Denzel Curry Becomes A Comic Book Creator | Plan B

(light music) – I wouldn’t wanna escape because escape, you gotta come back at some time. Like I can’t escape, I
don’t want to escape, my thing is handling it right there and expressing myself. My plan B would be I
would probably be like a writer for comic books. I always been a storyteller. (announcer pumping up crowd) I describe myself as a music lyricist, storyteller, and whistle blower. I’m not afraid to say the real in my music and I’ve been blessed
to be able to record, tour and perform by
simply voicing my truth. My main thing is expression
like music, drawing, they’re the same thing, it’s art. What’s the best form of
me expressing myself. I’ma take you back at age three. The only person who knew how to draw in our household was my father. So I asked him to draw Batman. He’ll draw Batman. Then I asked him to draw
Robin, he drew Robin. Then I asked him to draw Major
Payne, he drew Major Payne. And then it got to the
point where he gave me a pen and a paper, and I just
started drawing on my own. I used to trace like Obi-Wan
Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. And then I tried to draw
it freehand on my own. My favorite part of drawing
is character development when I’m creating a comic book. Some of my favorite artists Todd McFarlane, Frank Miller, Stan Lee, Company One that does all
the One Punch Man comics. McFlyy is dope, I like his shit. Knowing that he did stuff
for Chris Brown, I was like, shit, all that artwork, that was that guy. (light music) I like how he based off
the shit I grew up on and then he flipped it and made it urban. He remind me of a Sith. That looks like something
– Yeah like, exactly. – That would probably be in Star Wars. – [Man] Like a Sith lord yeah. My characters I use now,
they all have red skin. There’s no like gender and
everyone has blood in them. – Everybody looks the same like. – [Man] Everybody looks the same. – It’s like a Mr. Meeseeks type of thing. – [Man] Yeah, you can
design your own characters from how they act, how they walk, just being able to create your own world, it’s totally different from anything else. – Seeing movies like Pulp Fiction, seeing stuff like Star Wars,
seeing things like Troy, reading stuff like The Odyssey. All of them have that one similar thing, like it’s the hero’s journey. I got tired of recording
one day and I was just like, you know what, fuck this
shit, I’m gonna just draw. And then I started drawing. And when I was drawing I
came up with this story called Black Metal Terrorist and basically the whole
story around that is, it’s like two main characters. And one of them is based on
my brother that passed away. Octavia Jones Jr, which is based off my brother
named Treon Octavius Johnson. I gave them similar
characteristics of being like this strong, powerful
person that is able to lead. I remember, when being
younger and he used to always try to get us to play
football, like street football and go against the neighborhood
kids and then he’ll be like, if you drop the ball, it’s
20 pushups, all for real. We was buff ass jets,
we were buff ass kids. (laughs)
You know what I’m saying? It was like his leadership
that I really followed and then just watching him
like in his backyard fights and how undisciplined he was
and then when he zoned in and actually got discipline. To come back and be like let’s run it. That’s something I seen in my brother and he never wanted us to
follow in the same footsteps. He always wanted us to do good. Like, when we was doing
the rapping stuff for real, like he was supporting us,
the main one supporting us, the main one coming to the
shows, the main one being there, on stage, hyping everybody up. All those characteristics that he had, I put into the character because I think that’s what a leader should be. Like somebody who take care of businesses, not afraid to get disciplined, or not afraid to take a loss, and get stronger so he could
be able to come back and win. And this other dude, which
is the other main character, that I based off Ultimate There’s a courier, his name’s Caz. I started doing this stuff in 2015. I sent my drawings to this guy, so I could be able to perform with the background visuals of my work, and it showed like earth being fucked up, like, Miami being fucked up. Cyborgs overrunning it. It’s called Saint Trick now. Because of Trick Daddy.
