this island, and that he
will eradicate all hate from the island while Eren solves all the problems outside of it. He tells Jean that they are all finally free
now, free to stop fighting and free to do what they want And when jean asks if it’s really over,
Floch tells him that it’s indeed over and that jean should now go back to being his
old self, like the arrogant bastard he once was. From this remark We can clearly see that Floch
doesn’t like Jean at all! And before jean can answer back, Mikasa asks
him about Hanji and Levi, and floch tells her that Zeke killed them both. From there we go to Connie and Falco on a
joyride towards ragako village. Falco is under the impression that Connie
saved him, and while Connie thinks of his family and how he promised to come back home
to them, falco thanks him for going through all this trouble just for him. Falco is glad that mister Connie is a good
person, and of course he lost his memories since he inherited the jaws titan, but he
doesn’t know this yet, He also has a feeling he saw Connie before,
and he is right, he saw him in the airship after Gabi shoot Sasha, but again he doesn’t
remember it. And from there we go to Pieck and Magath looking
at all the titans, and talking about going back to Marley and try to warn them, but they
both also agree they don’t even have a plan to handle the situation. And in that moment we see someone walking
in the distance, and we see a Hanji. She begs them not to eat her, because she
has no weapons. And when she is asked who is with her on her
wagon, she tells them they don’t need to worry, this is only a harmless man who failed
to die …and we finally get to see Levi, who still looks unconscious but at least alive,
and there is where our chapter ends. And look at writing at the end… a soldier
shall not die until he has given meaning to his life, what tells me, Levi still has one
major thing left to do, maybe killing Zeke, or maybe something else. And now let me point out some very important
things in this chapter that really makes it smart in my opinion. First, notice that isayama is trying to show
us that a little microcosm of the world is forming all over again, only now it is just
on this island. We can see it from armin’s claim that a
new war for titans will form against the warriors because of connie’s actions And then Keith shadis, telling the cadets
to wait for the right moment, literally telling them to form some kind of resistance, just
live we saw Grisha and the other restorationists on Marley. And of course, floch, who now wants to eradicate
all hate from the island, but who will decide what is evil? That is a huge problem, and as we see factions
forming against and pro eren, we can see how the world conflict is copying itself to the
small island. Second thing, notice that the entire group
is separated for the first time ever. Eren is god knows where
Armin is about to meat with Connie, falco and Gabi at ragako village. Mikasa and jean are at the command center I think this is the first time all of them
were completely separated with actual distance between them so I though it was worth mentioning. And finally, why I think there is another
twist coming, in one word, annie! And i will explain. Take a look at her past, we see that her mother’s
lover was eldian but we don’t know anything about the mother, but we do see that someone
actually went to great lengths to make sure annie will survive and maintain a certain
purpose Why do you think that is? I mean, why not kill the child? My guess is that the parents had some influence
if the baby was kept alive. And it has the same vibe of historia’s past,
when she was sent to another household, only to be kept until she is needed. What I am trying to say is that is still a
mystery behind her past, and if you pair this with the fact she was frozen for 8 years (in
the manga) and correct me if i am wrong, but I don’t think we have seen something quiet
like it in other anime’s. And because of that, and also much more i
talked about in my annie video, I believe isayama kept annie away from the story for
a final big twist, if not, her character is wasted, and I really can’t believe Isayama
would do something like that. If you enjoyed this video my friend don’t
forget to subscribe and to drop a little like to let me know you enjoyed it. And that is all for today my titan loving
friends, and as usual I would live hearing from you on the comment or in any of my other
socials, I will link them all in the description. Thank you so much for joining me today, and
until next time let me just remind you all to dedicate your hearts to humanity, inside,
and outside the wall.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 125 Full Breakdown & Review | Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

  1. Great analysis man, I always enjoy hearing your take on the last Titan's events!
    Annie upcoming purpose is clear for what I can see, but the thing that hit me the most was the soldier's ultimate purpose, supposedly referred to Levy; it's aligned with Levy 's character and arc, and it's even in line with Rosharch fate in Watchmen. So even as I understand Levy 's destined to the ultimate hero sacrifice and incredible deed, I'm still sad that he'll have to go!…

  2. One thing I loved was Isayama cutting back to when Annie squished the bug as a child. I noticed this at the time and thought it may be a reference to her lack of feelings.

    As for Floch I think Eren simply chose the person who would most feverently follow his commands with no qualms. We saw Mikasa on Marley feeling uneasy with Eren's actions so I think he needed someone far less ethical.
    As for Mikasa I really hope Isayama is building up her character arc for a good finale. Her character is so trampled right now!

  3. I can't see how this manga is gonna end before 2020 seriously. I feel it has been rushed a bit: historia, the mystery of the ackermann, the titan scientists, the asian clan are all elements still need clarifying. And the character developpement is all over the place: what happened to armin and mikasa ?? They look like absolutely clueless lifeless characters. what's the deal with gabi ? Reiner ? I really hope Isayama is cooking up something really original because so far I feel this is going downhill fast and ruining everything.

  4. Annie is probably a tybur or a royal family member. She has some kind of secret power surely. I think the thing that is weird in the last chapters and that started to be mentionned is the "blood testing" stuff, that's really weird that the manga just started mentionning this.

  5. Great video again! Been waiting for this πŸ™‚ 1k hopefully soon!
    It is so satisfying to see Annie's importance in the plot again. I'm sure it's not a coincidence she is adopted, like why making up this story if it were useless? Her real parents or at least her mom are definitely not ordinary perople… I can't wait for it to be revealed and Annie stealing the show.
    About Floch… I'm not sure, but I think he didn't lie. What reason should he have to lie? To have an excuse to behave like the king? Maybe. But Floch's past actions match with him knowing what was going on and he also didn't drink the wine…
    Eren must have seen some potential in him which I don't understand because Floch is an idiot, but whatever.
    What I find more interesting is the time IF Floch says the truth. Ten months. I guess that was shortly before they went to Marley? That would mean Eren already planned all of this at least ten months ago!
    And I have one more question, sorry it's a bit stupid. I never really understood the "You can't turn into a titan being underground". Why exactly is that? Because you need sunlight to turn into a titan? Or because of walls stopping you? But then again is it not possible to breach those walls while transforming? Like in chapter 100 when Eren talked to Reiner he turned into a titan and breached a whole building while being in a cellar. I'm just confused about this.

  6. Everyone are wanting to know what will eren do at the end but I just wanna see what that spine creature is and where is it now and are there more of em??

  7. I swear once I read Annie's backstory I thought that her parents or at least her Father is someone important. She could be royalty, could she be Historia's sister? They kinda look alike, I don't know I also saw a twist in this story

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