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All right, you guys should know the drill by now. I make videos regularly for a few months, then I go into hibernation for nine years. So I’ll see you guys in 2026 with the Sonic 3 Bonus Video. It’s been a lot of fun making videos for you guys, but it turns out it costs money just to be alive. If only there was a way you could make money for making stupid videos on the internet… …but unfortunately, that’s impossible. Why, let me tell you a story about a cocky little freak named Cybershell. Nine years ago, someone posted a let’s play thread on Something Awful and at the end of his post, he included a PayPal link asking for donations, something none of us had ever seen before. So, of course, we all laughed him off the fucking website. We openly mocked and derided him for thinking people would pay him money to watch him play video games to the internet. I even made a video explicitly making fun of the very idea of asking for donations. Wow, that guy sure was a fucking idiot. Oh… Who’s the fucking idiot now? Just think about it. If I could just get a few people subsidizing me, I could easily find time to watch all the Sonic cartoons, read both the Fleetway and Archie comics, I could read the Sonic books… Yes, there are Sonic the Hedgehog books, and I will fucking read them for you. To be honest, I planned to launch a Patreon before I even started making videos again, but you can’t just show up after 9 years of not making regular content and say “hey guys, please give me money!” That’s… that’s crazy. So I wanted to actually make some videos first to prove that I can make content on a fairly consistent schedule. I don’t want to make the schedule too rigid, but I’ll try to have between 2 and 4 videos on the main channel per month. There won’t be any shortage of content, though, as I plan on regularly uploading stupid shit to my shitpost channel, and I’m even going to start streaming again on a regular basis for once in my damn life. So what am I going to be streaming? Two things. Number one: a bunch of shit you don’t care about. Number two: all the Sonic games. I know that’s what people want to see, so I will gladly go through the entire series on stream. Am I going to be playing the Genesis games? Yes! Am I going to be playing the Game Gear and Master System games? Yes! Am I going to be playing the Adventure games and Heroes in Shadow? yep! Am I going to be playing Sonic Generations and other modern games? yep! Am I going to be playing mania and forces when they come out YEP, am I going to be playing all those weird Sonic games? Too yep Am I going to be hosting sonic races and even some wacky shit like inviting people from the chat to come plays tails? Yeah, how about that 2 player run of Chaotix yep, am I going to be playing sonic 2006? No (finally a no) Why would you keep and ask that? But I’ll play all the other sonic games guys all of them and Of course, I’m going to be doing all that good patreon shit like putting your name at the end of my videos I’ll even give the top donor the ultimate red carpet treatment. They’re naming us slightly larger font with it Glow around it and it can any color glow you want Except blue that’s only available for people who donate $10,000 per month just kidding. I’m not going to have any stupid shit like that I’m not going to have reward tiers where i fly out to your house and see your new best friend or make a bunch of stupid Promises that I have no intention of keeping I’m just going to keep it simple One dollar month gets your name in the credits five dollars a month if you want access to all the top secret Shit like the behind the scenes stuff my old unlisted videos and I plan on doing some patreon exclusive stream so we can do dumb shit like watch old Sonic cartoons or Whatever people want me to do and if you want to donate more than that great I appreciate it a lot To think you could sign up for patreon with the named cyber Shell is a dumb idiot and then donate $1 and I’d have to Put it in a video and even if you unpledged your name will still be on that video forever And there’s nothing I can do about it Maybe you don’t care about any of that shit and just want to support me making main Channel vids that’s fine, too I promise I won’t get too distracted doing dumb shit I’m not going to be one of those guys who starts making less content once the money starts rolling in and Don’t worry I have plenty of ideas for videos to make but also be willing to take some suggestions from Patrons I Even have a few videos planned about things that are in Sonic, but don’t worry guys the sonic content isn’t going anywhere I know that’s what you all signed up for and that’s what I intend to make I mean over the Sonic mania coming out then sonic Forces and then the new Sonic coming next year and the fucking sonic movie coming out I’ll never run into so many things to talk about I also have some bigger projects in the works that I’d love for you guys to see sometime this decade You don’t understand guys you haven’t even seen me at my maximum power level yet. This isn’t even my final form God dammit. I’m just so excited about making videos about Sonic the hedgehog for the internet I don’t want to go outside or talk to my friends or family I just want to make sonic videos for you guys wow sounds like heaven someone Who’s this crazy clearly needs monetary assistance right seriously though? This is the only thing I’m good at I need money to buy food for my cat bubsy 3D Maybe you’re feeling a little burnt out on patreon because it seems like everyone and their dog has on nowadays Or maybe you just think patreon Is stupid and you would never donate to one in the first place And you know what that’s fine. I can respect that to everyone else I will gladly accept whatever you’re willing to offer even if it’s just one dollar a month I know some people don’t want to pledge one dollar because they think it makes them look cheap or something On behalf of every single content creator on the Internet, I promise you we built err I mean think about how much more money $1 is compared to $0, it’s like infinity times more Just think if we could get my patreon up to $1,000 a month. I would be making twelve thousand dollars a year. I’d be rich But don’t worry guys even if absolutely nobody wants to give me any money. That’s okay I’ll keep making sonic videos anyways even if I have to get a job at McDonald’s Even if I have to live in a trash can I’ll never stop making these dumb videos again It’s too late to stop me now. You’ll have to throw me in jail to stop me. You’ll have to kill me DO IT, IF YOU CAN (laughing like a mad man)

