Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Sabrina The SATANIC Witch

[Haunting Music]
Fear is our deepest and strongest
emotion, and the one which best lends itself to the creation of nature defying
illusions. Today in the show to prepare you for the upcoming Netflix series we
are going to be talking about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina [Haunting Music Continues] The story begins October 31st Westbridge
Massachusetts We see Edward Theodore Spellman high priest of the Church of
the Night, waiting. This man has brought his Lord Satan to
the physical realm multiple times in his life but the task he has to do tonight
fills even his dark heart with dread The clock strikes midnight and behind him
appears a large group of women Sisters of the Church of the night and they are
ready to carry out this dark task They have to take a child away from her
mother. Now this apparently was a long time
coming yet when Edward goes to collect the child from her mother who should be
in a room saying goodbye the mother and the child have fled into the night You see this woman knows the truth she knew Edward was a witch and Edward knew that
by marrying a mortal woman he was breaking witch law yet an exception was
made and they went ahead Her plan is just to get to a church some form of
consecrated ground where they will be safe. But this was a terrible mistake
witches are the woods, they are the sky and they are the night. There was no way
she was going to escape She tries to cling onto the baby but when she looks
down the child has been replaced by a rag doll and the baby is in Edwards arms You see she would never have been able to give birth without the witch’s
intervention so she made a pact they would make her fertile and in exchange
she would have to give up her firstborn she has permission to have as many
babies as she wants after this one but this firstborn, this witch child, must go
with the sisters of the Church of the night. But when Diana threatens to tell
the whole world about Edward in the Church of the night he uses a spell
break her mind and has her put in the Hearthstone clinic for the mentally
unwell Where they lobotomize her. We will never know for sure if Diana had any
other family Edward claims it was just him As he
leaves the hospital Hilda and Zelda are there to confirm that the church is not
compromised when he confirms this he picks up his daughter the witch child
Sabrina Six years later to the day it’s Sabrina’s birthday and she is having a
telekinetic tantrum her father has failed once again to come home for her
birthday and this has broken her young heart Hilda and Zelda are quick to
discipline the child telling her that she is much too clever to be having a
tantrum like this and she is a Spellman child and she should start acting like
one and they make her state the rule of telekinesis “not in the house” Sabrina
says that she’s sorry but she was just so upset over her father not being there
for her birthday and Hilda and Zelda tell her then I me just because her
father isn’t there and he didn’t call doesn’t mean he forgot it means he just
can’t. You see what Sabrina doesn’t know is as punishment for breaking witch law
Sabrina’s father has been turned into a tree. But her aunt’s do promise Sabrina
that you will return to the coven and Sabrina as soon as he can The aunts decide to cheer Sabrina up by giving her her birthday present and when
Sabrina opens it she’s like oh what is it is it a puppy and this kind of makes
Hilda feel even more guilty because she’s like “oh maybe we should have
gotten her a dog” and Zelda is like “look every witch needs a familiar a protector
and dogs are just not smart enough to fill that job” when Sabrina opens the box
it is a talking cat inside and the cat’s name is Salem This cat was apparently
once a human boy not a witch and at one point he was turned into a cat for
trying to reenact the book of Revelation The 4th of September 1962 Sabrina’s
first day of sixth grade Sabrina comes home crying She says to her aunts “am I a half-breed?” And the aunts are shocked at this question
because this was a secret that was kept away from Sabrina something that she
should never have found out about They asked her who told her this disgusting
lie because they want to go and punish this person Salem
even wants to scratch the child’s eyes out
Sabrina tells her aunts it was a girl called Adeline Hubbard apparently this
girl told Sabrina that she was a half-breed that would never be powerful
and never know true love she told Sabrina that her dad married a human
woman and he got banished and that’s why her father isn’t around anymore and
that’s why her mother’s dead This makes something and Hilda snap and in the
time it takes her spell to be uttered Hilda appears before young Adeline
Hubbard When the child looks up at Hilda and smiles confirming who she is
Hilda turns into a giant spider and punishes the child You see all Hubbard’s
in the witching world have a huge fear of spiders Now when Hilda returns home Zelda reveals that they are considering
leaving Westbridge Now the two Aunts really don’t want to leave Sabrina’s
side to talk about this plan so they communicate telepathically Zelda points
out that it would be easier for Sabrina to grow up around humans because she
will be the most powerful of her kind around humans whereas if she grew up
around witches she’s a half witch there’s no guarantee that she’s going to
