[COMIC DUB] Without The Mask (Miraculous Ladybug)

*Music* *Music* Huh? I was so afraid he will reject me, because I already know he was in love with a girl: Ladybug. “Adrien, I…I want to tell you something!” That’s me, but not the real one. I’m not as brave as Ladybug. Um… “Adrien, I… “I…” Without the mask I’m just Marinette, and don’t have any special place for him. In his eyes, I’m just a friend. “Actually, I, I like you for a long time. “Since that day you lent me your umbrella… I’m… I just fall in love with you! “You are so kind to me. I can’t stop thinking of you every day.” This is the real world. The truth is always cruel. “Uh,” “Sorry, Marinette. I…I can’t reply to you. “I already fell in love with someone too.” “Haha, of course, I’m sorry to tell you this don’t worry. I’m fine.” I’m not strong enough. “Oh.” :Haha , I forgot something in class. See you tomorrow!” “Wait!” I’m too weak… I cannot face him. In front of Adrien, I’m just a normal girl. I’m not her. Not Ladybug. “Adrien…” In the mask I’m a hero, but without the mask I’m just me. Every time when I’m in danger, She’s always here to protect me. I want to protect her too. I don’t want to be useless. I want to be stronger! What if I take off the mask? What will she be thinking? My lady, I have something important to tell you. Will she accept me? Or because I’m not that strong, so even who I am without the mask, she still won’t be able to accept me? I was afraid. Each time on every mission, I could only follow her figure. “Miss me, Chat Noir?” I’m always questioning of my own ability, perhaps even when I’m not transformed. I still can’t do anything for her. I just love her so much. I can’t lose her. I want to be on her side. My Lady, you are such a brave girl, and also very strong, pretty and smart. I fell in love with you, my princess. Chat? “Can you accept me?” I know she always rejected me, every time I wanted to show my heart for her. She just put me as a partner. “Not today, Kitty.” She just pushed me away. And now… “Huh?” “Sorry, Chat.” How could you be so cruel? “I was already in love with this guy. “He was always so kind to me… “No one can replace him. He is very important to me. “I’m sorry, Chat. “It’s just… I don’t know how to do it.” Why? “I can’t answer you… “Sorry…” I hate myself for not doing anything for her. “It’s alright. Sorry, my Lady, my ring has no time. I have to go. “Goodbye Ladybug!” Sorry my lady. “Chat…!” I’m too weak. Even with a mask I’m still unuseful. I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. Ladybug… I’m sorry. “Adrien. “Adrien!” “Ladybug…” “I’m sorry. “I’m so sorry. “Ladybug, “Forgive me. I’m useless. “You can’t call me a liar again. Just give me your Miraculous!” “You won’t get what you want, Volpina!” “Oh, yeah? Really? Just come to get me.” “As you wish. “It must be an illusion… Chat Noir! You take the front, and I’ll take the… …back.” Huh? Hmm “Look, I’m sorry about the other day. I didn’t mean to…” “It’s okay. Don’t worry.” “I’m sorry. I said that to you. Let’s just hurry to catch her, all right?” “Uh, okay?” Come on. What am I doing? Don’t be such a coward. “Just give up, Cat Noir. You’re not faster than me, you poor kitty.” “Let’s find out! “Why so fast? Cataclysm! “Lady… “…bug?” “Chat Noir?” “Lady…bug.” Oh my God. “Chat… Noir?” What have I just done to her? [mmMm] [ah] What happened? Where am I? Wha- What am I doing here? “Marinette.” Who is calling me? Huh? “Lady…bug?” Why is she… I mean, why is there another me here? “Why are you here, Marinette? “You do not belong here. You have to leave now. “Don’t you want to see Adrien again?” Adrien… “You shouldn’t let people worry. “Just hurry and go.” “No… I’m… “But Adrien doesn’t love the true me. I just hope he can see the real one, not just Ladybug. “And he also refused me… “Why does it matter if I’m still there or not?” Yeah, Adrien loves Ladybug. No me. “No. You do matter. “It doesn’t matter who you are under the mask. You have to know he really loves you. “You can’t just give up you like that. If you were not here, I would not exist. Do you still not understand? “Because of you, I have meaning. Because you’re smart and strong. So I’m still here. “Stop denying yourself, Marinette. “Because I am you! “Stop thinking you are not like Ladybug, because you are, all right? “Don’t let Adrien lose you. You don’t want him to be upset, right? “I’m you. You’re me. “We are one. “Please, don’t cry. “So please, wake up.” Is it too much that I want to protect her? “No… Marinette…” Why does it have to be like this? “No, no, no no no no!” Why? “Why didn’t you just tell me you were Ladybug? Why, Marinette? Why??” Please don’t leave me… “If you just told me you were Ladybug… I would never let you go!” I can’t imagine the world without you. If I knew you were Ladybug, I wouldn’t let you go. Why am I such a fool? I’m so sorry for hurting you. I’m so sorry. I’m a fucking idiot. “Please, wake up. stay with me!!” And now it’s too late. I’m just a monster. “No… Marinette! “Goddamn, what have I done? “Please don’t do this to me. Please, wake up. I’m begging you. Don’t leave me, please…” “A…Adrien?” “Marinette! Thank God. Oh my God. I’m so sorry. “I’m…I’m so, so sorry. I’m so dumb… “I thought I would lose you forever. I was so afraid you would leave me. “Just stay with me. Don’t go anywhere.” Till the end. “I will never leave you.” No matter who we are under the mask…. We are just stupid to be entangled about who we are, and the truth is that doesn’t matter. Because the most important thing is we have each other. I love you. After that, I went to the hospital to take a rest for a few days. Fortunately, It was just a flesh wound, and thanks to these few days, I feel more better now. And the wounds of almost healed Volpina was also caught by Chat Noir. Maybe I’m just a normal girl under the mask. I still can be Ladybug. So, who I am under the mask doesn’t matter anymore. Because I finally know who I am. I am the exactly same person that I want to be. I no longer have to hesitate. So from now on, even without the mask, I have to become stronger and stronger. To him I could not be weak. I love him so much. I must stay, not run. This world is so cruel. But I choose to stay. I choose to live. I choose to not give up. And not because this world is cruel. It’s because everything becomes better in the end, right? Huh? Because of you, my world is more colourful. I’m here. With you. ♫ In the rain ♫ ♫ I ♫ ♫ Found my heart ♫ ♫ in the rain ♫ ♫ I will see ♫ ♫ how you without me ♫ ♫ and your whole world will be together ♫ ♫ Me I’ll protect you, too ♫ ♫ in the rain ♫ ♫ in the rain ♫ ♫ I found you ♫ ♫ in the rain ♫ ♫ we’ll be together ♫ ♫ in the rain ♫ ♫ I will hold you to, in the rain we’ll be together, too ♫ ♫ Till the end ♫ ♫ till the end ♫ ♫ and till the end ♫ ♫ till the end ♫ *music ends*

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