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Comic Book Storyboard | Filmmaking

I think as filmmakers we could learn so much from graphic novels. I mean it’s there, everything you’re trying to do as the filmmaker – tell a coherent story that moves people with visual images so for my next short film well, it might not be my next short film but for a short film i’m working on I’ve decided to write and draw it as a graphic novel before I make the film I guess you could call it storyboarding except i’m going to embed the text and treat it, not like a storyboard, but like a comic book in itself so that if I handed it to people they would be moved by it would understand it just by reading it it’s a long tedious process I get it wrong…. I get it right… but i do love drawing and it’s not something i get to do very often I use a mixture of sketching by hand and then taking it into Adobe Illustrator and then finally coloring in Photoshop This short film is part of a series of short films i’ve written about miscarriage it’s not a topic that I’ve personally dealt with but it’s one that I’ve read alot about and find its not spoken enough about and I think there’s a silence around it that needs to be broken I don’t know how long this project’s going to take me but it’s something different and we all need a break from the routine now and then… if you would like to watch more videos about filmmaking for beginners or writing or directing or just follow me as I make stuff they subscribe to the channel and by hitting that subscribe button and i look forward to seeing you again

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Storyboard | Filmmaking

  1. I think it's great thing for those who know how to draw, and even if you don't know how to draw, you can use vector clip art to make a point. Me personally i use only text titles or rough picture from deposit photos stock to dave time… and because I don't know how to draw… lucky you 🙂

  2. This is exactly what I am doing right now! I am making a manga of this short film/episode I want to make called "The love potion." I hope one day I can turn it into a proper animated short film. P.S. I love your drawings and the idea behind it. My mum had a miscarriage before she had me so I'd love to show her your work as it hits home

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