be all that powerful and that’s when Sabrina interjects and reveals she can
hear this whole conversation And the aunts are little bit shocked at this but
they revealed that it just means that she’s becoming more powerful anyway And
shortly after this they move into a funeral home across the road from a
cemetery in the town of Greendale In the summer of 1964 Sabrina comes home from
school and she says that she’s planning on going swimming but that’s when she
meets her cousin Ambrose from England for the first time and he’s coming to
stay with her When they go up to his room he reveals that he’s being
homeschooled by Hilda and Zelda for now because he’s actually being punished he
actually took one of his mortal prefects hands away and then restored the hand
but because of this he outed himself as a warlock in the process High Priest
Crowley wanted to send him away to the nether realm as punishment but Hilda and
Zelda interjected and had him come and live with them for rehabilitation It’s also worth noting that Ambrose has to snake familiars Nag and Nagania They claim to be children of the snake God Glycon Salem hates the two
of them instantly and Ambrose then tell Sabrina that he and his familiars really do
appreciate the drama in their lives And Sabrina says well in that case I feel
sorry for you because nothing ever happens in Greendale A few months pass
and it’s Sabrina’s first day of high school and Ambrose actually encourages
Sabrina to go to high school with a glamour on so she can be the most
beautiful girl in the school Now a glamour is a very very simple vanity
spell that can make you look however you want to look but witches often use it
for protection to look at different way so they could fit in more easily with
society Ambrose even says to Sabrina that she should at least change her hair
to a different color but Sabrina says she likes her hair even though it’s
turning white Salem eventually walks in and tells her
you’re going as yourself we move to this town where nothing happens so you could
unapologetically be yourself so Sabrina goes to school as herself and Salem
stands by the fact that Glamour’s are just for crones but Ambrose says he was
encouraging Sabrina to use a glamour for her own protection high school is hell
on earth And sure enough shortly after Sabrina gets to high school she meets a
girl called Roz and she instantly asks is it true that you live in the funeral
home and that your parents are dead and Sabrina just says yes and yes and the
girl keeps throwing questions at Sabrina but not really caring about her response
which is fine because Sabrina stopped listening and that’s when something else
catches her attention A boy A boy named Harvey kinkle as he passes by he
complements Sabrina’s white hair and that’s when Roz steps in between them
all says hands off Harvey Kinkle is mine now Sabrina goes home and she talks to
Ambrose about this and asks if he knows of any spells that will make Harvey fall
in love with her but Salem is like “This is wrong and you know it your aunt’s
would be against it plus it’s against witch law for witches to consort with
mortals” but Sabrina says at this point she knows her mother was a mortal and
her father was a witch she knows it for sure
and she likes to believe that they’re out there together somewhere just
happy And she wants to believe that they’ll come back for her one day, and
Salem sort of keeps silent says that he’s still against this not wanting to
reveal the truth to Sabrina So Ambrose and Sabrina start working on a honey jar
love spell that was taught to him by a Mexican witch named La Saracho Now the
spell is actually fairly easy it’s just a case of following one step after
another and Salem actually does say midway through the spell “don’t you want
Harvey to like you for you” and Sabrina says this is me I’m a teenage witch this
is what I do I’m unapologetically being myself by doing the spell on Harvey And sure enough the next day at school Harvey meets up with Sabrina the two get
to talking and by the end of that conversation the two of them are going
out on a date that weekend Meanwhile in Riverdale two young witches named Betty
and Veronica tried to summon a demon now they just want to summon a succubus to
settle their rivalry over a boy called Archie but in the process they
accidentally summon madam Satan and set her free from the capital city of Hell Now all demons at one point used to be alive on earth so this demon consumes a
pregnant Doe and her unborn calf to sustain her for a while Her memories of her previous life start to come back to her she has the name Edward stuck in her
head she was meant to marry this man but he left her he left her for a mortal a
mortal woman named Diana This is why she took her own life and she ended up being
tied to the capital city of hell And now she’s free she’s on the mortal plane and
she wants revenge But before she can begin she needs a new face so she hides
in the waters of a pond for an entire year after emerging she makes her way to
a sleepaway camp and she begins to sing and if one of the girls awakes she would
steal their face but all of them stayed fast asleep So she finds the prettiest
girl and just steals her face She then makes her way onto the road waits for a
truck to come by and tells a man driving by that she’s cold and she’s scared and
she can’t remember who she is and she needs help at this point all of this is
lies They begin to drive away and she could instantly sense
