Cómo acortar las mangas de una chaqueta de mujer

Hello, in this tutorial I will raise the sleeve of a jacket and I’m going to upload it by the bass The first thing we have to do is measure what we have to upload mido they are 4.5 cm I remove the pins and I dislike the lining I already have it unstitched now the lining I put it inside to not cut it I put here the sleeve and I measure the 4 cm that I have to upload plus 4 cm that I will leave below short what is left I double where the brand is and I fold it in and now I put it to mark it and I’m going to put him viledón this is hem tape I open and where is the ironing I put the
viledon tape and now I double and the tape has to stay here where is the fold that I just ironed there you have to stay I give it a little heat to fix it This is a tape that has glue on both sides that is, so the hem is not coming down I also put it on this side and now we are going to cut the lining we take out the lining as I have the iron here I will give a little to the lining so that it fits well planito to not have any wrinkles let it fall I put my hand here on the shoulder I drop the sleeve and that all the lining that is necessary well stretched I put it on the table I frame it and I leave it 1 cm and now I cut what’s left that will be 4 cm just like we cut the jacket but sometimes the linings come a little shorter already factory and we can not trust how it can come in this case we do it like I just told you now I take it and I’m going to sewing and match the seam of the lining with the seam of the jacket and I put a pin I turn it around and here by the lining I open a piece to sew the sleeve here is the pin I go to where the pin is Y I turn it around and he got it out here and I’m sewing all the hem I put a pin here and now I go to the sewing machine and I’m sewing all the little thread Now I give it a little iron so that the finish is more perfect around inside well you are already seeing the finish this is a basic manga it has no buttons nor miter the trick of this arrangement is in using the bileton because the finish is perfect as you are seeing and in cutting the lining well, tailored so that it does not stick out If you liked this video, hit “like” do not forget to subscribe and share on social networks

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