Creación de personajes manga – Curso online de Andrea Jen

Hi, I’m Andrea Jen,
a comic artist and illustrator. I specialise in creating characters
and telling stories through Manga, also called Japanese comics. My work is published on
the Silent Manga Audition website by Coamix, a Japanese company. In Argentina, I’ve worked
with Ivrea publishing. I also share my Manga
on social networks. My Manga “Dream Walker”
is a story of overcoming, submerged
in the world of dreams, people are empowered through hypnosis. Via my story “Smiling Blossom!”, winner of the Silent Manga Audition, I travelled to Japan and understood in depth how acclaimed Mangakas
like Tsukasa Hojo, Ryuuji Tsugihara
and Tetsuo Hara work. Manga allows us to express
feelings and emotions with people who pursue ideals, leaving fear aside
and setting their own path. In this Domestika course, I’ll explain how to create your character
from that concept. Your project is to create
your own character technical sheet to use it in your cartoon,
illustrated story or the narrative media you use. You’ll learn to draw
your character in different positions, and how to represent
emotions and intensities. I’ll introduce the Manga genre, we’ll see the importance
of the characters, how to create them. I’ll explain the material we’ll use, we’ll work on the female
and male figures, heads, faces, facial expressions and intensities. Lastly, we’ll see
our character in movement, and at the end,
we’ll apply ink to the characters, create a technical sheet
and wrap it up with conclusions. In the end, you’ll be able
to create your own Manga characters. This course is aimed at anyone who wants to tell stories
through Manga. Creation of Manga Characters
A course by Andrea Jen Sign up at Create. Share. Learn.

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