this man didn’t want to help her he had his own motives so she decides that
she’s going to have some fun with this man she tells him that she can sense the
47 other women that he’s hurt over the years and she tells him they’re speaking
to her and want her to do the same to him And the next thing we see is Madam
Satan riding the truck with the dead body of the man next to her She
eventually makes her way to New England Massachusetts and listens to the wind
beneath the hanging trees You see these hanging trees are sacred for witches and
reveals secrets to them and the wind whispers to her Westbridge And when she
goes to Westbridge she quickly finds her love Edward trapped inside of a tree Now
trapping a witch like Edward would have been no easy feat he was incredibly
powerful it would have taken either two powerful witches or an entire coven She started to recite a spell to free Edwards bones to free him from this
purgatory but that’s when she begins to remember You see she and Edward used to
walk along the beach and he would recite Annabel Lee to her but this just
reminded her Edward abandoned her he abandoned her for a mortal woman he
abandoned her for a mortal woman named Diana So she summons the fires of hell destroying the tree and in turn
destroying any hope that Edward had of being revived She then uses the cinders
of the tree to find where the mortal was and quickly finds her way to the
Hearthstone clinic She uses her magic to brainwash all the staff at a clinic into
believing that she is Diana Spellman’s long-lost sister and wants to speak to
her When she meets Diana in her mentally incapacitated state she tells her to
imagine a place with no light no warmth no love no nothing Because that’s the
place she’s been, and that place is hell it’s not literal hell we then flash back
to the last moments that this woman and Edward spent together they were out a
zoo and she thought it was going to be like a romantic date She was a powerful
witch named Iola and Edward was a powerful witch from the Spellman family
not almost like a match made in heaven her eyes. But that’s when he tells her
he’s met someone else as a mortal woman and the council have already approved
this exception on the grounds that she bears a child for him who would be his
future vessel She was disgusted not only is she being replaced she’s being
replaced by a mortal something witches view as like dogs mortals are
insignificant in which his eyes how could she be replaced with a mortal so
she casts a spell and teleports herself into the Lions pit before feeding time
and commits suicide by being consumed and that’s when she finds herself in
hell And while she’s in Hell The only thing she can say to herself is “if I
ever meet this mortal woman what will I do” Back in the present day though she
looks at Diana and it’s clear to her that Edward has wronged her too so the
only gift she’s going to give Diana is mercy and she walks away And quickly
changes her mind She approaches Diana again and tells her that Edward probably
made arrangements so she’d never leave this place
she must be unaware of what’s even happening right now so she gives her the
gift of mental clarity the ability to be aware of the fact that she is trapped in
this prison her mind has essentially been restored but the doctors will never
let her leave As Iola leaves thinking her work is done the nurse at the front desk
asks how Sabrina is doing when Iola asked who’s Sabrina the nurse is like “oh
you know mr. Spellman and Diana’s daughter I haven’t seen her for ages” And then the
nurse tells Iola where Sabrina is and who she’s living with The following
Monday Iola makes her way to Greendale and instantly starts to cause chaos Meanwhile Sabrina starts to have a nightmare
there’s a woman chasing her in her dream but she quickly realizes it’s her own
mother that’s chasing her Her mother tells it that she tried to protect her
protect her from her father and his sisters but now someone is coming for
her the devil’s concubine the queen of hell and she wants blood At first
Sabrina think she means Rosalina (Roz) and her mother tells her no not her although she
should be careful of Rosalina because she is not
as she seems but the real danger right now is her father’s first love for The
dream cuts off when Sabrina is shocked awake by banging branches on her window
she goes and transforms the branches into vines because vines are a lot more
quieter than branches But as she’s doing this she’s still half asleep and the
dream fades and by the time the next morning comes around
Sabrina’s completely forgotten the details of the dream But the next
morning that aunts note something is wrong the milk has turned far earlier
than it’s supposed to and this is a terrible omen And there was also a
murder at the town’s local bar last night which is something that never
happens in Greendale Ambrose notes that Sabrina seems off
today but she just says oh I had a dream and I can’t remember it that’s all Across town Iola has found a place to stay and she
asks about the local high school meanwhile at the local high school
Sabrina is auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie
Sabrina has decided to sing Ann Margaret’s number “Title song” which was
made for the movie which some of the other girls laugh at because it’s not
even in the actual musical Little do they know Sabrina is a witch, so Sabrina
actually learned the song directly from Ann Margaret herself the previous week
