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Crawling Dreams: Episode One [ comic dub ]

Yallah you’ve played too long time to take a break no yaaaah let go of the controller huh stop it guest he’s gonna make me die I can’t play with one hand [Music] the sky is so empty empty what do you mean you know there’s no stars in all stars what are stars what not again another weird dream games are fun because they’re fun that’s circular logic gnarley’ why not read a good book books make me fall asleep money right give it quickly why do you need money [Applause] [Music] why did he start screaming gasps no idea I’m dreaming again hey you there grab me me yeah grab me girl let’s fly on an adventure much fun that go ahead now hurry up and grab me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Crawling Dreams: Episode One [ comic dub ]

  1. First Episode is out lemme know what you think about it.
    Read Crawling Dreams:
    join the discord:
    if ur nice buy me something:

  2. 1:37 I remember a Paroro comic having a very similar situation.
    Adding on to that: I found the comic, they are stupid similar, but I also found out that the stories are both written by merryweatherey.

  3. I believe it is no coincidence that in a Lovecraftian comic, the main character’s name is the first 6 letters of Nyarlathotep.

  4. Games is Fun but when I was watching this all I did was look at her up and down non stop all eyes on her 🍑 and upper body 👀🥰😁😁

  5. Im a very weird "human" if i am even human my god -_- comics like these just turn into weird hen…. Yah that all these comics turn into that in my brain idk why

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