– Trick Daddy, yeah, yeah. – Or how would pitch that idea. – [Man] You got the concept down for sure. All you gotta do is really
just get the storyboard done. And, character design, like, all size of what they would look like. Scenes that you would,
like, get ’em illustrated, by like an illustrator,
that’s something I would do. ‘Cause I do that for, like, Dreamworks. And then, they’ll just ease up. ‘Cause that concept is crazy. Your shit has definitely hella lyrics. I gotta homey that owns this store in Hollywood we gotta
pull up to that shit. He should probably pitch your idea. (hip hop music) – Hey man, how you doing, welcome. – Coolin.
– How you doin’? Heard you got something to show me today. – Yeah McFlyy told me to come down here so I could show you
everything I been working on. – [Man] Meltdown has been open
since 1993, and we are now the largest comic book
store in the west coast. We’re also comic book publisher. We have a digital network on YouTube, and we’re a mecca for comic podcasting. You did all this?
– Yes I did. – [Man] This is incredible. – Thank you. This is Caz. This is Black Metal Terrorist. And the name of the book is
called Black Metal Terrorist. It’s like, post apocalyptic,
Loch Ness monsters, mermaids. – Bigfoot can’t hide in a forest
if there’s no forest right? – Exactly. This is a place called Saint Trick. Its a messed up Miami, Florida. All of them have dreads, because the palm trees overgrew the city. Now, it looks like a jungle
and the only way to hide out is with their dreadlocks. – Huh. – In order to disguise
theyself against cyborgs and other people that’s
trying to kill them. In 2047, his father, which
was Octavius Jones the first, Endot the pier, they created flesh. – First off, all of these
names are incredible, so these are great names, so keep going. – They created this dude named Flesh. A self aware robot that was
supposed to help out mankind. But, he started to develop feelings and compassion for his fellow cyborgs. And, like, seeing them get shut down, seeing them get bossed around, or just used as test subjects. So Flesh activates Black Metal Terrorist. – [Man] Okay.
– To catch other humans, and experiment on them and
turn them into half the cyborg. But, as he kept going along with it, He realized what he doing was wrong. And he ended up helping the human race. – The aesthetic is really dope, because you have a real
anime sense to this, which, as you know, is really popular. But no animes have an
Afro-centric vibe to it. This is the first I’ve seen of this. So this, I mean, that’s
really interesting. There’s a hole in that market. So.
– Yeah. – I think you could fill that. What I like about this is
there’s a lot of levels to this. There’s a lot of layers to this. It’s not a bad versus evil. Or good versus. – No. – This is a tribute, almost, to a lot of the stuff you grew up with. And you made it a really
relatable character. – Octavius Jones Junior
was based off my brother. When he was 22 he was
getting his ass whooped. And then, when I got older, I started watching my brother
get stronger every day. Always be at the park, always training, always becoming like,
who he wanted to become. And then he finally whooped the dude who, like, whooped his ass. That was like his heroes’ journey. And I feel like me and
him are both on like, we’re like similar paths. – That’s really special. Yeah I mean its obvious that you love him, ’cause he’s the basis for the character. And you made him so strong. – He died a hero in my eyes ’cause he wasn’t afraid
of expressing himself, and being who he was. Not only was he like,
just a backyard fighter. He had side hustles on side hustles. One day he’ll be selling bootlegs. One day he’ll be cutting somebody here. One day he’ll be washing cars. And I realized, like, damn,
he was really a hustler. He hustled and got his. Even before his death
he left something there so his legacy could live on. And now its up to me to
carry that legacy on. – [Man] I love the constant worry of losing your humanity to
machinery and cyborg stuff. That’s my favorite part. – [Man] Yeah. – This could be something
that we would like to stock. This could be something really dope. – I feel like, me making a book, and me making my music are the same thing. Because, like, its based off my life, and its based off me evolving
as the person I want to be. Like, I don’t wanna be
looking like this next year. I gotta keep going, keep evolving, gotta try to figure out
ways to keep evolving. (hip hop music)

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