Comics There are many comics around the world It could be about… Adventure Education Romance Horror or ANYTHING Mostly… Kids or teenagers like to read some comics too. I mean,its better than rather… staying at home playing video games(lol,true fact) You can find them at the bookstore,like… Go to the bookstore find some comics read them… or you can just buy them Some people work on companies and publish comics As kids… We also made our own comics using old or unused books and showed it to our friends. I made them too… but their kinda embarrasing so I dont wanna show them(Sean turned to Spider-Man!!!) There are also Web-Comics Which we draw some short comics on softwares(I just saw Domics) and publish them on social website like… Tumblr Facebook Twitter or any other medias Including their own website. I also made a Web-Comic page too. Its called NightshadowComics Link in the description below… Heyo,guys.My name is Nightshadowblade This is my first animation video. Hope you guys enjoyed it and don’t forget to… Leave a like Comment down at the comment section below… and SUBSCRIBE to my channel,pls. Thank you guys for watching See you all next time Bye.

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