Comic Collecting Tips

Hey gang bagging and boarding sure is a chore, and when you try to pile your newly bagged books this happens on the corner and putting your books in a brand new box is a pain the fresh bags just slip and slide inside them causing condition killing crunches this one breaks fucking color but now there’s turning the box sideways yes our patented sideway system assures your comics don’t slide and say goodbye to half full box disasters I never would have thought of that but also I have shiver brains loose comma collecting tip has been brought to you by cloudy brand bags if you can see through them they aint cloudy in association with King Penn comics contest where he wants you to give collecting tips I’ll have his link in the description and at the end of the video and also much wanted to do a parody mystery box sale which is like the worst possible comics but the problem is that makes me look like I hate the people who are putting together mystery boxes when I have the utmost respect for them and other people are trying to get into selling mystery boxes and I thought most respect for them but man it would have been funny

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