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DC NATION #0 from DC Comics

Welcome back, PREVIEWsworld! Ani-Mia here with DC NATION #0, a handy guide
to the multiverse that no fan should be without. Check it! In 2018, there are three major happenings
in the DCU: The wedding of Batman and Catwoman, the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE series by Scott
Snyder, and MAN OF STEEL by Brian Michael Bendis. DC Nation #0 wants to entice readers with
a glimpse of all these things. And – wait for it – they will do all that
for 25 cents. How will Joker handle Batman’s wedding bliss? How will the fall out of DARK NIGHTS impact
JUSTICE LEAUGE? Want a glimpse into Bendis’ MAN OF STEEL. It’s all right here. This is where the next chapter in DC kicks
off, so be sure to preorder DC NATION #0 through your local comic shop today. And you can find out more about the future
of the multiverse. Just head over to

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