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DC Comics’ INSANE KFC Trilogy!

KFC has been killing it with their marketing
from their Twitter following eleven Herbs and spices to their recently released official
dating sim, but I want to talk about a marketing stunt that people seem to have forgotten about
that went on for THREE whole years! I’m talking about the KFC comic trilogy
from DC Comics! Now funnily enough, KFC’s interest in comics
actually predates their deal with DC. In 2015, the company produced a short comic
called “The Colonel’s Adventure Comics”, featuring the early life of Colonel Sanders. The issue didn’t cover his entire history
though. Heck, it didn’t even get to when he started
getting into the chicken business, but the cliffhanger promised to continue the story
which… it never did. This might have been because DC was clearly
into the idea of KFC comic books because just a few months later at the New York Comic Con,
they debuted their first team up, The Colonel of Two Worlds. You see, the DC multiverse canonically has
Earth-3, a universe where character alignments are swapped. That’s why the main antagonist of this book
is the dastardly Colonel Sunder. Now the official press release from DC Comics
says that this harks back to a 1960s KFC comic book called “The Not-So-Great Impostor”,
but I tried to find more information about it online and got nothing. I even reached out to KFC directly for comment,
but no luck. Come on guys. Release the Sanders cut. Anyway, Colonel Sunder is all about doing
things the easy way, unlike the the hard working Colonel Sanders from Prime Earth. Sunder came to the main reality to earn a
quick buck by recruiting The Flash’s villains, The Rogues, to… open and work at a fried
chicken restaurant. Seems like an awful lot of work for a lazy
dude that’s quickly trying to get rich. Well at the very least, we know that Sunder’s
food is cheap factory made crap so there’s that. At the same time though, Sunder was using
the restaurant as a base of operations for a massive crime spree enacted by his dozens
of henchmen. Now Sunder has the aesthetics of a DC villain
down because when they’re on the job, his goons wear matching uniforms that clearly
give away who they’re working for. Regardless, Sunder is doing a pretty alright
job of being a crime lord since when The Green Lantern and Flash teamed up to stop one of
these robberies, Hal mentions that there’s been a four hundred percent spike in crime. It makes sense why Sunder is raking in a comically
large pile of money. All of this crime and awful food was really
starting to ruffle the feathers of Colonel Sanders. His public image was being tarnished. After all, he’s an upstanding citizen and
his food is lovingly made the hard way. The Flash and Green Lantern were not going
to cut it. The Colonel needed to take matters into his
own hands. Sanders bust into the fast food stronghold,
but was met by its defenses. Frozen chicken turrets and a pink slime ray. The best thing ever was when the Colonel’s
suit was ruined so he rips it off to reveal another suit underneath. If you’re wondering what all of the DC characters
were up to… it’s not much. Green Lantern pretty much vanished and The
Flash was relegated to keeping civilians out of harm’s way while the two Colonels duked
it out. The Rogues stayed out of the conflict entirely
with Captain Cold remarking that colonel outranks captain. After defeating his doppelganger, Sanders
LITERALLY throws him back to Earth-3 and serves up a hot meal to both the heroes and villains. He even shows his generous side by employing
The Rogues at a KFC instead of sending them off to jail. Now that is some Kentucky fried justice. This first issue was ridiculous and over the
top and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I especially love that they really adapted
the Colonel into a proper comic book hero which is more than evidenced by an included
character break down. Naturally, Sanders gets his powers from his
secret blend of eleven herbs and spices and he has three million dollar inspection spectacles
with a heads up display, magnification, and can see across multiple wavelengths in addition
to an x-ray function to find empty stomachs. He also has a fountain pen filled with gravy
because of course, a signet ring that detects those using the Easy Way, a special cane that
has a button to remotely activate any deep fryer, and his ribbon tie can be detached
to tie up criminals. Now apparently the Colonel also has a breading
basket made out of Inertron and this is a VERY deep cut into DC Comics lore, being an
extremely powerful metal from the future. Additionally, Sanders has a pocket square
that was made by S.T.A.R. Labs with the ability to fold space so that
it can be eternally clean and he also has a special watch that’s based on a Mother