because Ann Margaret is also a witch and is close with Hilda and Zelda Everyone is so captivated with Sabrina’s singing that no one notices the crow
flying in observe Sabrina and then leave and go and report in to Iola The
crow up until last night had actually been a human who was involved with the
murder that happened that previous night and the crow tells Iola everything from
Sabrina’s school to her relationship with Harvey to the other girls gossiping
about Sabrina everything That Tuesday night Evelyn
Gardenia head of choir and drama at Sabrina’s school goes and takes herself
on a date she likes going to the picture house and watching romance movies She
sits alone as the movie begins but that’s when Iola comes and joins her and
rather than paying attention to the movie this time she and Iola spend the
whole time gossiping like schoolgirls just about small things like the weather
love life that kind of deal At the end of the movie Iola borrows a handkerchief
from Evelyn and Iola does think to herself in another lifetime
the two of them could have been very good friends But she has to use the
handkerchief to cast a spell that will put Evelyn into an eternal sleep And by
that Wednesday morning the news hit the school
Evelyn Gardenia had a stroke and is now in a coma and will not be returning to
the school So that day a new teacher joins the school going by the name Miss
Porter but to us it’s clearly Iola The next chapter starts off with a flashback
Hilda and Zelda basically telling Sabrina in this flashback what it means
if she fails the baptism You see all witches must be baptized into the Church
of the night and if they join the church they become one of Satan’s handmaidens
but if they don’t join that church in Sabrina’s case she’ll turn mortal
because she’s half mortal and over time her powers will fade but in exchange it
does mean she’ll be allowed to experience true love from a mortal In Sabrina’s present day she’s walking down the hallway with her now boyfriend
Harvey when Miss Porter calls her over and Harvey tells her he’ll meet her in
the car She tells Sabrina that she found Miss Gardenia’s casting notes for Bye Bye
Birdie and the person set to play Kim the leading girl and be partnered with
Harvey who’s going to play the leading boy is between Sabrina
Rosalina And miss Porter is like “Well, I have a feeling the two of us would get
along much better than me and Rosalina do you know anything about her I don’t”
and that’s when Sabrina gossips about Rosalina saying that she made miss
Gardenias life a living hell by being a diva this convinces her that Sabrina
will play Kim and the two of them will be spending a lot of time together When
Sabrina goes out to the car to tell Harvey the good news the only reason
he’s happy about this is that it means that the two of them will get to make
out in front of the entire school and then she gets into his car and he tries
to pressure her into sleeping with him and Sabrina’s like I can’t Because what
he doesn’t know is that in order for her to do the baptism she has to be pure of
mind and pure of body so that means she has to be a virgin. In fact when she
asked her Aunt Hilda about this Hilda was like you are a fifteen-year-old girl
you are far too young to be thinking about this Is that this mortal boy is
this mortal boy pressuring you and at the time Sabrina was like
“no it’s not Harvey I’m 15 all the girls my age are doing it I’m the only one who
hasn’t” so back with Harvey he actually does agree to stop pressuring her
because clearly she’s not gonna give way and she even has to tell him she can’t
see him tomorrow on her birthday because she has a family thing Little does he know it’s her baptism into the Church of the night Iola’s crow reports into her and she tells the crow to go into the woods and look for the
altar of the Church of the night meanwhile back at Sabrina’s home is the
wee hours of the morning and she’s so nervous about her baptism she has to
fast for 24 hours she has to light a candle every hour on the hour
once daybreak hits she’s not allowed to speak again until dark and then on top of all of that there’s Harvey after tomorrow night the two of
them can’t be together and Ambrose just tells her it’s meant to be it will be if
it’s forever they’ll find a way To cheer Sabrina up Ambrose shows her her baptism
gift from her aunts as so long as she promises to act surprised when they give
this gift to her and it’s Sabrina’s first broom and the fact that she’ll be
able to fly after the baptism more than convinces her to go through with it The
next day at school obviously Sabrina is absent so miss
Porter and Harvey begin to talk she tells Harvey that she overheard a
conversation with Rosalina saying that apparently Sabrina goes into some of the
woods at night and does strange things there apparently she meets up with a man But Sabrina’s baptism is a particularly special one because as we find out in a
flashback back to 1962 Zelda reveals that not only does Sabrina’s baptism
happen on her birthday which is incredibly rare it happens on a Blood
Moon at the peak of Samhain On the night of the baptism Sabrina puts her dress on
and she has to ride sidesaddle on a goat through the sky into the woods then step
into a blue fire after this she’s taken to the hollow where they dance under the
blood moon following this the clone of the Sabbath arrives on a black stack and
she has Sabrina received The unholy communion.