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100 thoughts on “Cybershill

  1. You say your gonna play every Sonic game OTHER than Sonic '06, but you never said you wouldn't play Sonic 4!
    Yes, I hate Sonic 4 too, just pointing it out!

  2. Cyberchell says that he will start making videos again. 1 year later still no new video. So a.k.a. a fucking liar

  3. Urban Dictionary definition of "Cybershell"

    "Once upon a time there was a cocky little freaknamed Cybershell. 
    He made YouTube videos about a blue rat called Sonic the Hedgehog, until he went into hibernation for 9 years, never delivering his promise of a “Sonic 2 Bonus Video”. However, he suddenly came back in 2017 with said fabled Sonic 2 Bonus Video. He then made a series of new videos on a regular basis until he disappeared once again in the start of 2018, leaving his newly trusted fanbase and paying patrons behind without even saying a word. 
    From there on Cybershell was referred to as a scammer by his tumblr “fanbase”. 
    And now when someone refers to another as a Cybershell, that means they decive those who were loyal to them by scamming them out of their money and running off with it.

    Example: Wow, I can’t believe this dude pulled a Cybershell. I want my fucking money back!

    by Robr0 December 05, 2018"

  4. 4:10 😂😂😂 yeah ok

    Wait I just noticed everything after 4:10 he sounds very sarcastic about making more videos.

  5. Cybershell please come back to YouTube it's been a year now you're videos are amazing but I just want one thing to ask you just not these fuckers down in the comments just and is want to say were the fuck are you what are you doing let those people who make fun down to the ground and get your ass back that horse and start making videos again please for me for those people who care and love your videos let me know soon when you comeback ok bye

  6. I will always love this man, even though he is dead to the world. I guess the pressure and critics just got to him. But he died a legend. So at least we can still enjoy his legendary content.

  7. Nah, he's probably going to return nine years later to make Sonic content. And we all will be happy(right?).

  8. So we basically have to wait until 2026 to not only get the Sonic 3 bonus video, but also get his opinions on the Sonic live action movie, eh?….. yeah. I guess another 7 years can't hurt….

  9. 1:42 “I can make content on a fairly consistent schedule” it’s been over a year since you last posted a video on here.

  10. 6:20 well i think something like that happened, either RIP n pip or jailed or just hybernated? Maybe? Im hoping so

  11. His discord was really good but its dead now and so is planet freedom.
    I still re-watch his videos and hope he's doing alright.

  12. My yearly checkup on this channel leaves me with an empty heart, hopefully he can come back but he does deserve backlash for taking money and running.

  13. It's obvious why he's not making videos

    He saw the new Sonic Movie Trailer, right when he was gonna consider coming back… and fled for his fucking life

  14. Can you guys please leave him alone, He can't come back with you guys anticipating him, he just wants to be alone, Cybershell doesn't even have to return, In fact, I'd rather him just leave this channel to rot, He's had his run, and now it's probably regretting all of his decisions, If I were him, I'd might leave Twitter and Youtube behind too

    It's a damn shame sometimes, but I understand if he just stops making videos

  15. There's no way cybershell can make more content now… Behold the 5 most damning letters YouTube has ever known: C O P P A! And because cybershell is MIA, he probably won't be updating his videos, and his channels will be deleted, and worse things… CYBERSHELL!!! YOUR CHANNEL IS IN DANGER!!!! YOU GOTTA COME BACK!!!!! …he's not coming back is he?

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