Box that can keep time in fifty two universes with a special alarm specifically for Crisis
events. Now that watch must have been beeping when
the second of these books was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016. It’s Crisis on Infinite Colonels! Colonel Sunder is back and he’s teamed up
with a dangerous new ally, a psychic gorilla named Colonel Grodd. The two of them have teamed up to unleash
a psychic attack throughout space and time, but first, I have to be a pedantic nerd and
spend a stupid amount of time complaining about and then explaining a very minute continuity
error. You see, on this page, we’re shown that
the Colonel Sanders that we’re following is the same as the one from the previous book,
but it mentions that the reality is Earth-1, the one that we live on. This is wrong on two levels. As previously mentioned, the last book took
place on Prime Earth A.K.A. Earth-0. This is the main DC Comics continuity ever
since the Flashpoint event. Earth-1 on the other hand is a completely
different universe and it’s where the Earth One graphic novels take place. Not only that, but Earth-1 is not where we
are supposed to live. That is actually Earth-33 or Earth-Prime which
is not to be confused with Prime Earth. Earth-Prime and Prime Earth are two different
universes because the DC multiverse is massively complicated. Anyway, Colonel Sanders suddenly experiences
a bout of nausea and passes out and he wakes up to two strange women, The Colonel and The
Flash of the gender swapped Earth-11. They reveal that other Colonels from throughout
space and time have similarly suffered from this psychic attack and they have each forgotten
all but one ingredient of their secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. The only logical conclusion is that they need
to use The Flash’s Cosmic Treadmill to travel time and the multiverse in order to find nine
other Colonels to complete the recipe. This includes the steampunk Earth-19, Kingdom
Come in Earth-22, the animal inhabited post-apocalyptic Earth-51, the 31st century, the Bizzaro world
of Earth-29, and the unnumbered universe of Teen Titans Go! along with some other ones
that were visited off panel. Since most of this book was spent assembling
the Colonels Corps, the fight against Sunder and Grodd was super quick, but we do get this
fun scene of Grodd messing with Sanders’ mind by showing him his greatest fear, becoming
a worthless lay-about who does things the easy way. Of course, Sanders has one of the greatest
willpowers in the universe and he easily broke through this mental manipulation and saved
the day. Now remember that because this willpower is
super important to the final issue in the trilogy. Obviously, it’s hard to escalate things
further when the previous issue spanned the multiverse so that means that “Across the
Universe” that was released at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017 featured a team up between
The Colonel and Green Lantern. This issue is pretty straightforward. After the universe hopping adventure last
time, the Colonel realized that there were other worlds and universes that are crying
out in hunger. That’s why he wants to send his new Zinger
Chicken Sandwich into space. After the crash landing of his unmanned space
ship, The Colonel teamed up with the Green Lantern Corps to send thousands of sandwiches
throughout the universe. However, they were stolen by the greedy Orange
Lantern, Larfleeze. In order to help investigate, Hal had his
ring make a temporary copy of itself, allowing The Colonel to channel his great willpower
as a Green Lantern for a short while. Oh and of course the ring changed its shape
into a KFC bucket. The two Green Lanterns confront Larfleeze
with Sanders using his ring to make weapons like silverware and a massive drumstick, but
when Larfleeze realizes that Sanders is the creator of the Zinger Chicken Sandwich, The
Colonel stops all of this conflict by teaching Larfleeze how to run a KFC of his own. IN SPACE! And with that, the day is saved and Colonel
Sanders is named as an honorary Green Lantern. At the time of this recording, it’s been
a couple of years since we’ve gotten our annual KFC comics and that is a real shame
in my opinion. This is the kind of crazy nonsense that you
can only get from the medium of comic books. So here’s to hoping that DC and KFC are
going to partner up once again. If you’re new to the channel then this is
my show called “Because Comics”, where I take a look at all of the crazy, strange,
and straight up bizzare things that make comic books… well… comic books. So if this fascinated you then I highly recommend
watching the rest of the show or maybe even subscribing if you really enjoyed it, but
anyway, I hope you learned at least a little something new and hopefully I’ll see you
next time.

