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[COMIC DUB] The Reveal – Part 1 (Miraculous Ladybug)

[Music] gee ma r-net you’re the clumsiest person I’ve ever met why didn’t you try being more like ladybug shut up what did you just say I said shut up she’s strong now listen here all of you you all say that should be Malik ladybug I’ll guess what hi I’m lady buck what the I love you all hate marna that much I promise that you’ll never have see her again

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100 thoughts on “[COMIC DUB] The Reveal – Part 1 (Miraculous Ladybug)

  1. Uno è morto,ad Adrien gli sta venendo un' infarto e Alta è sempre co sto telefono in mano a filmare .=Marinette e nella merda .

  2. poor Marinette… I wish I could punch Chloe with my bag and say DONT YOU DARE HURT MY GIRL(marinette)AGAIN AND DONT GET ClOSE TO ADRIEN AGREST ANY MORE!

  3. Marionette is Hated AU
    (Because marionette would never reveal her self because everyone hates her only Chloe hates her. In fact, everyone’s so nice to marionette because marionette is nice to them. So an AU where most people hates her.

  4. slaps chloe trillion of times

    Bad stop no

    gets thanos do it

    he slaps his finger and chloe turns to dust

    Now the true evil is gone

  5. I was just scrolling through your channel and found DEH, Heathers and Hamilton song mashups with Miraculous Ladybug and holy shit whoa

  6. Is there a comic where Chloe gets put in jail for her crimes, and or severely harmed during an akuma attack she caused because I would like to see it

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