Following this Sabrina must give a blood sacrifice the goat she rode in on At
first she falters because she’s never taken an animal’s life before she
really doesn’t know if she can do it but she manages to push through and after
this is covered in blood This allows the goat to be reborn as Satan on earth and
he presents his book to her and as Sabrina is about to write her name in it
and cast her life away Harvey appears at the edge of the hollow
and he calls out Sabrina’s name this shocked Sabrina and all of the witches
and Sabrina just tells him to run knowing that the witches will take his
life Now this isn’t actually the first time Harvey’s had to run for his life
through the woods one time when he was very young he found a stash of porn in
the woods and it turned out it belonged to a gang of local thugs He actually
stole the porn and ran for his life home and nothing ever happened after that But as Harvey’s running this time he realizes he left Sabrina back there what
were they doing to her he just doesn’t understand she was covered in blood And
when he turns around there he sees Sabrina and she’s okay He begs for her
forgiveness and she’s like it’s fine they can’t hurt us anymore
we’re safe now kiss me and everything will be all right But something isn’t right something’s demonic about her voice but he can’t
resist he goes in and kisses her and this being reveals its true form That of
a witch Meanwhile the real Sabrina is being punished by the queen of the
Sabbath She’s saying she didn’t bring Harvey there she was just as surprised
as everyone else But she’s not being listened to she’s being told that she
will have to face the wrath of the council the whole Spellman family will and Sabrina’s like fine I’ll face the council just let me help and she breaks
free hurting the queen of the Sabbath in turn Sabrina runs through the forest
looking for Harvey trying to save his life all the possibilities are racing
through her mind did he follow her because he didn’t trust her no that
couldn’t have been it right he trusted her and what would happen when she found
him they’d have to run away from Greendale and live their life out
together around a ring of salt But when she finds Harvey He was already dead
consumed by a witch And in that moment she faints and
a vision of what her life would have been if she had chosen not to be
baptized they would have been the ideal couple prom king and queen,
married, children, moved to the city, then moved back to the country. But because
she chose to become baptized that vision turns to darkness When Sabrina wakes up
she thinks it was all a dream but she quickly finds out that no all of
that really happened and Harvey is dead and the council are now working hard to
cover up Harvey’s death When Sabrina says to her
aunts why didn’t you help me save Harvey they say because the Dark Lord needed
blood you didn’t sign your name in the book in time you got distracted so it
was either your blood or Harvey’s and they would have much rather have been
Harvey’s Over the next few days Sabrina never smiles she rarely talks and she
cries herself to sleep at night And at school she has to act as if she knows
nothing when she knows the truth Even kids from Riverdale come to Greendale to
help look for Harvey And that’s when Iola actually reveals to Betty and
Veronica that she is alive and kicking and the two girls actually leave the
town somewhat traumatized The main source of Sabrina’s guilt isn’t that
she’ll never get to live out this ideal romantic life it’s that his parents will
never know the truth even if the council managed to frame it so they get some
form of closure they’ll never know The truth. And just everything around Sabrina
reminds her of that every tiny little insignificant thing When it’s finally
revealed to Sabrina that the council framed three men that have done
countless unspeakable things in their life and hurt so many people for the
murder of Harvey it’s still not enough for her she just feels so guilty when
Mr and Mrs Kinkle come to the school to empty out Harvey’s locker Harvey’s
mother pulls Sabrina aside and reveals to her that Harvey was going to propose
to her that Saturday And Sabrina runs away crying and hides in the bathroom
and that’s when Miss Porter approaches Sabrina and reveals to her she knows a
way to bring Harvey back and that’s where the story ends So I know this
ended on a cliffhanger The Next four issues are the start are of like
next story in the series There’s a total of eight issues in the series There
should have been a ninth the story should have kept going it went on hiatus
and just never came out of hiatus It was supposed to come out of hiatus April
this year and just never did we don’t know why and it probably never will
because you know there’s an upcoming Netflix series and you think they’d
update us on it but they just haven’t that fun In this video at covered
