100 thoughts on “CUMBER FINALLY DEFEATED! Cumber Vs Cooler And Jiren Vs Kamioren! Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

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  2. I think fu is planning I think fu revives cell and fu gives power of cell and cell like stronger than golden metal cooler

  3. Cumber became tired and weak from using SSJ3 for so long due to SSJ3's energy drain, which is why Cumber wasn't able to win against Metal Cooler without being at his full power in the manga, which makes more sense than the anime.

    And Cumber's mask is finally destroyed too. I wondered about when he takes his mask off his mouth until Cumber broke his own mask.

  4. Hmmmm I just noticed something. Where the fuck is Gohan! This is suppose to be a fan service kinda side story right? Giving people all the fusions,UI, jiren, zamasu all this stuff to appeal to all the fans. Well they should know that there are still a lot of Gohan fans who have been waiting for years for him to return as the top sayian like in the buu ark and cell ark. So maybe they are not showing him because he’s going to get his moment very soon in the canon DBS.

  5. Jiren did not disappoint, he showed that he was way above Cumber just like in the game and oneshotted Mega Kamioren.

  6. Goku and Vegeta at SSB Kaioken and Vegetas new form went toe to toe with Jiren at full power yet Jiren wrecked normal Cumber yet Cumber wrecked SSB Vegeta and Goku in just normal state???

  7. How can Cumber power up so much yet get no new forms? All those Boosts would make him go to a new level. They better give him a new form in these chapters!

  8. This shit is not fk fair cumber has been non stop fighting come on now plus cumber said when he first fought jiren that they were equal right after taking on ss4 vegito and ssb vegito and ultra instinct goku come on now

  9. Coola: where is goku I now have golden form

    Goku: bruh ur like hella late on that form ur brother already had it and your about to get claped by my God form xD

  10. And ppl think broly touching jiren get that bs out here lol this the man that got jumped for the longest time and was winning and beat omen and fought mui lol 1 on 1 jiren is OD lol

  11. Pretty dumb how he put Goku and Vegeta in those cubes like a little punk. But I swear if Goku gets near the Universe seed to fully master UI he'd be at Superman Prime levels of OP. That's about the only way I see him beating hearts who is basically a manipulator of space, either that or Goku gives him the Zamasu treatment with a MUI Hakai. Someone crazy enough to destroy a universe needs to be destroyed first, by the perfect move.

  12. I have never seen a fighting engine like cumber.. This saiyan was fighting non stop and he has a bigger addiction to fight more than goku.. Think about it.. If keeps fighting the likes of jiren , golden metal cooler and ui goku.. Even if he lose he will get massive powerup and gigantic zankai boosts.. Couple of battles and he would be on the level of angles.. If not more. .its insane to think he can do all that while in regular ssj and ssj3 ..how far he could get if he optain ssg or ssgss..

  13. Cooler is actually not fast, he knows instant transmission on his own. It was explained in the metal cooler movie.

  14. Cumber. Is stronger than a god of destruction
    If he can take two fusions he is way way way stronger than toppo in full power but i dont about jiren in full power is super super strong

  15. Well think about it. Golden frieza trained for 4 months and reached god level.and even in the broly movie he was stronger than goku and vegeta …he out lasted them while they ran off to fuse and got pounded on by broly for 1 hour.. now cooler alone is already stronger than frieza and being golden is even way above him..now Imagine meta cooler golden… meta cooler is a computer right.. cooler can train infinitely by making either computer simulations simultaneously in his head of him training and fighting other coolers or have multiple 2 coolers spare infinitely and whatever one wins I'd say gets a power boost and whatever one loses gets scrapped away and recycled into a new cooler with that given power boost making him endlessly strong asf…

  16. When Vegeta arrived on earth the first time he was cruel but cumber whoaw he's way more an saiyan then anyone else like he deserves to be called evil saiyan because he ain't giving up and he keeps going I bet if cumber has ssj4 or blue he would be unstoppable,😂(to all mortald and gods not angels

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