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DEADPOOL Kills the Marvel Universe | Episode 02 | Marvel Comics in Hindi

Next day on T.V., Hank McCoy’s girlfriend, i.e. Trish Telby gives news report, telling that deadpool is killing all the superheros and supervillains ruthlessly. She is telling that whether good, bad or innocent, deadpool is killing them all. Then she tells about the groups whose members are killed by Deadpool like: Fantastic Four, some members of the Avengers, and some X-men, like Hank McCoy. And after saying this, she starts weeping. Then she asks the viewers, the way Deadpool is killing everybody, is there someone who can stop him? Then we see Spider-Man fighting with Deadpool. Spider-Man says to Deadpool, that he thought that Deadpool is funny, but he is a headache now. To this, Deadpool says, that’s why he is not laughing today, because he is going to cut Spider-Man into pieces. Spider-Man says to Deadpool that many psychopath came to kill him, but failed. So, instead of trying to kill him, he should be worried about falling. and then Spider-Man drops Deadpool down. His head slams into police car’s hood. People gather around him in a mob. Then Spider-Man comes down and says that Deadpool must be seriously injured. but it’s no big deal, as he got healing factor. which is better than that of those whom he had killed. Then he says that Deadpool is lucky, as he is forgiving him in spite of his bad deeds. Basically, Deadpool and Spider-Man have been very good friends in comics. In “Ultimate Spider-Man” too, we have seen them together. Deadpool’s face had been disfigured. He asks Spider-Man, that would they allow him to break his character if he wanted to? Angrily, Spider-Man holds him with a jerk, and says that he doesn’t wants to listen his nonsense. Deadpool has already broken friendship with Spider-Man. and his ‘slice-and-dice’ routine will not last long. So, he should not even try to slice Spider-Man. To this, Deadpool says with his disfigured mouth, that Spider-Man is correct, he won’t slice him, but… suddenly, Deadpool fires a bullet in Spider-Man’s face. And Spider-Man dies at the spot. Whole crowd gets frightened. Deadpool escapes from the site to a street, and says that it was “amazing”, but who’s next? To this, his mind voice(the new and evil one) says that it doesn’t matters who’s next. Because everybody is going to die. Deadpool says, no. It matters. He adds, that all who are dead were small players. Now he wants something big, heavy. The inner voice says that this is old Deadpool talking. He doesn’t need to impress anyone. Because now, Deadpool got him. Deadpool asks the voice, that was it always with him? Suppressed, spoiling him from inside? The voice answers, keep it simple. They want it spectacle only. Now he doesn’t have to dance on their gestures. Deadpool corrects his face, and says that he has already broken the chains now. Otherwise they would never let him kill their beloved Spider-Man. And talking about spectacle, that’s his style. Then we are introduced to remaining Avengers in Avengers headquarters. They include: Iron Man, Captain America, Miss Marvel, Hawkeye, Wolverine, Thor, Luke Cage and Spider-Woman. Cap says, that they should start the meeting now. To this, Miss Marvel asks, that where were the remaining members. Luke Cage responds that Deadpool has already killed Black Panther, Tigra and Iron Fist. He adds that he may have killed more of them. about who they don’t know. Also, maybe some of them are hiding. To this, Cap says that Avengers never hide. Spider-Woman replies that Avengers don’t die too. and this didn’t stop Deadpool from killing Spider-Man. Cap comforts others by saying that that they all are sad, and they all have lost our dear ones. But right now they have to find a solution to this problem. To this, Wolverine says that there is nothing to do, Except from killing, or get killed. Luke Cage says in anger, that he will avenge the death of Danny from Deadpool. Hawkeye says that whether someone like it or not, but Deadpool has to die. So they have to should his next target. Interrupting Hawkeye, Jarvis screams that Dr. Pym(ant man) is missing. Being asked by Tony Stark, Jarvis tells that Hank Pym was working in his lab, but now he is missing. Also, Dr. Pym was worried about the stealing of his Pym particles. Listening this, Wolverine understands that Deadpool’s next target is, them, the Avengers. Suddenly, many explosives expands on the meeting table, and before Cap could warn others, an explosion takes place. And whole Avengers headquarter destroys. Then we see Iron Man’s helmet, Captain America’s shield, Wolverine’s skeleton lying down into ashes. Then Deadpool enters with Ant-Man’s helmet, and says laughingly that pieces of Avengers are raining. They can not “assemble” now without broom and dust-pan. Then, a voice comes, not so fast. Then we see Luke Cage rising from the ashes. He says that Deadpool needs more than explosives to kill someone with unbreakable skin. To this, Deadpool says that he knew that it would be tough to kill him. Thus, he shrunk some explosives into a few more. Then he says to Luke Cage, don’t they drink a lot of coffee? and after saying this, he turns the ant-man’s helmet towards Luke Cage. Then, all the explosives inside his body explodes and he dies. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening strikes there. And it starts raining. Then we see Thor is spinning his Mjölnir in anger. He says, that it’s not easy to kill Odinson. He throws the Mjölnir, and says, that defeating or killing Deadpool is not enough, but he will wipe out him from midgard. Dodging Mjölnir, Deadpool says, that Thor is an interesting problem. He adds, that Thor’s physiology not only protects him, but his demi-god character raises questions too. Thor calls Mjölnir back to himself, but Deadpool uses Ant-Man helmet on Mjölnir, and asks, that who’s stronger, Thor or his Mjölnir? and suddenly Mjölnir enlarges, crushing Thor. In his last words, he says that how is this possible? Deadpool replies, that what can he say? The inner voice of Deadpool speaks again, asking that is Deadpool satisfied now? He replies, that should he be? The voice says, never. Felling sorry, Deadpool says that he is sorry, as they are not unaware of the reality. Everybody thought that Deadpool is mad, but they can’t see things the way he sees. He adds, that all of them are puppets, which are being controlled, like him. The inner voice says, that he has done mercy on them, and he has killed the “earth mightiest hero” in single spree. So, everything will be easier ahead. But then we see that Hulk has ripped apart Deadpool’s limbs, legs and head. He bawls, that how dare him to kill his friends and enemies. And then he squashes his remains to the ground. Actually, Hulk is very sad about the death of his friends. So, he wants to be alone. He enters a cave and rests there. And due to sorrow, he reverts back into Bruce Banner, while sleeping. Then he listens to a voice, telling him that Hulk must not have slept after ripping him apart. because now he will hate Deadpool even more. Before Banner could sense anything, Deadpool cuts his throat down. And so, the Hulk dies too. Then the inner voice emerges again, saying that Spider-Man, Avengers and Hulk; not bad as a starting. Afterwards, we see Aunt May had called families of all superheroes. They had kept all of their precious belongings on a table. Aunt May says, if she knew about Peter’s truth, then they don’t have to see these days. A man standing in front of her, asks her that why they have called him. Aunt May replies, that they all have collected their belongings, to give you a task. Then we see taskmaster. Aunt May says him, that he has to kill the person who killed their dear-ones. Taskmaster says, consider it done.

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