issues 1 to 4 please let me know if you want me to cover the other four but if
you want to support the series please do please go and show Archie comics hey we
want to see how this series finishes because the series sold ridiculously
well but clearly not well enough for it to get a continuation As for this story
I love it I really love it Now keep in mind I was actually raised in occultism
and mysticism and I will say this is really inaccurate this is not what
occultism is like or about like and that’s fine I’m used to that like Harry
Potter is also an inaccurate interpretation of occultism it’s fine
it’s not trying to be accurate this is very much occultism through a christian
or very least an Abrahamic lens and that’s okay I kind of like seeing that I
like seeing how the other half views us and as much as I really didn’t get into
him in this video Ambrose to me is by far the most interesting character and
I’m not just saying that because he’s from the UK like he’s English I’m
Scottish does difference I would honestly be happy if Archie just
published a spin-off Ambrose comic like chilling Adventures of Sabrina doesn’t
come back but we get the chilling Adventures of Ambrose I’d be down with
that But I do want this series to continue because I have so many
questions like okay Sabrina put her name in the book and then she didn’t sign it
but that means just to do the baptism again or as a powers just going to fade
for sure now or is she going to keep her powers is something else going to happen
like I just want to know the conclusion to that because there is no conclusion
to that Like I know it’s common for horror to leave a few loose ends but
leaving one that big is not okay As I mentioned there is the Netflix show
coming out I think it comes out like in a week maybe less now and I accidentally
watched the trailer if you know me you know I don’t watch trailers but I ended up accidentally watching this trailer things happened I really
try not to judge things based upon trailers and so I will still be watching
this and we’re gonna reserve all of my judgment for the actual series but
judging by the trailer because it kinda have to at least acknowledge it I’m
worried because it seems much lighter in tone than the comic, the comic is
very dark and visually it’s not giving me The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
it’s giving me Riverdale and by that I don’t mean Riverdale looks ugly or
anything no I like the way the Riverdale looks it looks very pretty but at the
same time The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is like beautiful watercolor
mixed with these experimental dirty colors and I’m not getting that I’m
getting the cleanliness that comes of Riverdale, you know Riverdale I always
call it dark Glee because it does look like a darker version of Glee and that’s
what I’m getting from this series as well and I’m like I don’t want that I
want something that looks very very pretty but dirty I want something that
just gives me wow levels of experimentation something that does
something I’ve never seen before visually and I should be able to pick
that up from a trailer and I just haven’t so I’m incredibly worried But
that worry comes from a place of I want this series to be good and I want it to
reflect the comic I love I don’t want it to be a one to one adaptation of the
comic I just want it to look better but at least different because this doesn’t
look bad I just want it to look different but my main hope from the
series is that people will like it and go out and buy the comic and by buying
the comic Archie start back up the series again and I get to talk about more
Sabrina because she’s the only Archie character I actually know anything about I-I who’s Betty, Veronica I don’t I don’t know I barely know what
Archie is I don’t watch Riverdale it’s on Netflix in the UK to me it just looks
like dark Glee like I said and I didn’t like Glee I’m sorry Riverdale fans it just looks like dark Glee I’m sorry And I’m gonna
stress this again I do not think Riverdale looks bad I think it just
doesn’t look very experimental because it doesn’t want to look experimental it
needs to look relatable it’s based off of Archie and that’s fine so please go
and support the chilling Adventures of Sabrina
I’ll have links down below to where you can buy the comics for yourself Riverdale’s fine it doesn’t need me it’s fine Riverdale’s fine it’s fine it looks fine he’s fine In that wrestling singlet he is FIIIINE but it’s fine it doesn’t need me it’s fine [ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE] okay guys that is it for today so what
did you think of the chilling Adventures of Sabrina please let me know the
comments down below also don’t forget to thumbs up subscribe to all of my social
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the show but for now my name is Faust this is been exploring comments in it
is Super Effective

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