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100 thoughts on “DC Comics’ INSANE KFC Trilogy!

  1. Oh FFS, this is idiotic! Gotta give credit for them (relatively) respecting the lore. Sure beats the hell out of that Kool Aid comic.

  2. Oddly, this makes me think of another, very non-canon, KFC DC crossover. Have you ever seen the anime classic, Project Ako? (And it is pronounced Eiko, not Ah-ko). In it the girls go to a movie where the villain turns out to be a cyborg Colonel Sanders. And [spoilers] at the end of the anime, it is revealed that the titular Eiko/Ako, is in fact the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman! A very weird and funny anime, and I highly recommend it.

  3. they should make more Colonel Sanders comics! (possible with sanders having a KFC bucket shape space ship or a giant robot of himself.)

  4. You should do a video of the Next Avengers: Heroes of tomorrow universe and appearances in comics. I watched the movie when I was super young and was always interested in what else was done with them

  5. That first issue's story is really fun. Absolutely ridiculous but in the best way. The rest are fun too. Great video as always.

  6. I'm honestly torn between 'what in the 9 hells am I looking at?' and 'HOLY CRAP THIS IS GREAT!' It's like a comic book equivalent of Valley of Gwangi.

  7. CAPTAIN ATOM: I am the only DC superhero who is a legit Captain.
    COL. SANDERS: I am a Colonel,boy!
    CAPTAIN ATOM: You're a honorary not an actual!
    COL. SANDERS: Still,I outrank ya!
    CAPTAIN MARVEL (Marvel): I am both a Colonel and Captain.
    CAPT. ATOM & COL. SANDERS: You stole the name and should be whacked…with a chicken drumstick!

  8. colonel sanders. chaotic good
    wendy: chaotic neutral

    Ronald mcdonald: D̷̘͋̆̾̂͘͝O̶̧̨̦̩͂͗̄̔́ ̴̳͚̗̙̏̆̆N̶̯̬̮͇̰̘̯̩̈̂͐̇̈̇͐͝O̸̡͔̥͍͎̼̓͝T̵̖̬̅́͌̑ ̸̹̈̾̀̈́́̇͐͌̋͗̋S̸̡̯̣̔̆̑͑U̵̳̯̾̍̉̏͒̆̓͛̓̆̚M̸̧̫̟͚̬̠͓͚̪̈́͊́͒̎̿̒͜M̴̡̞̹͍͚͙͉͆̂͌͌̈́̀͐́͌͜Ȏ̵̡͇̦̱͖̜̍̿̒̃̂́N̴͙̰̱̙̽́̀ ̵̥̰̞̯͌͊̎̎́̒̾̊A̶̰̻̰̳̬̜͗͊̊͐Ṭ̷̡̢̧̛͈̗̝̤̠̞̇́̍̈́̊̊̄͝͝ ̴̨̢̣̯̳̣̣̤̉̓̀̅̀͘͝À̴̼͉͙̝̰̦͓̯̣̑̉̕͘͜͝L̸̨̺͈̟̺̙̞͉̓͒͂̽̿́͒ͅL̴̙͍̣͖͇͕͂̅̎̑̒͗̂̋̈́͊̕ ̸̢͍̹̹̻̹̍̀̎͌̔̅̾̀C̸̠̭̫͔̗͚̀̆̃Ơ̵̜͔̻͓̰̙̰̫̔̐́̀͒̆̓̂͝S̴̢̨͇͙̎̿͒̀͘T̸̡͔̹͈̥̦̞̙́̄̒͌̐́͋̈́̅͘͜͝S̶̡̨̤͔͈̰͖̪̳͍̱̀

  9. Honestly I want a mascot fighting game – Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald, the Burger King, Wendy, etc.
    It would be one of the best things ever.

  10. Colonel I'm trying to infiltrate Wendy's HQ but I'm to dummy thick and the clap if my buns keeps alerting the employees.

  11. All these fast food chains are gonna start advertising like the Asian food companies, have an entire plot and all the sudden it revolves around a food item.

  12. Damn DC really needs to get its head out it’s ass, so does marvel, I miss these crazy stupid crossover or promotion comics, psa comics where they make a new superhero and it’s canon go the comics universe, dc has gone all “grr villains” (I’m refusing to call it dark villains aren’t dark) and marvel has become “hey let’s focus entirely on avengers now” or the Star Wars adaptations. I was reading Spider-Man and fantastic four and didn’t even know the war of the realms was a thing that’s how disconnected the books seem now. Dc just seems to want to continually kill their universe maybe the colonel should come back and kill the Batman who laughs.

  13. I knew it was a bad idea to watch this video after 10:00 pm. Now I'm hungry and have to wait till morning for KFC to reopen…

  14. Imagine Cornel Sanders Teams Up With Marvel And Literally Make A Movie/Tv Show Just To Improve Their Marketing..

    Boy, Avengers 5 Is Really Making Me Hungry!

  15. Imagine creating a tasty chicken restaurant, dying, having them make you a comic hero, and then they make a dating sim of you aswell

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